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A former green beret turned river guide, Phil Town was introduced to Rule #1 investing by a client who was almost killed during one of his guided river. Rule #1 Investing™, Inc. provides strategies and education designed to inform and teach you about investing and how our strategies, when applied properly. Welcome to our Invested book group! We're talking about our investing practice, transforming our relationship to money, and voting for our values. 1ST CONTACT FOREX REVIEW SIGNAL Jan 3, Legacy monitored and protected. Examples include all install desktop GUI are correct for and the immanence are trying to. Microsoft has compiled SNMP counters are links to various keyboard layout.

Town calls it the "sticker price. He uses a variety of examples, including Dell , GM , and Harley-Davidson , and provides instructions on how to use online services like Yahoo! Unfortunately, at times the book is confusing. On page 41, Town tells us that we need to buy stocks as if we are going to hold on for 10 years. Then, in Chapter 12, he talks about how you can trade in and out of stocks using technical analysis tools.

Town can also be repetitive. It's something you can skip. Well, if you can do this -- and only spending 15 minutes per week -- don't be surprised if Buffett personally calls you for a job interview. Interestingly enough, Town provides no statistics to back up his claim. He doesn't even give any background on his own investment track record.

He does say he bought stock in Google and made a big profit. All in all, if Town had either backed up his claims or refrained from making such bold statements, tightened the narrative, and provided some more consistency, his book could have been a standout. Instead, it's a fairly good primer for newbie investors seeking core principles of investing. More importantly, once you learn these concepts, you can read the true book on the topic, Benjamin's Graham's classic The Intelligent Investor.

Dell and Yahoo! Fool contributor Tom Taulli does not own shares of any company mentioned in this article. Cost basis and return based on previous market day close. Calculated by average return of all stock recommendations since inception of the Stock Advisor service in February of Discounted offers are only available to new members.

Calculated by Time-Weighted Return since Volatility profiles based on trailing-three-year calculations of the standard deviation of service investment returns. Invest better with The Motley Fool. Get stock recommendations, portfolio guidance, and more from The Motley Fool's premium services. Premium Services. Stock Advisor. View Our Services. Our Purpose:. Latest Stock Picks. Phil Town offers an easy-to-follow guide for using strategies from Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham.

Now, for the not so good parts there is two main ones that really bothered me: 1 Phil's advocate to time the market. Unless your goal is to become a trader instead of an investor. A last remark here is that it's highly dependent on the taxation regime of where you're investing, so take this with a huge bag of salt.

For example in UK, one would need to pay 0. For him, you use this super Rule-1 technique, find one good company and put all your money there unless you have a lot of money. What makes it worse is the example of a couple that wanted to retire in 20 years and realised they don't have enough money their pot was something like 20k USD.

And then Phil's advice was to put all 20k on a single good company Cheesecake Factory as the couple used his technique, it passed the checklists, the indicators, etc. Now, imagine if for some crazy reason this particular company goes broke or something horrible happens black swan events. This couple, will go from 20k to 0k. Really undermining their chances of building this up for their retirement. I just cannot agree with this.

This runs counter to much of the recent and common investment practice of focusing on matching the market through buying market-spanning funds or ETFs. The author then suggests market timing using simple technical analysis, buying and selling stocks on a regular basis. This can be entirely skipped without missing anything of value. Second, like many books that suggest a process, this starts off very easy — Rule 1 is the only rule. But then you find additional steps are involved, then you find each step consists of more steps.

It is a very involved process. Only near the end of the book does the author start to mention the hours of research that precede the period where you spend 15 minutes a week. And while there are plenty of opportunities to prove through data analysis that the process being suggested actually works, the author totally avoids providing proof of his partially objective process.

After reading this and understanding the process being presented, I find that the way the story is told feels more like it is being told by a salesman, not quite telling the whole truth while ingratiating himself with his audience, than by an advisor just setting out the story.

I tend to avoid books with this voice, and I tend to discount what they are over selling. I am a bit of an old school investor. I feel there could be ways to invest in individual stocks and beat the market at times. Some non-anecdotal proof would go miles to give this some worth. Nice for a step back to the 80s, though.

My first investment related book. A priceless book about managing your own investments. Every time I had a question regarding the teaching, Phil would answer it in the next paragraph. Quit making fund managers rich and quit losing money! Sep 25, Isambard Growett rated it liked it Shelves: investing , finance. Full of cherry picking and bad examples.

I turned the book off when the author said equity was the key measure of a company. Certainly one of the best books I ever read on investing. I wish I read this before I started to try investing on my own. Jan 23, Mitesh Patel rated it liked it. Nice rules to arrive at value but most of the other are just rhetorics. This was an excellent book in every regard.

Not only does Phil Town cover essential metrics and values which benefit value investors, he writes in a way that is highly accessible. Whether you have no knowledge on investing whatsoever, or you have extensive knowledge on investing, this book can teach the reader interesting and effective concepts of investing. I would recommend this book to anyone who would like to have a comfortable retirement.

Jul 02, Jorge Rosas rated it liked it. Learn an investment strategy based on looking at the market indicators and getting in and out accordingly, easy to understand and not that hard to follow. If you're future facing and value logic over emotional impulses, this book is all you need for smart investing. This is an excellent book for all small investors.

My partner and I use much of his stuff but we combine Graham with Rule 1 investing. We tend to find the value of stock not from Town's idea on the issue, but Graham's ideas. We also use a This is an excellent book for all small investors. We also use a few other of Graham's tools to go with what Town has to offer, and Town has a lot to offer. I would say we use most of Town's methods and all of Graham's methods.

I should point out that when you combine the two, you are still a Number 1 investor. If I had a choice to go with only one or the other, I would go with Town because his book is far more readable than Graham's The Intelligent Investor. In addition, Graham deals with additional investing ideas like bonds, and his book while worthwhile reading is kind of boring.

The most influential book on investment strategies that I have ever read. Combines the time tested and proven strategy of value investing that have made Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett millions--make that billions.

It has a very easy to understand system to follow in order to find solid investments and makes a nice compliment to other way people utilize to find their next investment. It doesnt hurt that he is a good writer that keeps your attention--oh and did I mention he started investing l The most influential book on investment strategies that I have ever read. It doesnt hurt that he is a good writer that keeps your attention--oh and did I mention he started investing late in his life and when he was a river guide and is now very successful using the strategy he talks about.

Sep 03, Mayur rated it really liked it. I love personal Finance, so this book kept me glued due to the interesting topic. I feel that it could have been more concise, instead of pages, it could have been done under pages. The key message is simple, it makes you think like a business owner before you invest rather than an investor. I would suggest this to be a starting point for someone who is looking for Value Investment and Fundamental approach like the Buffet.

I like how the author has also spend some time on Technical analysi I love personal Finance, so this book kept me glued due to the interesting topic. I like how the author has also spend some time on Technical analysis and combining it with the Fundamentals. A good read, but not the only read to be influenced with and Jumping right into investing. This was a great book that quantitatively showed one how to choose stocks that are significantly underpriced in the market.

I likely would have rated the book lower if accessing the necessary data was more difficult, but Town has a website that makes it easy to determine what a stock's return on investment capital, sales growth rate, EPS growth rate, etc are. He has been heavily influenced by Buffett and why not!

If I could only remember one book on share investing from all that I've read I would choose this one. Phil Town doesn't waste time waffling until the end of the book, the rule is pretty much on the first page of the book. You only need basic maths to follow it up.

A valuable lesson for investors at any point in their lives or investing journey. I might just read it again. A must-read book that gives all stock market investo If I could only remember one book on share investing from all that I've read I would choose this one.

A must-read book that gives all stock market investors a must-use rule. I would have liked more guidance on the "how. Stocks seem huge and impossible to understand. But having a set box to work within seems like a good way to go. May 22, Al Fernandez rated it really liked it Shelves: investing. Good approach to investing using both value and technical tools.

Determining value is easier than other approaches I've seen. Technical tools used are good. I would recommend to investors. Only part I didn't like was the early sell based on getting rich without working hard. Once you get to the approach the book is good and easy to understand. I wish I followed the plan in this book, years ago it told me to buy Samuel Adams, I didn't, and now they are all over the place, never even tried to see how much I could have made. The system works, I fine tuned it with another system, and it verified what this book said.

I'm sure it's not fail safe but I would like to give it a try again. Jan 19, Stacy rated it liked it Shelves: money. I would consider this a "theory" book of investing, as you have to believe his concepts and ideas. But there are some solid concepts and ideas in there, though I doubt it can realistically be accomplished in 15 minutes a week as Town suggests.

I'll keep the book as a reference for a while, but continue to do research on stock investing strategies. The title is a lie, of course and the technique, at least in Brazil, is impossible to be applied. Apr 11, Rob rated it liked it. Rule 1 is really interesting investment guide. I used the method from this book when purchasing my first stocks and was fairly successful. Rule One Investing was a great book to read, and It definitely counts as a world changing book for me.

Rule One Investing not only acted as an intro to basic stock trading for me, but also helped to nudge me in the right direction as to what type of trading I should adopt. This strategy, when I employ it, will slowly but surely compound my wealth to a large degree. This book was world changing for me because It gave me a whole different perspective when it came to professional trading. I always thought that to be a professional I would have to commit to sitting in front of stock tickers all day in order to make any amounts of revenue, but this book helped me realize that that is not the case, and that I can use investing while only dedicating a couple hours a week to my portfolio.

The best part about this method is that It can be used alongside another job, and since I don't think it would be my dream job to analyze stocks all day, I am more than happy to only use investing as an investment vehicle. This type of story lets you know that this book works, because it didn't have some outstanding marketing behind it, and it was only driven by its usefulness and reputation.

This book has made me much more inquisitive towards my future. Every day I grow closer to being a legal adult, and I can't help but spend more and more of my time mentally and physically preparing for my future. The only part of this book that I was unsure about was whether it would be a good fit for me or not. I know that it works, but would it work for me, and after consideration I figured that it probably would due to the low time requirements and steady long term growth that I can withstand the allure of.

In this book the author's tone and voice are nothing special, but his storytelling is. Phil Town tells this story in two parts, one is the story of his past, and how he got to where he is today, and the other is purely information, and goes over the logistics of his methodologies.

This storytelling makes his book not only accessible for those unacquainted with investing, but also useful for those with a large background in it. In addition, his past allows you to see how his strategy worked in real life, and made a millionaire out of a white water tour guide.

Overall this book was very useful for me and my future. Jul 24, Alex Caravaggio rated it really liked it. After stumbling upon their podcast, I eventually became interested enough to pick up the book. If you listen to the podcast, you will not gain much from this book other than a nice summary of the ideas discussed and a few extra screening tools to track changes in price. I am about podcasts in, and am trying to get caught up before their August workshop to learn more.

In the past three months, I have been trying to improve my base knowledge of different investing avenues and methods. The book and podcast by Phil and Danielle have been extremely helpful to me in understanding the high-level approach to investing and how empowering voting with our money can be by managing our own investments. At the end of the day, it is work, especially in this bull market.

If you are trying to maximize returns, you need to be in-the-know at all times which is daunting in and of itself. In my mind, the biggest decision we all need to make is how much time are we willing to spend with our investments.

Do you want to come home after work and review investments instead of play with your kids? I was just about ready to hand my money over to a financial advisor right before I stumbled upon this book. It is incredibly appealing to hand money over and go live life.

My opinion may change in the months to come, but I will say that this single book does not make me feel financially competent enough to begin solo investing. That is why I signed up for their workshop and am very much looking forward to it.

I want to understand if after this initial education period, if it truly only takes minutes a week to keep up with investments. Phil and Danielle have helped foster my interest in taking control of my own investments, which is why I would certainly recommend this book. My question is - how long before the pursuit of money becomes a corruption? Good book for beginner investors. It teaches a practical and simple method to evaluate the strength of a company this method is described below.

It also teaches a way to value a company, but in this case, I believe that method may be too simplistic, and it is easy to get the price wrong more on this below. Finally, the book also teaches a few basic technical indicators to evaluate the movement of the market, as indicators for the best time to buy or sell. Because of this, as a beginner in the Good book for beginner investors.

Because of this, as a beginner in the realm of investment, I do believe this book teaches some simple and practical skills. More details - spoilers alert. The method to evaluate the strength of a company is based on "4 M's": - Meaning to you , - Moat a. In other words, the company should have a proven track record of growing and the growth should not be slowing down.

The analysis above I believe is really useful.

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Founded in by brothers Tom and David Gardner, The Motley Fool helps millions of people attain financial freedom through our website, podcasts, books, newspaper column, radio show, and premium investing services.

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Robotero forexworld By age 30, he had met his mentor, "Wolf," who taught him Rule 1 - which refers to Buffett's famous quote: "There are only two rules of investing. Rule one investing community you get to the approach the book is good and easy to understand. For those who are new to the market, as Danielle was when I first started teaching her and even as I was at one click in timeall of the confusing terminology and potential for risk can no doubt be frightening. This storytelling makes his book not only accessible for those unacquainted with investing, but also useful for those with a large background in it. Now, for the not so good parts there is two main ones that really bothered me: 1 Phil's advocate to time the market.
Rule one investing community ALl in all--very readable, very informative, wonderful approach. Town's main thesis is quite Foolish: Buy "a wonderful business at an attractive price. Additionally, Phil releases helpful videos on his YouTube channel that can help with your education. Certainly one of the best books I ever read on investing. It takes fund managers weeks or even months to get in or out of a particular stock. Other Editions Watch the interview.
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