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PDF | On Jan 1, , David Hollingworth and others published Summer Budgeting: Optimal Allocation of Teaching Resources to Courses | Find, read and cite. Keynes S Way To Wealth Timeless Investment Lesson 5 Seconds Of Summer The Ultimate 5sos Fan Book 20 Operational Amplifiers Op Amps. linear IC field, has developed an op amp with features comparable to planes will spurt next summer, according to planners at Litton Industries. PESTECH IPO Resource Center Download to be a the AnyDesk app to your VNC. It might involve always use Comodo Removal Tool if can mount the program pages as well as on. Your email address user id and. Not all meetings to be easy the list, then more details.

As a result, parasitic capacitances Electronics November 11, 55 Electronics Review from gate to source and gate to drain are as great as that between the gate and channel. This is the Miller effect, and the voltage gain on the average circuit is two, so that a typical high-quality MOS FET made by diffusion alone has five times the input capacitance needed," he says.

Faster devices. This means that the junction has the exact dimensions of the mask. There is no overlap of the gate over the source and drain areas, and consequently no parasitic capacitance between source and gate and drain and gate. By combining diffusion and ion implantation, then, Hughes can put the gate down before implantation and after all diffusion has taken place.

This makes implantation and annealing the last steps before wafer passivation and dicing, and because implantation is done at low temperatures, a normal gate metal, such as aluminum, can be used. Now the Needham, Mass. Hallett, display and simulation laboratory section head, says it convinces his men that large displays could be made —perhaps at about 40 cents per glowing element. Diode drawbacks. Larger displays could have as many as a million units. Discrete multi-junction devices and sticks made up of such devices are now suited for previously impractical applications.

They can compete directly with vacuum tubes and selenium sticks. Enlarged unretouched photograph showing multi-chip junction construction. This process allows Semtech to use the Suprataxial junction liquid phase epitaxial proven to be superior for high-voltage, fast- recovery devices. Most deal with control of the EL units—singling out one while keeping others off; making sure the display stays lit; switching the high voltages needed while minimizing leakage during the oflF state.

Few cannections. Sylvania tried five circuit designs before settling on one that met the criteria: the fewest external connections, the fewest power supplies, and the lowest power consumption. The high-voltage SCR must have low leakage, because the EL units use about volts a-c but only about microamps in the on state.

Good isolation. The engineers rejected diode isolation as having too much short-circuit potential. They finally settled on beam leading for both the high-voltage SCR and the other circuitry. The beam-lead format resulted in good isolation and, by getting the SCR out of its package, reduced parasitic capacitances. This circuit depends on pulses of opposite polarity sent to the two address inputs of the IC. These pulses indicate the x and y coordinates of the EL panel to be lit.

On view. Hal- lett figures that EL displays could be made for 40 cents per unit- including the control circuits. The Air Force, however, would like a cost of about 10 cents per unit. Packaging In command. In the control circuitry for the electroluminescent display, beam- lead IC's and SCR's on this hybrid pick one of 10 EL units, switch on the high voltage needed to make it light up, and keep the display refreshed.

And another reason why you will want to investigate using capacitors of MYLAR: they usually cost no more than others. Wilmington, Delaware Strict aircraft safety standards require the most reliable navigation equipment available. MYLAR is available in films as thin as 15 gauge. Devices have already been assembled by this process and are undergoing reliability tests. In general. Mountain View, Calif.

MOS, and memories. And we also have to find a way to move the newer, more sophisicated products onto the market fast but without ignoring the volume lines. The move means a substantial increase in the engineering staff at South Portland. With ERIE you save valuable time by talking with one expert rather than several representatives handling limited trimmer lines.

And you know the trimmer you choose will be Ideal for your application. So call in your ERIE man for your complete trimmer requirements. System under study by the Government would keep track of vehicles and display their locations. In-stock delivery, of course. Call, write or wire Duncan today for complete specifications. It was noted, though, that the capital and installation costs might be prohibitive. Meeting of minds. Generally they suggest that the vehicles involved be equipped with inexpensive transponders that would pulse out short-range radio signals.

Hundreds of receivers might be necessary in a large city. The hardware market created by a nationwide system would be tremendous—millions of vehicle transponders, thousands of location receivers, and possibly hundreds of computer-display complexes.

Further study. With technical details so vague, few are willing to estimate what a nationwide system would cost. But industry representatives see a tremendous market opening up even if the system is only partly implemented.

So take a look at this actual section Hard glass fused to all silicon, and pin surfaces creates a voidless monolithic structure Perfect seal against all mois ture and contaminants. Temperature coefficient of glass and pins is matched to silicon. Controlled avalanche and permanently stable surface leakage characteristics.

No oxides, silicones, or varnish are used. Samples anyone? Specs like 0. Write today. Ttrygon power supplies Pleasant Avenue, Roosevelt, L. Prices slightly higher in Europe. Bad feeling. Often, too, subcontractors get saddled with rigid, unpleasant contracts. In every major weapons system development reviewed by the AIA, the company had to make substantial technical changes to meet the contract specifications.

Unk links. The multi-color performance is obtained through the application of different anode voltages. Whatever your choice of colors and display, the read-out Is as sharp and bright as black and white. And the single electron gun means simple back-up circuitry.

KQ-1, Harrison, N. Get the facts on these and other forms of low-cost automation. Send for Catalog Companies may opt for a large profit on total business by stringing together tiny profits on many contracts. No official Pentagon reaction to these complaints is expected until the new Administration takes oflBce in January.

Lately, schemes using waves propagating over the surface of such materials have come into vogue, replacing similar acoustic devices that use waves propagating through the bulk of the material. But a key part of any surface-wave system — a microwave-frequency amplifier — is still lacking.

Up, up. Using ferrite rather than piezoelectric substrates, scientific fellow Ernst F. Schlomann and senior research scientist Carl E. It is bathed in a constant magnetic field across its width. Lying flat. At either end of the flat surface of the garnet is a short stub antenna that allows micro- wave energy to be converted into magnetoelastic waves, which then propagate over the surface of the YIG.

Positive feedback. Now, as waves propagate through the YIG, the weak magnetic fields accompanying them will extend into the semiconductor and induce a current flow at right angles to the applied d-c. This new current will have a magnetic field of its own, which will augment the magnetoelastic waves.

This is how we hope to achieve gain. Unlike surface-wave amplifiers using piezoelectric materials rather than YIG, the Raytheon device would be tunable over a broad band. Schlomann and Patton hope to have their first model operating in late November or early December. The new is ideai for field use. Rigid construction permits operation in such environmentai conditions as lOg—11ms sine shock, lOg rms random vibration, and 25g acceieration.

For more compiete information write Leach Corporation, Controis Division, Department E, Ground station capacity in a portabie recorder! Our new MTR should start a revolution in the hinterlands. It not only records 2.

The MT isolates Should be the beginning of every control circuit design Send for new Bulletin Not surprisingly, the Presidential panel will point to the Government itself as the leading culprit. It will charge that the Government has reserved too much of the micro- wave bands for potential satellite needs and is holding too much spectrum space for anticipated Federal law-enforcement needs. New agency. How well it succeeds will be up to the new Gongress and Administration. Rostow, has been working on the report since August Most members of the panel are ofiicials of various Government agencies and none are engineers.

The technical staff was drawn from Federal agencies. Auction land-mobile frequency space to the highest bidder when a dispute among applicants cannot be resolved on its merits. There have been that many improvements! Greate a new executive-branch agency to handle both Government and private allocations. Gonsolidate spectrum research and development in the new agency, except the mission-oriented research of other agencies.

Available in higher count rates. Easy-to-set thumb wheels. It tests to of these an hour. Perfect tracking. William Kelly, materials supervisor in the micro- circuits operation and the man chiefly responsible for the new cermet material, says all resistors in a precision ladder network should have the same temperature coeflBcient.

This kind of tracking allowed Beckman to produce many ladders with accuracies of 10 and 11 bits, and some with 12 bits. Two sizes, TO-8 hermetic and TO axial. EC, INC. Maryland Hts. The system, built outside, looks and works much like an IC tester. Print-out data. The ratio printed out for the application resistors is the ratio of the feedback resistance to the Thevenin equivalent resistance of the ladder network.

Then each of the 12 bits in the ladder is switched in and its ratio error in ppm is printed out. For the record Geiger gauge. The Lockheed- Georgia Co. For a plane the size of the giant C-5 transport, as many as six systems would be used for each of the 12 fuel tanks. If at first. The star trackers have also been modified to prevent corona discharges and the high- voltage arcing.

More sophisticated than previous U. Evasive action. At any of ten voltages from 5. Or all the way down to 2. Ask for it by name—the LM The unlimited flexibility of the K-H Multifunction Variable Filters is essential for complex frequency- or time-domain measurements. See functions, below. These responses are fully adjustable and may be set independently.

This performance typifies the extra value you get from modern Krohn-Hite electronic Instruments. Other values Increase user confidence further by providing simpler, faster and lower- cost operation. Functions: Low-pass — direct coupled with low drift.

High-pass — upper 3 db at 10 MHz. Band rejection — Variable Broad Band or Null. Steep 24 or 48 db per octave attenuation slopes extend to at least 80 db. Output Impedance: 50 ohms, or lower. Write for a copy. The Kalvar Corp. Dash dashed. When the Navy started its unmanned helicopter program, called Dash, it expected the drones to be able to hunt down and destroy submarines.

But now, some seven years later, the Navy admits that the program has been something less than a complete success; in fact, no more drones will be bought. The crashes have been attributed to avionics problems. Laser in the field. Hughes says the devices will be the first completely militarized lasers.

Vin automatique. The Hammondsport, N. It controls temperatures, blending, fermentation, racking, clarification, filtering, storing, and bottling. The wine is sold under the trade name Great Western. Comsat gains. Crystal growing. The oscillator has a 3- milliwatt output.

The automatic units feature our exclusive HI integrated circuit process controller. Soft-ware and installation are furnished free with these models. Choose the model and mode that suits your operation. Call Mr. Dave Davis, Marketing Manager, at for further information. Fast, accurate and versatile.. These variable resistors and trimmers from PEC are the tough guys. Tough electrically. Tough mechanically. Actually exceed mil specs. Designed to take it. Tested to prove it. PEC potentiometers are hot-molded by an exclusive process incorporating resistive element, Insulator, and collector in a rugged integral unit.

These multi-turn trimmers offer infinite resolution and are tough enough to stand extended cycling without degradation. Bradford, Pa. For a documented report on plastic IC reliability, circle on the reader service card. Ear-splitting in its audibility, that shrill, sharp blast says "Move it Mac" with an authority few mortals would care to dispute. It figures. Got a big or small air flow problem requiring straight Interpretation? We've got the specialists to help you.

The Torrington Manufacturing Company. United States: Torrington. Cal if. Canada: Oakville. England: Swindon, Wilts. In slug form. Centralab has experience in all the areas listed above and our devices feature advanced designs and fabrication techniques developed as the world's largest producer of solar cells.

If Centralab is there during the planning stages, we can lighten your load. Backed by a rigorous reliability program. Including breakaway-umbilicals. Interstage disconnects, harnesses. A division of International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation. Allen-Bradley thick film networks will put you out front in Characteristics—Exclusive and patented formulations enable A-B to provide resistance values from 1 ohm to 5.

Capacitance values from 10 pfd to 0. Applications include precision tuned circuits. Temperature coefficient less than ppm in all cases. Special units to ppm or less. CN 1 CN Reliability—Allen-Bradley has precise control over all raw materials and manufactures all basic components— glasses, organic materials, and substrates. Special machines—designed and built by A-B—assure uniform product quality—at a competitive price. Prototype networks—with or without holes—can be prepared to meet your specific needs.

For more details, write Henry G. Rosenkranz, Allen-Bradley Co. First St. Export Office: Third Ave. If your needs involve financing, corporate or product development, mergers, acquisitions, stockholder relations, options, pensions or other considerations, no one is better equipped than our full time "electronics bankers" to assist you in finding the solutions for continued growth and increasing profits.

On a comprehensive, first-hand level, the officers in our Electronics Group, Special Industry Banking Division, have a unique ability to give your company the most experienced attention in the field. Ask yourself if you can afford to have your financial needs handled by other than a banker who concentrates exclusively in Electronics.

This technology enables the production of complex resistive networks on a single substrate. A-B Metal-Grid networks offer a wide range of values—,with individual resistances as low as 25 ohms and as high as 2. Both the inductance and capacitance are low, per- , mitting efficient operation at high frequencies.

A-B engineers will be pleased to cooperate in developing net works for your specific need. First Street, Mi waukee, Wisconsin Frequency Response: Less than nanosecond rise time or settling ti Temp. When the effort began, the loss figure was 2. YIG subtrates were prepared with loops of. Test data were taken at substrate thicknesses of. Results showed that, while fixed bias performance Improved as thickness decreased, other factors caused latching performance to deteriorate.

Among these were difficulty and expense of fabrication, and unsuitability for use In modules. This led to extensive investigation of the external loop design. PACT personnel found one immediate advantage: when working with external loop, they could consider the substrate and the latching plate independently. Intrinsic and physical properties of the substrate material could be chosen for good 4 microwave performance, while latching plate design need only consider hysteresis and other switching parameters.

Lithium ferrite — a material with saturation magnetization of about gauss, a coercive field of 2. The switching loop was four turns of 24 copper wire. Using this configuration, PACT engineers have achieved switching times of less than 1 microsecond, with performance as indicated in the accompanying curve.

For faster microwave progress, make a PACT with people who know microwaves. It appears that U. The sensor network enables them to keep track of troop and supply movements into the south. The system consists of many short links because most sensors operate best at short range. Sensors had to be operational last year when the go-ahead was received to build the top-priority line.

Sensors that were available for the net included active-infrared, seismic, pressure, magnetic-strip, acoustic, and simple breakwire devices [Electronics, Aug. The program fared so poorly in the fiscal budget that space agency officials apparently feel that they might as well start again from scratch.

It will try to get them by joining forces with the Air Force in the budget scramble; the rationale is that both will stand a better chance of success if they submit their requests for the rocket as a single volume order. Pentagon planners are now seriously considering combining the third- generation Defense Satellite Commimications System DSCS and the next stage of the Tactical Satellite Conununications program into a single global system.

The present timetable gives the Pentagon ample time to decide. Delivery is expected 22 months after award. The experimental Hughes-built Tacsat is to be launched next year. One problem, however, is that the plan would require four satellites. A NASA official points out that the Nimbus program is imlikely to have more than two spacecraft up at once, even though four launches are scheduled in the next four years. Television cameras and infrared radiometers on the satellites would send data to the ground for analysis by a digital computer.

IBM suggests low-orbiting craft but points out that synchronous types could be used. The Army expects to choose soon—possibly this month—between Bendix and Honeywell designs for a lightweight pilot warning indicator PWI for slow aircraft. Five firms originally submitted off-the-shelf units for evaluation at Ft. Rucker, Ala. The units could also be used in civilian aircraft. The Navy has received Pentagon permission to complete its Omega navigation system by adding four stations to four already in operation.

The new very-low-frequency shore-based transmitters will be situated in the areas of the western Pacific, Tasmanian Sea, and Indian Ocean, and in southern South America; they should be operational by late The U. Richards Avenue, Norwalk, Connecticut TWX New devices with better component matching, better specifications, increased chip size and higher complexities.

Electronics November 11, Differential Input Voltage. Offset Current. Offset Voltage. Input Resistance. Output Swing. Power Dissipation. No latch-up when the common mode range is exceeded. Order Number. U6E Price. The inner construction illustrated far right insures that every contact is held firmly against the bus bar.

Sealok modules and contacts are available in sizes 20, 16 and 12, with one hybrid module which accommodates both 16 and Sealing plugs for unused positions are also available. Write for catalog giving full details. End clamps keep modules in track and provide mechanical rigidity. Different bussing arrangements available in each module size.

Track features recessed mounting hardware so there is no interference with removal of modules. Two-piece end clamp construction permits insertion from ends or top anywhere along track. Color green. Modules can be Easily inserted and removed with inexpensive stainless steel tool. QQ-B, gold plated. When your needs are critical for fast delivery of high performance, reliable multilayer boards, specify Texas Instruments. For another customer, TI is currently delivering 2, complex multilayer boards a week!

Processes, production facilities, and manufacturing procedures meet military specifications. How about TI multilayer board reliability? Box , M. It also has high dielectric strength, great temperature stability, and resistance to moisture and solvents. Our men help capacitor manufacturers get the right kind of scotchpar film for their product—they can choose from a complete lineup of thin films down to.

With all these men on the job, we still work harder than anybody else helping electrical men get the most out of polyester film. All because we want our scotchpar film to win over a very critical audience. Paul, Minnesota Scotchpar 3! Monsanto's new Model A Digital Frequency Synthesizer obsoletes just about every present concept of general purpose signal sources. Pick your frequency from 0. Tiny, lightweight, a handful can protect a ton of sensitive electronic equipment, especially supersensitive solid state circuits.

They give you tailor-made protection in hundreds of places throughout circuitry. With current carrying capacities up to 5, amps. With reaction speeds in the nanosecond range. Lightning strokes, static charges, internal switching, short circuits—all these transient dangers are guarded against by these tiny, tireless sentries—Siemens Gas-filled Surge Voltage Protectors.

Send us your questions! Available in GP black phenolic or SDGF diallyl phthalate, they have extremely high resistance to shock, vibration, humidity and corrosive atmospheres. Contacts are gold or cadmium plated beryllium copper with low contact resistance. In tests, 0. Panel controls permit operator to overide the automatic cycle at will. A holding fixture takes substrates up to 2x2 inches. A precise X-Y stage has 4"x4" movement. The trim slide has an automatic fast- return to place it exactly for the start of each trim.

Tungsten carbide probes are mounted in a posi- tion mounting ring. An efficient dust-removal system permits the LAT to be operated in clean rooms. Installation requires a VAC outlet and a level spot. The AT can produce trims per hour with guaranteed accuracy of 0.

The AT with a decent amount of employment say hours per year produces trims at about each—including labor, materials, maintenance, and amortization. How about that? Really big. Inquire, S. White Industrial, Dept. A plain square case. A clear Plexiglas cover. Large, plain markings. This is a meter with no frills. The options. However, frills are available: Fancy dials, with multiple scales and multi-colored sectors.

A fancy dial looks great on a plain meter. Lighted dials. Mirrored scales. Behind-panel mounting with a bezel. The specs. And it costs less than pivot- and-jewel. We sell a lot of them. Electronics November 11, Circle on reader service card Automatic Trouble-shooter Want to eliminate the costly confusion and tedious turmoil of trouble-shooting electronic circuitry to find manufacturing mistakes and faulty components?

Checks each connection and each lead. Is universal to any electronic assembly. Can pay for itself in 90 days. Systomation Inc. You name it; we'll automate it. Place circuit board on test block. Automatic vacuum control draws board down to make precise contact with spring-loaded pins.

If no-go, each faulty component or mis-manufacture is identified by number and location. Look at these prices. For full application data, call our local sales office, or Westinghouse Molecular Electronics Division, Elkridge, Maryland You can be sure Ask people. He measures an insulation by what it lets him accomplish. Better things for better living.. Their mobile radios are smaller because the hookup wire is insulated with TEFLON, whose electrical properties permit thinner insulation.

The five cost factors in Five of them are the keys to vendor selection. These factors are interrelated, and if not considered as a whole, there is a likelihood that your precious metal electroplating may cost you more than it should. We work diligently with our customers to make sure that the processes they use give optimum results. Equally important is a review of your needs from time to time, to verify optimum performance in light of current conditions.

More companies use Sel-Rex precious metal electroplating processes than those of any other supplier in the world. The Equipment The Meaker Company a Sel-Rex subsidiary specializes in equipment to meet the unique needs of the electronics manufacturing industry, watchcase and jewelry manufacturers, and others who demand absolute precision in plating. Not only does properly designed equipment facilitate the processing of your product, it also provides for efficient maintenance of plating baths and other solutions.

Meaker manual and automatic equipment is designed not only with your present needs in mind, but also in keeping with the direction of your growth. Technical Assistance We regard our relations with our customers as a partnership. To this end, the largest and finest technical service staff in the industry is committed to helping our customers obtain maximum benefits in their precious metal electroplating activities.

Analytical and metallurgical laboratories, and modern prototype plating facilities are located not only at our central headquarters, but also in the field, to be closer to you. All in all, with Sel-Rex you have access to the greatest storehouse of technical experience in the precious metal plating field.

You save down-time and gain work-time with this kind of service. Research Support Your ultimate costs may be more directly affected than you realize by the quality of research available to you from your supplier. Sel-Rex research can be a competitive advantage to you. Our long-range research has lead to such developments as the first bright gold, the first acid gold, and the first non-cyanide gold processes for industry.

A constant interface between our research and technical service groups brings new developments to bear on your needs quickly and efficiently. By giving additional valuable characteristics to pure gold deposits. Sel-Rex research recently helped more than a few of our customers reduce costs substantially.

Recovery Service We want you to use our gold —not lose it. For plating lines, we have developed ion-exchange equipment that keeps precious metals from going down the drain. We start with a review of scrap segregation and salvage procedures in your plant to insure minimum refinery handling charges.

We utilize the latest techniques for sampling and assaying. Our first-of-its-kind published schedule lets you know the value of all forms of precious metal material. A recently expanded refinery devoted solely to precious metal recovery provides the capability to extract maximum value from your scrap. Another Sel-Rex factor in keeping your costs down. Save with Sel-Rex. We have listed five specific areas in which we can help you control costs. Together they make up our Total Approach to your precious metal electroplating needs.

Subsidiaries and associated companies in Canada, Great Britain, Switzerland, France, Holland, and Japan, together with a network of technically skilled distributors, provide Sel-Rex products and services throughout the world. So, whether you reckon your costs in dollars or any other currency, you can save with Sel-Rex. Typical applications include horizontal deflection circuits, ignition systems, CRT sweep systems, high voltage switching mode regulators, high voltage pulse amplifiers and high voltage pass series regulators.

Priced low, they are available in TO-3 and TO cases. Box , Dept. HI, Plainfield, New Jersey The electronics carries out Fourier-transform spectroscopy and indicates whenever a contaminant exceeds an acceptable level. Where things stand with cylindrical film memories page Cylindrical film memories are coming into their own.

Since commercially introducing plated wire two years ago, Univac is forging ahead with this technology, and its prospects are good. National Cash Register has gone all out with plated rods in its Century computer, unveiled earlier this year.

The signal can feed through from an off channel to one that"s on, it can be attenuated significantly, and the switching transients can become very large. Electronics November 11, Industrial electronics Pattern-recognition logic analyzes infrared signals Prototype pollution detector uses an optical interferometer but can identify several contaminants because its logic and active parallel filters enable it to distinguish among those with sim ilar spectra By Alan Bessen Ford Instrument Division, Sperry Rand Corp.

Most conventional instruments are designed to measure only one contaminant—sulfur dioxide, for example—at a time. An optional interferometer that periodically scans a wide range of the infrared spectrum detects traces of gases, vapors, and areosols that absorb energy in this region. The resulting signal is processed using Fourier-transform and decision-theory methods. The analyzer can be tuned to distinguish another set of pollutants by simply changing the logic cards.

Since its output signal ranges from 70 to hertz or some other frequency band in the audio range, the sensor can be connected to its central logic unit by fixed wiring or telephone lines. The result of this phenomenon is that incident radiation is absorbed at these frequencies. Many solid, liquid, and gaseous substances possess an infrared spectrum that can be detected under suitable conditions. Gases such as sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide—most important in air-pollution studies—exhibit characteristic spectra in the intermediate infrared region.

Others, like carbon dioxide and water, are relatively transparent in at least jpart of this region and won't interfere with measurements. In the sensor shown on the preceding page, an infrared source illuminates two absorption cells with beams of equal intensity. The cell containing the sample of air is continuously refilled.

The other holds air that's free of the pollutants being sought; this air is used as a reference and is periodically changed. All these effects would be taken care of by the discrimination capability of the logic anyway, of course, but the differential approach—equivalent to common-mode rejection—reduces the required dynamic range of the electronics. Separating wavelengths Conventional spectrometers generally employ the dispersion provided by a prism or grating to separate the radiation into its spectral bands.

The energy within a particular band of the dispersed radiation is selected by a narrow slit and measured by an i-r detector, while the energy in other bands is wasted. Because the filter and voltage-comparison circuit outputs can be connected to any channel as indicated by colored arrows the same logic packages can distinguish among many contaminants.

Electronics November 11, Decisive. A reading above the decision rule means contaminant is present in the air sample. However, this limits the speed at which the optics rotates. For a given resolution, then, signal-to-noise ratio can be traded off for speed. To reproduce the spectrum, the inverse Fourier transform of the interferogram must be obtained.

This can be done by digital and analog computer processing, analysis by an audio-frequency wave analyzer, or other means. A tunable-wave analyzer must be swept through its range and the speed at which this can be done is limited by the transient response of the tuned circuit.

The filters are active networks that use an RC combination in the feedback path of a linear amplifier to develop a sharp peak at the resonant frequency. The outputs give the same information as would the output of a wave analyzer tuned to the same frequencies. All filter signals are used together in a spectrum-comparison procedure to identify contaminants.

The pattern formed by the data denoting the presence or absence of a contaminant can be recognized by computer logic. Consider the illustration on page , which shows the distribution of sampled spectral values Sa and Sb for a contaminant C and interferent I at wavelengths a and b. The decision rule here is Sa — 3Sb — In one set of measurements there's no overlap between the areas C and I, so the decision rule clearly separates the substances.

There is an overlap, though, in another set of measurements. The same decision rule will always identify the presence of the contaminant, but since the interferent may also appear to be a contaminant, it may register a false alarm, as indicated by the shaded area.

The quantitative determination of the best weighting factors for given criteria regarding the detection and false-alarm probabilities is a classic problem in statistical decision theory. The thresholds were chosen to at least exceed the electrical noise level of the system. The spectral comparison technique depends on the relative intensities of absorption bands in a spectrum as well as the wavelengths at which these bands occur. When pairs of spectral samples, left, are compared with their decision levels, and the four pairs pass their test, the complete logical test indicates the presence of contaminant 1.

In the basic Michelson interferometer shown at the right, the incident radiation, a, is divided into transmitted, b, and reflected, c, components of equal intensity by the beam splitter. Generally, though, the input radiation is not monochromatic, but has a continuous spectrum.

The interferogram for a Nemst-glower a heated metal-oxide element continuous-spectrum input is shown below. Output of Michelson spectrometer is a time-varying signal, this one of a broadband i-r source. If a low-loss dielectric beam splitter is used, the complementary beam in the schematic on page represents the difference between the input radiation and the radiation in the direct beam reaching the detector.

Ei' v is incident on the beam splitter perpendicular to Ei v. Output E'd appears at the first entrance window and output Ec' at the detector. When the cells are empty of air, the two inputs have the same spectral power and each is proportional to the spectral radiance of the source multiplied by the spectral reflections or transmittance of the various elements of the optical system. When the sample cell contains an absorbing material with spectral transmission t v , the direct beam of the first input is attenuated by this factor.

Assuming no absorption in the reference cell, the complementary beam of the second input remains unchanged. As a result, the spectral content of the interferogram differs somewhat from that of the radiation to be measured. The mirror is driven by an electrically controlled actuator in a sawtooth fashion, as shown below.

Therefore, for a monochromatic input at wave number va, the interferogram consists of a repeated sequence of cosine wave segments, as shown on page , rather than a continuous cosine wave. Moving mirror sweeps a limited distance, so a signal develops only during forward sweep. A monochromatic i-p source would weld chunks of cosine waves left. But interferograms for a broadband source looks like those at right.

Discrete spectral amplitudes are shown at bottom. The prototype contamination system needs a hetero- chromatic—or broadband-input—source, the Nernst glower. Heterochromatic source— KEi i. This smearing limits the measurement resolution — the ability to distinguish between closely spaced spectral lines in the input.

Resolution is also affected by the electronics in the system. A given computer run yielded the response of each filter channel to the absorption spectrum of a specified substance. Wenz Alpine Geophysical Associates Inc. During the manufacture of underwater cameras the cam-actuated contacts for the flash unit must be synchronized with the shutter. A simple, low-cost photoconductive cell can be used to adjust the synchronization.

Cadmium sele- nide types are satisfactory and require no further amplification. A neon lamp such as the NEH is placed in front of the shutter and supplied with a l-kiloliertz voltage source. The photocell is placed inside the camera behind the leading edge of the shutter curtain, with all ambient light excluded. A 6-volt d-c supply is used with a 4.

As the shutter is released, the oscilloscope will display the series of timing pulses produced by the exposure of the photocell to the neon lamp for the duration of the shutter opening. Since the lamp is excited by a frequency of 1 khz, each pulse represents 1 msec. The flash unit is placed in front of the shutter so some of, its light will also enter the camera.

As the shutter is tripped, the series of pulses are displaced vertically on the scope at the instant the flash is detected. The exact time of the flash in relation to the shutter opening is determined by counting the pulses up to the point of displacement. Bell Burr-Brown Research Corp. A complementary compound switch, operated by a buffer transistor, interfaces current loads as high as 20 amps with conventional digital integrated- circuit logic elements. Resistor Ri provides the base drive required to saturate the buflFer transistor, Qi, when the input logic level is high.

R 2 sets enough Qo base current to turn on Q3. If this is done, Q 3 and Q 4 must be matched to ensure that the load current is properly shared between them. UIrick Collins Radio Co. The gain can be varied by changing Rin. The diodes cause the output to clip symmetrically and ensure fast recovery. For the values shown, the amplifier has a bandwidth of 20 megahertz and a delay time of 20 nanoseconds.

Crystal gives precision to a stable multivibrator By Gordon W. Harrison Randwick, Australia A crystal-controlled squarewave oscillator was needed to drive a chain of synchronized divide by 10 multivibrator stages for use in calibrating the time bases of precision oscilloscopes.

The circuit operates like any conventional multivibrator, except that the output of Qo is used to excite the crystal instead of charging a capacitor. Because of this, the circuit is forced to oscillate at the crystal frequency and is thus more accurate.

Crystal replaces a capacitor in an emitter-coupled multivibrator to form a highly-accurate pulse generator. The added components, shown in red, replace a resistor that would normally be connected between points 1 and 2. If the power-supply load is a high resistance, very little current flows through Qi. But if the load resistance is lowered—by a short- circuit for example—the current increases, causing Qi to draw too much current. The higher the resistance in the emitter circuit of Q. Zener triggers a-c alarm circuit By Willard L.

A zener diode can fire and turn off an alarm circuit without backlash. A current of up to 40 amperes flowing through the primary of Ti produces a voltage drop across Ri. This stage is needed to limit the current through Ro and Di and thus limit the current that Do draws. If eo is greater than the zener voltage—3. As a result, e 3 rises abruptly to the power- supply level, causing Q 4 to conduct and triggering the SCR.

The load, in this case an alarm buzzer, is fired once every half cycle. Q 4 is used to match the impedance between the SCR and Q 3. For proper operation, the secondary of T 2 must be in phase with ei. The circuit can also be used for a d-c alarm Electronics November 11, by eliminating Ti and Di. And part of the circuit —can replace the Schmitt trigger in a high-fre- —all components except Ti, Ri, R 2 , Di, and the SCR quency, pulse-shaping circuit.

Capacitor slows down stabilized power supply ByA. Ogilvie Holstebro, Denmark It's often desirable to turn on a high-voltage power supply slowly. With the addition of a capacitor, the series regulator circuit can be modified to turn on slowly.

In a basic series regulator, the voltage at the base of Qi rises exponentially as C charges through R; hence the output voltage gradually increases. To obtain a rise time of 3 seconds, for example, a microfarad capacitor is required. Fedde Univac division, Sperry Rand Corp. Production of plated-wire memories is expanding at about six times as fast a rate as the over-all production of random-access memories in the U.

This is partly due to the fact that the base rate is very small, but it also indicates that significant progress has been made overcoming production problems. Current annual output of plated wire is about 2. By and large, plated-wire memories are being used in new products requiring higher speeds and lower costs than ferrite technology can provide. But an evolutionary replacement of ferrite cores in the main memories of new computers is just starting.

The first installment, which included articles on ferrite core memories and planar thin films, appeared in the October 28 issue of Electronics. For example, Honeywell Inc. Toko Inc. The National Cash Register Co. Other companies working on various aspects of the technology include the Electronics division of the Lockheed Aircraft Corp.

A current in the word line tilts the vector magnetization from Its rest position, shown in solid lines, toward the hard axis of magnetization, generating a pulse in the plated wire. The closed flux path offers significant advantages over the open path that is characteristic of single planar thin-film elements.

With an open flux path, the element would tend to demagnetize itself unless it were made of a material with high coercive force —particularly if it were small. With no gaps in the path, the minimum bit current is obtained for a given material and path length. Twenty bits can be stored in each inch of the wire, which is plated, annealed, and tested in a continuous process, and then cut into segments a foot or two long for incorporation into a memory system.

The size and position of the bit storage cell is set by the interaction of the magnetic drive field generated by current in the word line, as shown above, with digit write current in the wire. This storage element has a number of special characteristics that are particularly interesting when compared with those of conventional ferrite cores and planar thin films. Also, the single drive line in a plated-wire storage element is its own sense-digit line.

Also, plated wire has an explicit output for a 0 readout. Cores ideally would have no output, but they always generate a little noise. Planar films have explicit 0 outputs, but in most versions, the signals for 1 and 0 are smaller than those in cylindrical films; the flux path of a single planar element is open, and that of two coupled planar elements has two air gaps in it. The one disadvantage of plated wire at the present state of the art is its relatively low bit density.

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Lindasari, Priska Wahyu The meaning of some adjective suffixes. Lintangakoso N. Lisa, Agatha Investigated learning-teaching method; a content analysis of English educational research reports. Lisan, Khusnul Harsul Incorporating religious values in English learning materials.

Lisdiantina, Agatha An analysis of the occurrence of sexism in Blonde Joke websites. Lisetyawan, Elly Lismuryati Explanation by pointing at semantic features. Listriantoro, Agustinus Putiadi Designing a set of English instructional materials to develop text organization exercises in reading activities for the second grade of senior high school students. Lita, E. Lok, Agnetha The difficulties of learning to - infinitive. Lowissa, Metty Designing a toel preparation program with the focus on the structure and written expression section of the toefl as an extracurricular activity for the second year of the SMU.

Luciana, Jonetha Students' perception on the implementation of peer feedback in writing report texts. Lusiana, Maria Easter Self-esteem profile influence on the students speaking achievement. Lusiana, Tanti Designing speaking intructional materials using problem solving activities for senior high school students grade 2, trimester I.

Lusina, Dianti Designing a set of english instructional speaking materials for collection and education guidance staff of Benteng Vredeburg Museum Yogyakarta. M, Maria Diyah Anggraeny Designing a set of english instructional speaking materials for souvenir sellers on Jalan Malioboro.

Clarke, trans into Sang Alkemis by Tanti Lesmana. Madatika, Lucia Natalia A set of instructional speaking materials based on multiple intelligence theory for the fourth grade students of SD Pius Kutoarjo. Madeten, Orpa Tambing Verbal interaction in English teaching and learning. Magdalena, Sri Lestari Designing computer based vocabulary materials for fourth grade of elementary school using visual basic 6.

Magdalena S, Dameria Learner autonomy in web-based sentence writing. Magdalena S. Mahaningtyas, Avi The analysis of characters and setting in Pearl S. Maharani, Clara Yudith The influences of learning activities in critical reading and writing 2 class on students' critical reading and writing skills. Maharani, Dian Fransiska Designing a set of english public speaking materials and evaluation instruments using the competency-based curriculum for the pengembangan wawasan khusus program of the first grade studients of SMA 7 Yogyakarta.

Maharani, Dian Fransiska Moodle learning model for nursing students of Poltekkes. Maharani, Resi Dian An analysis of swear words in suicide squad movie. I Love You. Maharsi, Ista Academic writing experience of undergraduate students of industrial technology. Maharsi, Vinsensia Tyas English code-switching in Indonesian translated woman magazines. Mahendra, Aloisius Wisnu Designing english speaking materials using communicative language teaching for the eleventh grade students of electronics engineering of SMK Negeri 2 Depok.

Mahendra, Aloisius Wisnu Developing English materials for nutrition undergraduate program of the health sciences college of Panti Rapih Yogyakarta. Mahrum, Yovita The politeness strategies used by Miguel in Coco movie script.

Mali, Yustinus Calvin Gai Coherence problems in academic essay writing. Mali, Yustinus Calvin Gai Subject-verb agreement errors made by students in paragraph writing class. Malindir, J. B Nicudemus The self-regulated learning of English of a homeschooled child. Malo, Mi. Melati Octavia The use of pictures to teach vocabulary to children in Alpha English Course : case study.

Mandiri, Jantri The occurrence of code switching within social networking website facebook. Manonsih, Phillia Anugrah The analysis of swear words usage uttered by female characters as seen in 4. Manto, Philipus Widyat A set of alternative materials using movies to teach vocabulary to eighth grade students in Maria Immaculata Junior High School.

Maran, Innocentia M. Marcellino, M. Mardikaningrum, Yuliana Dewi Puspa Developing integrated english learning experiences based on living values : an educational program for the fifth and sixth grade Xaverius Elementary Students of Ambon. Maria, Christie Designing a set of extracurricular instructional materials to teach speaking using a problem solving approach to the eighth grade students of SMP Stella Duce 1 Yogyakarta.

Mariana, Octi The ironies in Dr. Mariana, Tira A comparative study on the portrayal of lesbians in thirty selected Indonesian and English language short stories. Mariatna, E. Marihartanto, A. Marjianto, Yohanes Nanang Designing a set of English instructional materials for the first year students of the nursing academy.

Marjito, Agustinus The Effectiveness of picture texts as instructional materials for teaching reading to beginner students in the fifth grade of alementary school. Marmanta, Pius Designing english instructional speaking materials for Bethesda Nursing Academy students. Marsetiyowati, Neti Designing a set of supplementary vocabulary exercises to support reading comprehension for the third grade students of SLTP Kanisius Bambanglipuro Bantul adapted to the competency based curriculum.

Marsudi, Jacobus Salesius Teaching reading in S. Martanti, Ika Fathin Resti Fun listening android application flap : m-learning model of English listening comprehension for grade X students. Maryani, Bertin Asti A study on the reliability and validity of vocabulary test techniques for the first year students of the senior high school. Masan, Maria Gabriela Ina Self-defense mechanism towards the conflicts experienced by Parvana as seen in The Breadwinner movie script.

Mashao, Elizabeth Thadeus Continuity and change of violence against women in Tanzanian selected literary texts: a feminist study. Mau, Jean Antunes Rudolf Zico Translation techniques and problems of preserving textual equivalence in Indonesian-English translation of selected legal documents. Mawarni, Mila Designing a set of reading instructional materials for the students of public relations at Yogyakarta college. Mayasari, Y. Megasuryaningsih, Yokebet The effectiveness of using songs in teaching vocabulary to the beginner students at the elementary school.

Skripsi thesis, Sanata Dharma Unieversity. Megawati, Suzana Analysis of the irony in the characterisation of the central character in great expectations by Charles Dickens. Merawati, M. Joyce The preliminary study on English concessive conjunctions. Merdekaningsih, Fitri Designing a set of instructional english materials to teach business letter writing to The Rattan Furniture Company assistans in Trangsan, Sukoharjo sub distric. Meridiana, C.

Merina, Hana Dyah Analyzing the multiple-choice items of the reading test in senior high school national examination. Metekohy, Marschall Eirence The ideology of being a being in a space Odyssey. Meyanti, Ina Noviana Designing a set of English speaking materials using the role play technique for the tenth grade accounting students of SMK Negeri 1 Yogyakarta. Mijayati, Yuki Designing a set of vocabulary in contexts as supplementary materials for reading lesson for the eleventh grade students of SMAN 1 Godean.

Milasari, Theodora Anindita The Use of appeals in the English advertisements in the Indonesia megezines and newspapers. Mitter, Francoes Designing a set of exreacurricular materials based on multiple intelligences theory using creative drama for the tenth grade students of SMA Negeri 1 Depok Yogyakarta. Mohandono, Georgeus Word repetitions and reading - text quality.

Monica, Santa Discovering teacher agency through teacher professional development programs in Yogyakarta. Mubarrak, Akbar Online moodle as e-learning media in teaching english for industrial internship students. Mujihastuti, Birgita Designing a set of supplementary materials to teach concrete nouns based on concept mapping as an alternative teaching strategy for the third grade students of Kanisius Demangan Baru Elementary School.

Mukti, Pramesthi Chandra The implementation of task-based approach as perceived by Bahasa Inggris 1 students of the Indonesian letters. Muktijono, Christ Using the internet to integrate the mastery of the english language and its culture. Mulya, Anissa Designing recount instructional materials for senior high school students. Murti, Dwikorani Agustina The psychological aspects influencing D. Murtiningrum, Siti Classroom interaction in english learning. Murtiningtyas, Adreana Pritha English code-mixing in presidential candidate debates.

Muryanta, Tarcisius A study of English nominalization suffixes and how to teach them. Musa, Nasibu The study of the verbs convince and persuade in modern British English : a corpus based study. Mustiko, Inten Kusumo The materials for communication activities in teaching pronunciation to the fourth grade students of elementary schools. Mutiara, Leonie Irina The mastery of microteaching class students in formulating learning objectives in lesson plans.

Natalia, Bonifasia Ekta Fima A study on the advertising language of apartment advertisements in the Jakarta Post issued in January Natalia, Dessy Problems faced by a student of a preschool in pronouncing English words.

Natalia, Maria The types and patterns of metaphorical expressions in Orilame catalogues. Natyasta, Yohanes De Britto Dian The benefits of providing feedback using screencast in basic writing course. Negari, Rimas Sunaring The implementation of multiple intelligences theory through a set of integrated materials to teach english to the fifth grade students. Netanel, Eukharistia An analysis of errors in simple past tense in ecount texts written by eighth grade students of SMP Pangudi Luhur 1 Yogyakarta.

Nilam, Fransiska Amara The effectiveness of corrective peer written feedback in complying with minimum requirements in writing recount texts: an experimental study. Nindyarini, Agnes Shanti Possible utilization of dialogue in the implementation of the english curriculum of the senior high school grade I, term I.

Ningrum, Cicilia Dini Setia Students' perception on Lecturers' positive feedback to improve their teaching performance in microteaching class. Ningrum, Veronica Vania Puspita The responses of two exemplary senior high school english teachers to the implementation of curriculum in Yogyakarta.

Ningsih, Asri Dwi Designing a set of english instructional material for batik sellers. Ningsih, Lidia Ratna Correlation between frequency of occurrence and variation meaning. Nisa, Yulia Arifatun Students1 perception on the use of oral peer-feedback in critical listening and speaking 2 course.

Nope, C. Nova R. Novianti, Maria Niayu Risma Mr. Novijanti, M. Novitasari, Dhian A set of english vocabulary materials for the third grade students of SD Negeri 1 Panggang using audiolingual method and total physical response. Novitasari, Theresia Designing supplementary speaking materials using experiential learning for the tenth grade students of senior high school.

Novitawati, Christiana A set of instructional materials using authentic materials for advanced listening course of Sanata Dharma University. Nugraha, Suitbertus Fajar Designing a set of english instructional speaking materials emphasizing pre-communicative activities for Hotel Galuh receptionists.

Skripsi thesis, Sanata Dharma Universiy. Nugraha, Yohanes Sapta A study on the development recognition of english derivational suffixes in senior high school. Nugrahani, Maria Margaretta The role of Dr. Nugrahaningrum, Catarina Aprilianti Designing a set of English extracurricular materials using group activities to teach speaking to the first grade of senior high school students. Nugraheni, Anna Maria A set of supplementary materials using task-based learning in improving vocabulary for the second grade students of Stella Duce 2 Senior High School Yogyakarta.

Nugraheni, Istihari Speech functions in English teaching in a vocational high school. Nugraheni, Lusia Suwantari Designing a set of supplementary reading materials using task-based learning for the ninth grade students of SMP Joannes Bosco Yogyakarta. Nugraheni, Maria Septi Designing a set of reading instructional materials based on self-questioning method for the seventh grade students of SMP Negeri 1 Mungkid. Nugraheni W. P, R A study on the achievement index and English competence of the English language education students.

Nugrahini, Ratri Designing a set of english speaking instructional materials for public relation officials of Kota Yogyakarta local government. Nugroho, Aditya Cahyo The victorian concepts of nature and the creation of dystopian ecology in H. Nugroho, Asep Motivation in learning English and attitudes towards learning English : a survey study. Nugroho, D. Alfred Prufrock. Nugroho, Danang Wahyu Designing a set instructional materials of english interview for broadcast journalists.

Nugroho, Emanuel Honey The contrastive study on English and Indonesian hypothetical conditional sentences. Nugroho, Joh. Baptis Satrio A set of content-based english instructional materials for junior level of bright education center Yogyakarta. Nugroho, Kristyanto Designing a set of instructional speaking materials using games for the extra-curricular activity of the eighth grade students of SMP Banguntapan II Bantul.

Nugroho, Vincentius Tangguh Atyanto The characteristics and intelligibility of English plosives produced by Javanese speakers. Nurachmi A, I. Nurafidha, Rizky The acquisition of English through playing dota defence of the Ancients 2: A lived-experience study. Nurani, Elisabeth Yuyun The use of domino cards in teaching new vocabulary to the students of super kids level 1 in purikids.

Nurhadi, Muh. Nurhayati, Siti Perception of teacher autonomy in curriculum development at the vocational school. Nurinda, Araya English code-switching in Indonesian teenage girl magazines. Nurtriyanti, Ita Vocabulary test techniques for the elementary school. Nuswanto, V. Bangun Coherence and cohesion in scollege students compositions : a preliminary study on the mastery of two aspects of textuality.

Nuswantoro, Petrus Yosi Designing a set of games to improve the mastery of vocabulary for kindergarten students in TK Bhayangkara Yogyakarta. Octriana, Ria Designing a set of english instructional speaking materials for hotel bellboys in Melia Purosani Hotel. Okavianto, Andreas Jeffri Designing a set of reading instructional materials based on cognitive learning strategies for the 10th grade students of SMK Negeri 1 Depok.

Oknasari, V. Oktapuri, Rianti Nur Designing a set of English speaking materials using role play for grade XI students of hotel accommodation class Sewon vocational school I. Oktapuri, Rinanti Nur A moodle speaking learning model for hotel accomodation students of vocational school.

Oktarenie, Inggrid Designing a set of english instructional speaking materials using task-based learning for circle cashiers in Yogyakarta. Oktaviani, B. Oktavianti, Eka The instructional material development to teach English vocabulary to children in the middle childhood. Oktaviarini, Maria Designing a set of English instructional writing materials using taks-based language learning for the tenth grade students of SMA Santa Maria Yogyakarta. Oktoprimasakti, Fransiska C.

Oktorio, Heribertus Hercules Anggi A study of politeness strategies used by the four main characters of yes man. Okty, Santy Designing English instructional materials using pictures as the media to teach vocabulary to the first grade students of Fransiskus 2 Elementary School in Lampung.

Ola, Theresia Theodora Bengan The portrait of whiteness as major characters among black community as reflected in Seraph on the Suwanee. Ongkowidjojo, Lilyana Designing a set of English instructional materials to teach conversation to shoe-shop assistants at the beginner level in Yogyakarta. Padmarini, Valintina Ratri Designing a set of instructional materials using comic-strips to teach vocabulary to the fourth grade students of the elementary schools. Pajo, Maria Nage Using games to improve vocabulary knowledge of the eleventh grade students of Senior High School.

Palmaningsih, Valentina Emy Designing English instructioanl material for general practitioners. Palupi, Endah Dwi Designing a set of instructional materials for a small hotel staff to develop their speaking ability, using the communicative approach. Palupi, Lucia Retno Speaking instructional materials based on task-based language teaching for the extracurricular activity of the 2nd graders of SD Pangudi Luhur Yogyakarta.

Palupi, M. Riding westward. Pambudi, Haryo Aji Beliefs about english learning among non-english college students. Pamungkas, Andreas Dwi Septiaji An analysis of English grammar errors in English standard operational procedure material for Indomaret cashiers.

Pamungkas, Andreas Sigit Designing a set of english instructional speaking materials for vendors on jalan Malioboro Yogyakarta. Pamungkas, Stephanus Danang A study on the strategies used by skilled and skilled student translators at Sanata Dharma University. Paonganan, Sisilia Iriani Instructional materials design model for the senior high school. Paradita, Lanoke Intan Student engagement in edmodo-facilitated English class.

Paramita, Agatha A study on the relationship between the knowledge of latin prefixes and that of English words containing latin prefixes. Paramita, Dyah Designing an English program for the first grade of the elementary school based on the total physical response and community language learning techniques. Paramita, Laurentia Lila Diction in academic writing of the sixth semeter students of the english education study program of Sanata Dharma University.

Paramitai, Paulina Erawati A set of english supplementary reading materials using intermediate level novels for the eleventh grade students in SMA Tiga Maret Yogyakarta. Parasdya, Bonaventura Estu Classroom management problems during the school practice program. Pareka Y. Parhusip, Indes Permatahati A competence-based self-assessment model for the English teacher of the vocational school.

Paringan, Titus Yos Designing professional english instructional materials for tourism academy students. Parwitasukci, L. Bening The use of pictures in teaching English conversation. Pasaribu, Tuty Hartati Implementing cooperative learning activities in reading subject for grade 11 students of language programme in SMA Stella Duce 1 Yogyakarta. Paskalin, Agatha Piscesia Structured and independent learning: a lived exoerience of English education students. Skripsi thesis, Saanata Dharma University.

Patimasang, Linda Meiske Designing a set of English speaking instructional materials for taxi drivers. Pawestri, Tiara A competence-based English syllabus model for socio-cultural divisions of vocational high school. Penatas, Bartholomeus Diaz Anggun Wisnu Designing vocabulary games as supplementary learning materials for eks 1 [English for kindergarten students 1] in top training centre.

Perdana, Abhirama Swastyayana Dian A study of the influence of the secondary characters, Gandalf and Aragorn, on the personality development of the major character, Frodo Baggins, in J. Smith Movie. Permatasari, Agnes Dyah Developing English instructional materials utilizing pictures for the fourth grade students of Pangudi Luhur elementary school Solo.

Permatasari, Fransisca Galih Code-switching in N. Permatasari, Sonia Niken An analysis on the language style of the utterances in magnum advertisements. Pertiwi, Aryani Dewi The Effectivenes of using the task based technique to teach vocabulary to the fifth grade students of Ungaran II elementary school in Yogyakarta.

Perwirasari, Anthonia Jessy Equipping the preservice teacher with pedagogical knowledge through observations of teaching in general listening class of the English extension course. Perwitasari, Monica Bagas A sociolinguistic study about gossips and their functions in bad moms movie. Perwitosari, Diyah Designing material to teach speaking to pedicab drivers using The silent way method. Petriana, Yasinta Osy A study of questions in the subtitle of the jungle book film.

Pi, ME. Yuanita Designing English instructional materials for educational psychology and guidance students : a case study in the educational pschology and guidance study program-Sanata Dharma University. Soepratman Barong Tongkok. Ping, Maria Teodora Designing a set of communicative English speaking materials for the cabin crew candidates of the Indonesian Domestic Airlines.

Pintorini, Ursula Dyah Instructional grammar material for the first grade cadets of police academy. Posumah, Natje A case study on the correlation between the mastery of vocabulary and in reading comprehension of the SMA Stella Duce students. Prabaningtyas, Hana Lintang The correlation between the intensity of youtube usage and vocabulary acquisition in English language learning.

Prabawa, FX. Wisnu Discussing western norms and values from those of eastern ones as reflected in the life of Holden Caulfield, the main character of J. Prabowo, C. Prabowo, YB. Pradana, Novia A possible reflection of Pearl S. Pradana, Yoseph Mario Code switching used in the English course at the physics education study program of Sanata Dharma University.

Pramesi, Kanina Prepositonal verb errors in academic essay writing assignments. Pramesti, Dijah Aju A preliminary study on the titles in the cover story column editions i to r volume xviii in the dialogue English magazine. Pramudita, Angela Sona Eka Types of peer feedback used by the students in a paragraph writing class. Pramudita, Sekar A Competence-based English learning material model for the technology divisions of vocational high school.

Pramudita, Wahyu English instructional materials based on the contextual teaching and learning approach for the fourth grade students of Kanisius Kadirojo Elementary School Yogyakarta. Pramudita, Wahyu Web-based moodle: blended English instructional design for junior high school. Pramundito, Herda Criticism on environmental destruction, social injustice, and extremism in Indonesia through Navicula selected song lyrics.

Pramuningtyas, Astrid Puji The use of online grammar exercises to enhance learning engagement of English education students of Sanata Dharma University. Pramushanti, Y. Adventa Designing a set of integrated english supplementary speaking materials for speaking IV subject in english language education study program of Sanata Dharma University. Pramusita, Santa Maya Cooperative learning of English among very young learners: intrinsic case study.

Prananingrum, B. Prandika, Wilda The implementation of flash cards to improve irregular verb mastery among the eighth grade students of SMP N 3 Klaten. Pranoto, Eva Kristantina The importance of learning culture in translation class.

Pranoto, Mariana A study of the genetive case of English nouns. Prasetio, Christianti Surjani A case grammar study of lexicalized roles in verbs having similiar noun forms. Prasetya, Anastasia Permata Liska English code-switching in Indonesian translated teenage girl magazines. Prasetya, Eko Windu The linguistic features affecting the choice of ditransitive constructions in English.

Prasetya W. Prasetyaningsih, E. Prasetyawati, Octana Ayu The use of instagram to promote student Engagement in basic writing class. Prasetyawati, Steffany Dian Content analysis on canggih bahasa Inggris workbook for 7th grade of junior high school. Prasetyo, Matius Teguh A study on content validity of the assessments prepared by practice teaching students. Prasetyowati, Natalia Dwi Designing a set of english instructional materials for the marketing staff of freight forwarders in Yogyakarta.

Prastiwi, Agnestia A Set of instructional speaking materials using task-based language teaching for the tenth grade students of the marketing program of SMK Negeri 7 Yogyakarta. Pratama, Indrias A Study of meanings and functions of long beach slang in freedom writers movie. Pratama, Ryan Andhika An analysis of idiomatic expression translation in school of rock movie. Pratama, Ryan Andhika The role of vision and mission in religion based private Universities on English teacher professional development.

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