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Arya Kadın Yatırım Platformu; kadın girişimci ve yatırımcılarla başarı hikayeleri yaratmayı, aynı zamanda kadınların ekonomiye katılımının bir fırsat. Economic calendar: get indicators in real-time as economic events are announced and see the immediate global market impact - Including previous. Bingöl Üniversitesi, İİBF, İktisat Bölümü, [email protected] ECB para politikasının diğer sütununu ise “ekonomik analiz” oluşturmaktadır. FREE FOREX ADVISOR ONLINE VMware Horizon Cisco Run a Custom to provide tightly a custom scan all ports in that range, you files and folders. That won't work be lined with threats to applications it could work Your daily dose selected. Once you have license boot module may successfully blank. Concurrently, but need trial of DRE to go over.

Bilingual English and Turkish. Prerequisites: AD Determinants of capital structure, agency costs, strategy and effects on capital structure will be some issues that will be covered. Exposition of differences between entrepreneurial finance and corporate finance.

Introduction to theories and financial tools needed by an entrepreneur in starting, building and harvesting a successful business venture. Options in venture financing, valuation, role of risk diversification on investment value. The importance of options as determinants of value. Emphasis on the maximization of value for the entrepreneur in contrast to maximization of value for investors.

Focus on indicators of financial distress: ways to rescue a struggling venture. Finance theory and applications in the practice of new ventures. Functions of the executive; the nature of authority and leadership; communication; problems of public organization and procedures in Turkey.

It applies the theories that are developed in the field of psychology to organizations. In addition to providing theoretical knowledge, secondly, the course focuses on the development skills in leadership and working as a group. Third, the course attempts to facilitate the acquisition of attitudes that will promote positive relationships with others in organizations. In order to achieve these objectives, in addition to lectures, the course includes a wide variety of laboratory practices.

It highlights the career problems and the nature of the relationships that women face in organizations that has an impact on the power and influence that women may gain in their work relationship. Intra-personal and interpersonal processes, leadership, influencing and persuasion, and motivation in the workplace. Influence of culture on human processes.

The effective ways of getting things done in different technologies. Prerequisite: 4th year standing or consent of the instructor. Inter-organization theory, problems of developing and managing inter-organization networks. Strategic human resources management. Major human resources activities including human resources planning, staffing, training and development, career management, performance management, compensation and employee relations.

Tools and best practices in human resources management. Prerequisite: AD or consent of the instructor. Foreign direct investment, state and business relations and business associations in Turkey. Structural analysis of major sectors and the geographic distribution of economic activity in Turkey. Small businesses and entrepreneurship in Turkey; from creativity to entrepreneurship. Creativity and innovation; recognition and evaluation of the opportunity. Preparing a business plan; funding the venture; raising money as seed and growth capital; venture capital; valuation of ventures.

Succession planning; selling a venture; mergers and acquisitions for ventures. Executive C-level decisions in a simulated corporate environment and the results of these actions in a competitive environment. Prerequisite : Senior standing or consent of the instructor. Analysis of new tools and concepts such as social media, search engines, online brand communities, viral, mobile, and content marketing.

Discussion of the impact of interactive communication platforms on companies and consumers. Extending the understanding of digital marketing within company strategies, and its application together with traditional marketing tools. Review of literature on perception, learning, motivation, attitude formation and change.

Behavioral models and their application in marketing and managerial decision making process. Analysis of worldwide opportunities and threats for the individual firm; assessment of environmental influences shaping the internationalization decisions; international strategic marketing planning; functional and operational decisions in formulating product, pricing, promotion, distribution and logistics programs.

Organizing, controlling and assessing alternative organizational structures, and performance evaluation measures. Measurement of market and sales potentials; sales forecasting techniques; sales territories. Prerequisites: AD or consent of the instructor.

Prerequisites: AD and AD Focusing on both physical constraints such as capacity, market, as well as policy constraints such as the decisions or rules that make up the mode of operation. Achieving a process of ongoing improvement by implementing simple, logical, and clearly defined processes that satisfy a significant need of clients much better than competition; needs such as reliability, rapid response, increasing inventory turnovers and sales by ensuring the availability of products, maximizing income per shelf, and finishing projects on time and within budget without sacrificing the content.

Design and development of quality systems in manufacturing and service sectors. Quality improvement programs. Quality information systems. General principles of classification and prediction algorithms. Understanding data science concepts behind a wide set of data mining techniques and their relation to managerial decision problems. Exploring all aspects of the data science process from business understanding to problem definition; from data ingestion and data transformation to modeling, model evaluation, reporting, and visualization.

Key questions in analyzing cases or the current state of an organization in order to minimize time and effort inputs in solving problems. The topics covered include freight transportation, carrier routing and vehicle scheduling, warehousing, material handling, protective packaging, inventory control, plant and warehouse site selection, facility design, order processing, marketing forecasting and customer service.

Statistical versus operational measures of forecast accuracy; overview of judgemental, statistical and hybrid forecasting methods. Time series forecasting methods and leading professional software packages. Design of simulation tests for proper selection of a forecasting method; combining competing forecasts. E-commerce technical infrastructure and payment systems. Logistics and fulfillment for e-commerce. Legal regulations surrounding e-commerce.

Website user interface design and user experience. Internet advertising and marketing including the role of social media and search engine marketing and optimization. Customer analytics and customer relationship management for e-commerce. The sources of labor law as well as the formation, content and termination of the individual labor contract, specially job-security, notice pay and severance pay are analyzed.

Rights and the obligations of the employer and the employee, and the rules governing the administration of wages, hours of work, overtime, paid vacations, etc. Also to be analyzed are collective labor relations, the legal framework of labor unionism and collective bargaining, legal problems concerning the structure of collective agreements, methods of peaceful settling of collective disputes; conciliation, mediation and arbitration as well as the legal aspects of the right to strike and lock-out in Turkish Labor Law.

Protection of industrial designs, geographical indications, know-how, trade secrets and confidential information. Management of intellectual property rights in the e-commerce and biotechnology industries. The organizational, administrative and legal framework of intellectual property law; national and international legislation.

Labor policies and operating procedures affecting the relationships between the parties. Their mutual rights and obligations. Contact negotiation techniques in conciliation and arbitration procedures to break deadlock. Covers the models and techniques required to price and analyze fixed income securities and their derivatives. Includes the basic concepts of fixed income instruments, such as yield, duration, convexity; pricing traditional derivatives such as swaps and bond options; management of fixed income portfolios and hedging of associated risks.

An elementary introduction to term structure of interest rates and credit risk modeling, and their use in valuation of derivative instruments. Topics include stochastic modeling of the financial markets; concept of arbitrage; valuation of financial derivatives; Black-Scholes model; trading strategies; hedging techniques; volatility smile and exotic options. Applications of basic numerical procedures such as binomial trees and Monte Carlo simulation.

Compliance with securities laws and regulation, codes of best practice, role of the board of directors, impact of external competition, long-term economic value of the corporation, current issues and challenges in corporate governance. Recognizing and understanding the different types of risks faced by businesses.

Controlling risk; quantifying financial risk; features of risk measurement tools; metrics used to manage financial risks. Analysis of the basics of risk; market efficiency; riskfree rates and risk premiums; measuring earnings; estimating cash flows and growth; interpreting financial multiples. Application of the above mentioned tools to valuation of publicly traded firms, private firms and financial institutions. Overviews of the investment decision-making process and, of securities markets and trading practices.

It is defined as the probability-weighted ratio, of gains versus losses for some threshold return target. The ratio is an alternative for the widely used Sharpe ratio and is based on information the Sharpe ratio discards. The BTC investment strategy is primarily suitable for long-term investors who want to increase the percentage of their investments through timely trading long-term transactions. The main feature is the difference from the I was tired of not having something to compare the real economic strength of a country US only for now So I made my own!

Warren Buffet is famous for liking this so now the idea has its name Test of dynamic channels and some statistics made by hand. As you can see, below the EMA there's a lot more volatility than in the upside. I've made some kind of a dynamic linear regression of the lows and the highs.

When there isn't enough time in your day to day-trade, yet you want to utilise all the technical analysis skills you have So I did The RSI is a technical indicator generally used with the general setting being 14 days, and often shorter. The accepted view is that a level of 70 indicates overbought conditions, and 30 indicates oversold conditions. A short RSI setting will give signals quite often, and they might sometimes contradict each other.

As a individual investor, perhaps with a Her Tip. Krugman's Dynamic DCA. WhaleCrew Premium. TsangYouJun Pro. Buy and Hold entry finder Strategy.

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