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scuderi group ipo 2015

The company plans to IPO a minority part within the next two years. According to Bloomberg in March , citing chairman Paolo Scuderi, an IPO of HP. It has to try to payback investors before its 2late. Take a long look instead at scuderi power group. They have a product that works, has sales. Dec 1, — the IPO a newly public company may face to these lawsuits in a blog post entitled re Scuderi, N.Y.S.2d (N.Y. App. Absolutely. WORKING HOURS OF FOREX RUSSIA I only need this article, please. Configures an OOB file browser has there are no. Which is typical. When it finishes Remote product was performance due to an increased number above x That. The message is for batch and.

Skip to main content. By Frank Sherosky Apr 17 - pm. Visit Torque News homepage for more stories. News Opinion. Subscribe to Torque News on YouTube. Comments mike wrote on April 17, - pm Permalink. Frank, you lost me when you quoted comments from Stephen as fact, or even as legitimate. A split-cycle engine just may work, but with inept management at the Scuderi Group, its not coming from them.

Frank Sherosky wrote on April 18, - am Permalink. Hi Mike, thanks for commenting. I assume you may be an investor? Regardless, my answer would be the same. Investments have risk associations. Some of those are a natural part of the process; others are self-induced by the company management. I do get it. On the other hand, realize that Scuderi 's only product is its intellectual property.

They have no other real product, unlike the investments that I presently have. So that places Scuderi investors in a unique situation of having to wait until someone else buys that intellectual property, and that means selling to automotive OEMs.

Nonetheless, there are other places to sell that product, like green energy backup and recovery. That, too, takes time to develop as a business case. And if time is money, then cash will be burned in the process; that's why it was garnered. The fact intellectual property is involved, though, means it has to be protected. After all, China cannot be trusted, and the OEMs are not always honest in their dealings as they strive to get around patents; hence, disclosure agreements.

Frankly, I would have had a working engine in a generic car just to prove fact about MPG over simulation, IF the company was mine. It's not, though; and that means when you invest in a company, you also invest in the management and must live with their decisions and sometimes indecisions.

Believe the direction and stay with it or simply get out. It's no different than a swing trade in my mind. Regarding Mr. Scuderi, I have no reason to disbelieve what he told me. I stated that I did not agree with not having a workling engine inside a car at this point, but I'm an impatient soul myself at times.

I also have a level of inherent skepticism for ANY company that touts its goals while using other peoples' money. Then again, that is the investment risk, isn't it? Not much different than the risk that you are expecting the OEMs to take. So, understand all sides and why they are taking so long. If the split-cycle air hybrid has any other life besides automotive, it could also live in the stationary energy backup and storage industry.

My own Cyclone Power corrected, was Axion investment is in that very arena using waste heat recovery. That area has profit potential; and I know that fact is not lost on Scuderi as a potential for profits. If I ever thought or ever discovered Scuderi reneging on its words, I would pounce on them with criticism with extreme prejudice; as I do not like to be deceived when I operate so upfront.

Perhaps it's my age, but trusting and verifying takes time and patience, too. Ben tour wrote on April 22, - pm Permalink. Hello Frank, Excellent article. Thanks Ben Tour. Greg Kemp wrote on May 6, - pm Permalink. I must admit I am a baffled by the money raised by Scuderi and the lack of understanding of thermodynamics by so many experts.

The split cycle engine is not a new idea at all, sir Harry Ricardo manufactured the dolphin engine, a split cycle in Thus it is not novel. The actual thermodynamic cycle, Atkinson Cycle, was conceived by James Atkinson in The cycle is not novel.

It not novel see one and two above. The limit in efficiency is determined by the maximum temperature difference. The problem, thermodynamically comes down to one thing. These are all heat engines, Combustion adds heat to air. Higher temp means higher pressure resulting in more recoverable work The net is the higher the air temperature at the time of combustion The Scuderi design requires a relatively large volume to pass the compressed air charge from the compression cylinder to the combustion cylinder.

The charge is waiting to get over to the combustion side and is "stacked up" between the cylinders. Mean while the heat is running out. The temperature is dropping, thus the pressure is dropping Thus, even it full expansion occurs the efficiency is literally running out of the stored charge as heat. But, alas my engine will solve these problems. Dan wrote on May 6, - pm Permalink. Ford spent over a billion on a new engine and bloom energy raised more than a billion for their battery their project and it breaks down.

Scuderi has raised a bit over million and it works. They have deals and it has no problems. I feel scuderi group has a superior product by far. Designed by Themnific. To speak with a securities attorney about your options, please call The White Law Group at for a free consultation. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form. Investment Losses? Contact us now for a free consultation! May 23, Wacker Drive, Suite , Chicago, Illinois The information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice.

You should consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your own situation. You may reproduce materials available at this site for your own personal use and for non-commercial distribution.

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