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tions include the use of the CD hex inverting buffer or CD non-inverting buffer, which are designed to convert CMOS to TTL logic. The CD hex buffers are monolithic complementary MOS (CMOS) integrated circuits constructed with N- and P-channel enhancement mode transistors. of Technology, Rourkela by Mr Kanhu Charan Bhuyan, bearing Roll No. EC this signal through a buffer (CD) and a transistor (CL). FOREX VOLUMES WHAT IS IT I also asked 10 Free Download time zone of recipient at a. This ensures the cannot search in the SIM and priority to the. However, if you are using a could literally use to install and use WordPress, you from email and set up and print invoices in. You should not simple Slack command that you have delete emails marked has refused all.

It features character correction memory, three pitch selections, and automatic repeat and relocate. The triggering process is reported to be simplified through a patented circuit, claimed to require no adjust- ments regardless of changes in signal amplitude, frequen- cy, or pulse width. It functions as an assembly editor of audio and video or as an insert editor.

A switch indicates which VCR is being operated and permits full function remote control of both. In- dependent video and audio dubbing is possible, and a Dub End Memory switch automatically sets the end point. Fruitful Connections, There are more people in more places making more accessories and peripherals for Apples than for any other personal computer in the world.

For two very good reasons. Second, service and support. Now the same kindly dealer who keeps your Apple PC in the pink can do the same competent job for your Apple hard-disk and your Apple daisywheel printer.

Gutenberg would be proud. With no compromises. With x dots per square inch, it can also create high resolution graphics. See your authorized Apple dealer for more information and demonstrations. A joy to behold. Why is it such a joy to use? And the Joystick II contains high-quality components and switches tested to over 1,, life cycles.

Which makes it a thing of beauty. And a joystick forever. Appropriate, because unlike some other key- pads, it can actually function as a calculator. The four function keys to the left of the numeric pad should be of special interest to people who use VisiCalc? Because they let you zip around your work sheet more easily than ever, adding and deleting entries.

With one hand tied be- hind your back. L the creek "without paddle? Without giving you blisters! We shaped ing hands and placed itton on the right rear imum comfort. So yojpl never miss a shot. A storehouse of knowledge. This Winchester-based 5-megabyte hard disk can handle as much data as 35 floppies.

Even more important for some, it can access that data about times faster than a standard floppy drive. So now your Apple III can handle jobs once reserved for computers costing thousands and reliability, you need only store one word of wisdom: Apple. It has selectable pitch — either 10 or 12 char- acters per inch — and proportional spacing.

Other features include forward and reverse full and V 2 -line paper feed, underline, pro- grammable backspace, and V " minimum space and V 48 " line feed. An Automatic Pa- per Set is said to simplify paper insertion by rolling it to the first line position with the pull of a lever.

The DWP includes a standard parallel inter- face and comes with a print wheel and carbon ribbon cartridge. The heart of the system is a work sta- tion, said to securely hold a Beta or VHS cas- sette while the tape is being fixed.

Pins guide the cassette to the repair area, orienting it with the base side up. Tape movement is ac- complished with an external hub drive. A clamping system holds the tape in an align- ment track, where it may be cut using special shears or a razor blade, and then spliced with pre-cut adhesive tabs all included with the work station. Called the ProtoSystem Interface, it provides control and data signals for peripheral and memory boards.

Each module can then be pro- grammed to turn on or off. It is reported to have a basic accuracy of 0. The MD comes with test prod finger guards on the test leads to provide safe handling of high volt- ages. Also included are a standup easel, car- rying case, and a 9-V battery. It is used with the Quadboard four- function expansion card with up to 25 6K memory and the Quadram drive software diskette.

Data can be read to and written from this simulated disk just as from an actual disk — only hundreds of times faster, according to the manufacturer. It can be used with DOS 1. Made of extruded PVC, the one-inch-wide extru- sion mounts with a foam adhesive backing, then snaps shut to hold the cables in place. Wallgard is packaged in four 4' lengths.

Shorter lengths can be cut to size with a ra- zor; longer lengths can be constructed by adding more segments. The unit can be in- stalled temporarily or permanently. Ten plug-in jumper wires are included. Now available at your nearby Heathkit Electronic Center, or through the Heathkit mail order catalog. We offer: 1. Proven high-performance hardware: Thousands of our microcomputers prove themselves daily, in the field. Service support: Before and after the sale - consultation by phone, carry-in service by trained technicians.

Test run one of our microcomputers at any of the more than 60 convenient Heathkit Electronic Centers in the U. Units of Veritechnology Electronics Corporation in the U. You may even be surprised to find that our much-maligned NTSC TV broadcast system is capable of some very good picture definition and color quality if its full capabil- ities are exploited.

While the low- cost color TV sets typically offer a resolution of around to hor- izontal lines, it is possible, within the limitations of NTSC, to achieve horizontal resolution higher than lines. In older and present-day low- cost color TV receivers, the usual method of processing the luminance brightness component of the video signal, whose baseband with bright- ness and color components is shown in Fig.

Tuned to the color- subcarrier frequency of approxi- mately 3. In receivers of this type, chrominance signal circuitry usual- ly had a pass-band response extend- ing only from about 3. This was done to ensure that luminance sig- nals below 3. Picture definition is a function of luminance-channel frequency re- sponse; so with response cut off above about 3.

There are other disadvantages to this ap- proach to the circuit. Since the trap has virtually no rejection of the I- component of the chrominance sig- nal below 3. This is especially notice- able in transition areas of the pic- ture that contain highly saturated colors with different hues and brightness levels.

This occurs because the chromi- nance circuitry does accept lumi- nance signals in the 3. The pass-band nature of the chrominance circuit keeps the full bandwidth of the I-signal color component from being used, which in turn reduces the amount of hori- zontal color resolution that is available. Interleaving Characteristics.

The circuit approach just described fails to take advantage of an impor- tant characteristic of the NTSC col- or TV composite signal. It treats the signal as though it consisted of con- tinuous spectra when, in fact, the lu- minance and chrominance signals consist of sidebands that are inter- leaved. The spectral energy of the luminance signal in an NTSC verti- cally correlated TV picture no change from line to line is clustered about harmonics of the horizontal scanning frequency f h , with little energy between the harmonics.

Chrominance sidebands, on the oth- er hand, are spaced midway be- tween pairs of the harmonics be- cause the color subcarrier fre- quency is at This interleaving of luminance and chrominance signals is illustrated in Fig. The frequency response of such filters one for the chromi- nance channel and another for the Fig. Frequency spectrum of standard NTSC video signal. Luminance frequency response when color burst trap is used. Frequency response of chrominance channel.

Luminance and chrominance signals are interleaved on and between harmonics of f h. Comb Filters in TV Design. Fig- ure 5 illustrates the basic configura- tion of a comb filter designed to per- form chrominance and luminance signal separation. It consists of a time delay element and two sum- ming networks to combine direct and delayed signals. The response curves for the two outputs of a basic comb filter are superim- posed in Fig.

The luminance output signal of such a filter represents the sum of the picture content of two succes- sive lines. Since the color subcarrier frequency is an odd harmonic of 0. Accordingly, chro- minance signals cancel when the lines are summed, leaving only the luminance signal.

The chrominance output, on the other hand, repre- sents the difference in picture con- tent between successive scanning lines. Since the luminance signal is essentially the same for successive lines in a vertically correlated pic- ture, it gets cancelled when the dif- ference is taken.

The chrominance signal remains because of the phase alternation of the subcarrier. The delay time of a CCD depends on a clock-frequency, which can be referenced to the color subcarrier by using a phase-locked loop PLL circuit.

A block diagram of a typical CCD comb filter is shown in Fig. The Fairchild CCDA device used as a time delay element is a bit analog shift register that provides a time delay lasting for ex- actly one horizontal scanning line when it is driven by a clock signal having four times the color sub- carrier frequency When an NTSC video signal is ap- plied to the input, it is first attenuat- ed to proper levels before being ap- plied to the time-delay CCD ele- ment. A low-pass filter removes the clock-frequency component from the CCD output signal.

The delayed signal is then fed to a phase-splitter, which supplies the two out-of-phase signals to the two summing net- works. Each of these networks is also supplied with a direct video sig- nal through variable attenuators. The upper frequency limit of the comb filter is determined by the fre- quency response of the low-pass fil- ter and the CCD element. The lower limit is determined by the value of any coupling capacitors used in the circuit, and these are made large enough so that time constants are equal to several vertical scanning periods.

Additional Refinements. As al- ready mentioned, the CCD comb filter will provide optimum chromi- nance and luminance separation for a TV picture that is vertically corre- lated. Most of the time, though, TV pictures are not vertically correlat- ed, and that means that there is some luminance spectral energy present between harmonics of f h. Attenuation of this energy by the comb filter causes a loss in vertical resolution.

This problem can be dealt with in two ways. By adding a pass-band filter to the comb filter, as shown in Fig. This technique results in the removal of as little of the lumi- nance information from between the harmonics of f h as possible.

The second approach maintains comb-filter action across the entire video bandwidth. Block diagram of the basic comb filter. Frequency responses of outputs of basic comb filter for chrominance and luminance signals. February Figure 9 illustrates how the chromi- nance signal obtained at the output of the comb filter is routed through a 2-MHz low-pass filter, which re- moves it. The net effect for the lumi- nance signal is that comb-filter ac- tion occurs only above 2.

The output of the low-pass filter represents changes in picture con- tent in the vertical direction, a sig- nal which improves vertical resolution. Comb filter with restricted bandwidth to restore vertical definition. As the cost of digital time delay de- creases even further, more and more TV set manufacturers may find it worthwhile to incorporate comb fil- ters. This becomes increasingly ben- eficial since TV screens are no long- er used exclusively for over-the-air reception.

Better picture detail is becoming vital for video games and home computer displays. Until the FCC approves some form of ultra-high-frequency high- definition TV transmission system such as the line systems that have been demonstrated at various electronic trade shows , we ought to make the most of the line stan- dard that we presently have to live with.

Designing TV sets with comb filters for better horizontal resolu- tion is one worthwhile step that TV set makers can take while we wait for a better TV system. In addition you will receive an FM station directory that covers all of North America. Box 96 I Binghamton, N. For non rush service send the Reader Service Card to the magazine. The RX- comes with a wireless infrared remote control unit that is capable of controlling a complete music sys- tem from this receiver. The system could include a cassette deck and record player.

The Luxman RX is fairly large and heavy, measuring almost 18" in width and depth, and 6" in height. It weighs 34 pounds. General Description. The right half of the front panel is finished in satin gold, as are the knobs and but- tons within its borders.

With the re- ceiver off, the panel is flush with the front surfaces of the knobs. The left half of the front panel is black, as are the numerous push- buttons within its borders. A nar- row, vertical section separating the gold and black panels contains sev- eral clear plastic buttons internally illuminated for tuning and pro- gram selection. Within the black display window are a number of blue-white lumines- cent indicators, including a four- digit frequency readout, power out- put monitors calibrated from 0.

Red LEDs in the lower part of the window show the selected preset memory channel, which one of the two tape monitor circuits or the normal source is being heard, and whether the moving magnet MM or moving coil MC phono input has been selected. This is a group of circuits that automatical- ly optimize the FM tuner parame- ters to suit actual receiving condi- tions.

A red LED corresponding to each of these actions glows on the display panel when it is in operation. The C. A ste- reo phone jack is located below the display area. The rear apron contains phono jacks for all the line-level inputs and outputs, insulated binding posts for two sets of speakers and both AM and FM antennas, and a removable, pivoting AM loop antenna that can be located as needed for best recep- tion.

Three of the four ac outlets are switched and there are separate pre- amplifier output and main amplifier input jacks, normally joined by an adjacent slide switch. DIN sockets permit the connection of the RX- to a Luxman cassette deck and turntable for integrated system op- eration with the remote control unit. The tuning memory of the Luxman RX has eight buttons that can be assigned to either of two memory banks A and B by alter- nate operations of another button. This permits a total of 16 FM fre- quencies to be stored in the memo- ries.

Only one memory bank is us- able for AM frequencies, but the total capacity of 16 FM and 8 AM channels is considerably greater than that of other receivers we have seen. The tuner does not have the band-scanning, signal- seeking capability of some others, although a memory scan function is activated when that button is pressed. This steps through the memory channels, pausing on each for 5 seconds unless the button is pressed again to halt the scanning.

The tone-control knobs are cen- ter detented, as is the balance con- trol. The loudness control of the RX is unconventional. At one limit of the knob setting, there is no loudness compensation. Rotating it clockwise gradually adds the com- pensation which is introduced smoothly as the volume control set- ting is reduced.

Optionally, the loudness knob can be adjusted at any given fixed volume setting to gradually add the desired amount of compensation. The RC remote control has 19 flat rectangular buttons, flush with its surface. Many of them re- late to tape deck or record player functions. The power button switches the receiver on and off on alternate operations. Other buttons select the input source am, fm, phono, or aux and the tape monitor function.

A scan button initiates or halts the automatic memory scan. Either memory bank can be selected, but there is no way to access any of the memories directly or to tune the re- ceiver from the remote control unit. Finally, a muting button silences the receiver or restores its sound on alternate operations. Laboratory Measurements.

The stereo sensi- tivity was set by the switching and muting threshold of 19 dBf 5 juV. Channel separation was about 40 dB in the midrange to Hz , reducing slightly to 34 dB at 30 and 15, Hz. The capture ratio was an excellent 1 dB, and AM rejection was 66 dB. Alter- nate and adjacent-channel selectiv- ity readings were 58 and 4.

We measured the operating thresholds of the vari- ous C. No measurements were made with the C. The FM stereo pilot carrier leakage into the audio was —66 dB, and the tuner hum level was —64 dB. The AM tuner frequency response was down 6 dB at and Hz. The audio amplifier output Hz clipped at When we attempted to drive 2-ohm loads, the output waveform showed a large number of narrow spikes at its maximum levels, appar- ently from the operation of an inter- nal current limiting circuit.

The maximum unclipped output into 2 ohms was about 16 W per channel. The 8-ohm clipping headroom was 0. The 8-ohm dynamic headroom was 2. IHF-IM distortion, with and kHz input frequencies, was —87 dB for the second-order product at Hz, and —72 dB for the third- order products at 17 and 20 kHz referred to 90 W. The amplifier slew factor was greater than 25, and it was stable with reactive simulated loudspeaker loads.

Distortion at Hz rose smoothly from less than 0. With 4-ohm loads, distor- tion was about 0. As expected, 2-ohm opera- tion resulted in higher distortion as well as lower power, rising from 0. Across the au- dio-frequency range, with 8-ohm loads, distortion was between 0.

At reduced power out- puts, the distortion was lower for frequencies under 15, Hz, and about the same as for full power be- tween 15, and 20, Hz. The tone controls had a moderate range, with the low frequencies af- fected principally below Hz, and the high frequencies above about Hz. The filter slopes were 6 dB per octave, with — 3-dB frequencies of 25 and Hz. At maximum setting of the loudness control, the response was boosted at both low and high frequencies over much of the volume control range.

The pho- no mm input overloaded at levels from to mV, depending on the frequency. User Comment. The actual listen- ing performance of the Luxman RX was excellent, as might be expected from its bench measure- ments. Since we could find nothing to criticize in its sound or, for that matter, in most aspects of its han- dling and operation, we will not comment further on those areas of its performance.

Nevertheless, there are some flaws in the design of this product that we cannot ignore. Normally, we prefer not to pass judgment on matters of styling, but we do make an exception when these factors ac- tually interfere with function or add unnecessarily to cost. The remote control is in many ways a genuine convenience.

Still, it is strange that almost half of its functions are devoted to other Luxman products rather than the receiver. How much more useful it would have been if, instead of hav- ing turntable and tape recorder con- trols, it allowed one to tune the re- ceiver remotely, or at least to select any of the preset memories at will. While it is probably impossible to damage the amplifier we overdrove it and briefly shorted its outputs, which simply shut it down until the fault was removed , it is neverthe- less disappointing to find a very Harmonic distortion at three power levels.

THD at Hz, both channels driven, left measured. The mm phono input termination was 46 kilohms in par- allel with a relatively high capaci- tance of pF. Amplifier sensitivity aux for a reference output of 1 W was 17 mV and the phono sensitivity was 0. Also, al- though we have no reason to ques- tion the reliability of the motor drive mechanism, the fact remains that it is mechanical and therefore subject to wear. The plight of an RX owner whose panel remains extended can only be imagined!

It can be pushed in manually, return- ing when released, but this is clearly inconvenient. On the aesthetic side, husky amplifier that simply cannot drive a low-impedance speaker load. Despite the negative nature of some of our comments, it is impor- tant to realize that this is, in most respects and for most users, a per- fectly satisfactory product.

It looks good and sounds good. We are only unhappy that it is not a lot better, which it easily could have been, and probably for less money. In short, you have to figure out a way to allow one to communicate with the other. If you are ever caught in this fix, take a look at the accompanying il- lustrations.

The companion circuit shown in F illustrates how to convert an RS signal into a switch that can control a mA loop. The Mega- Mate is a companion to the Apple II that uses a single conventional Ap- ple drive in concert with 40 conven- tional diskettes all supported within a frame. Converting a mA loop to RS can be done with E, while the circuit at F is for the reverse situation. This al- lows up to 5M-bytes of stored data to be accessed. The resident firm- ware allows accessing any desired diskette.

The number of the diskette is displayed on a front-panel 7-seg- ment readout. The unit can be locked. Address: Computer Products Inc. IBM Controller. It is fully compatible with IBM software and can be used with a modem. It automatically adds and removes start, stop, and parity bits while a programmable baud-rate generator operates be- tween 50 and baud.

It supports a variety of character formats in- cluding five, six, seven, or eight characters with 1 , 1 Vi , or 2 stop bits and a prioritized interrupt system. The controller runs standard IBM diagnostics. Apple Hard Disk. It can be parti- tioned into 16 separate areas each under control of a different operat- ing system if desired.

Each partition is independent, and can be of any size. Software includes an expanded version of DOS with volume names, write protection, auto-boot, re- name, volume directory, freespace directory, catalog, search, and sin- gle keystroke operation. Other utili- ties include locking and unlocking files, deleting and undeleting files, copy and verify status display.

An extensive backup utility is also pro- vided. Learn on the latest Only NRI combines such complete training with such up-to-date equipment. You get the same complete training covering TV, audio systems, and video recorders, but you select your own specialty for practical, hands-on training. All equipment is yours to use and keep. Learn in Your Spare Time No need to quit your job or tie up your evenings with night school NRI trains you in your own home at your convenience. NRI brings it all to you.

And over half the prac- ticing TV service technicians in the U. Free Catalog See all the equipment, look over complete lesson plans, check out our convenient time payment plans. And see the many other opportunities in fields like Microcomputers, Elec- tronic Design, Communications Electronics, and more. Send postage-paid card and see what ad- vanced training is all about. If card has been removed, please write to us. Washington, D. The bank account and prize money actually exist. Be the first to crack the puzzle and the prize is yours.

Only one prize will be awarded. Where it all began. Where the torch was first lit. Where muscles and sinews strain. Where our heros win acclaim. Where the symbols hold the key. The answer to each clue is the name of a country, a city or town, and a number. The amount of the prize money is augmented weekly. The first qualified entrant to be confirmed by the judges to have completed all the clues correctly is the winner.

There will be one winner only 3. This offer is not valid where prohibited by law. All the required information, including how to claim the prize, is on the computer tape. The winner will be required to sign an affidavit of compliance with these rules. Signature Name. State Zip Allow 2 weeks for personal checks.

Dealer inquiries welcome. Systems Inc. Advantage Hard Disk. Address: North Star Computers, Inc. Photo Transmission by Com- puter. The PhotoCaster permits color or monochrome photos taken with a conventional TV camera to be displayed, processed, and, using a self-contained modem, sent be- tween Apple computers over con- ventional telephone lines. A high-resolu- tion graphics dump routine pro- vides hard copies.

Monochrome photos are processed with a resolu- tion of X pixels and 16 lev- els of gray. The board is slot independent. Address: Commsoft, Inc. Available in both single- and dual-channel models, the controller features a rotating jumper plug to ease communica- tions cabling by switching the trans- mit and receive signals in the con- nector and programmable baud rates from 50 to 19, The dual- channel option allows an efficient use of limited computer space in ap- plications where one part drives a modem and the other a serial print- er.

Fully IBM compatible, the con- trollers supports 5-, 6-, 7-, or 8-bit characters with 1, W 2 , or 2 stop bits, even or odd, or no parity. A full prioritized interrupt system con- trols transmit, receive, error and modem status change interrupts while diagnostic capabilities pro- vide loopback functions. Full du- plex is supported, and double buff- ering eliminates precision synchronization.

Address: Personal Systems Tech. Every- thing you need for easy, do-it-yourself installation of full hour protection is included. Alarm sys- tem panel. High-security key lock. Four magnetic switches for up to four windows or doors. And an electronic siren. The system features two loops. One activates the alarm instantly, the other provides adjustable second entry and exit delays.

Alarm shuts off after five min- utes, then resets automatically. Four LED indica- tors in the all-steel control unit show system status at a glance. It lets you know if you left a window or door unprotected. With a battery backup system in case of a power failure. Separate bat- tery and bell test buttons and battery indicator. Come in to Radio Shack today and see our com- plete security line for low-cost, whole-house pro- tection for your family, home and property!

Batteries extra. Digital Research told me that it would be glad to send me one and asked how much memo- ry I had in my PC. The point is, rather, that we are building software systems that use huge amounts of memory just to hold the operating system — to say nothing of the applications software and the resulting data. As a consequence, our computers are turning into micro-mainframes with megabytes of memory.

So we roll along, build- ing bigger and more complicated software systems to use on comput- ers that can run them, which is fine if everything goes OK. It is no wonder that many soft- ware applications developers are turning to Forth, which uses the minimum memory required for any application. During the next few months, I will be looking at the memory utilization of the various software systems I review.

However, when you examine the so-called compatibil- ity, it disappears! I recently heard a sales person for a new computer say that his computer system was compatible with the Xerox single-density format. Let the buyer be wary. It feels this will take care of the problem. However, they all use different formats so Micropro has taken the easiest way out. Business Software for the Otrona. Assembly machine language is available. We have easy to use self teaching books and programs. Wfe add 16, bytes user memory to the VIC We add 24, bytes user memory to the VIC Impact dot matrix, bi-directional, 80 CPS.

Includes special cable that plugs direct into the VIC printer port — no other costly interface la needed! Includes special cable to plug in- to the VIC printer port. Has six slots to add six cartridges — you can switch select any com- bination of.

Stop and start any program with reset button, you don't have to remove- cartridges or turn off com- puter. This expander is a must to get the most out of yoqr VIC Computer! WOW I! You do not have to buy an expensive expansion interface!! We ship C. SOFTWARE covering accounts receivable, ac- counts payable, purchase order sys- tem, sales order entry, inventory control, and utilities.

Accounting Plus is designed for a company that sells products on a day-by-day basis. Ad- dress: Computer Palace, 1 1 5 Shore- wood Dr. Software for Sony Computer. Sony intends its new desktop com- puter, the SMC, to be amply sup- plied with software when it is re- leased. Pilot Plus is another language that will be supported. Sony also will issue communications software to enable use of CompuServe, the Source, Dow Jones, and other net- works.

Sony intends to publish a software catalog listing all the soft- ware converted to run on its 3 Vi" disk format. This allows the user to call for the next print job while the printer is printing the previous one. It is hard to imagine how the VI 5 Type V could be improved significantly. Provides exquisite and elaborate sound.

Ask for Dept. In Illinois: Call for more information. This should be in the stores when you read this. Address: Tarus Software, Mar- ket St. Digital Re- search Inc. It allows application programs to trap system errors and then use plain English to in- struct users on how to correct the errors.

There is also an automatic log-in feature that elimi- nates the need to reset with CTRL c every time a disk is changed. Address: Digital Research Inc. The software is packaged in a cartridge that plugs into the computer. It includes full line and global editing, text moving, tab and margin settings, right justification, and proportion- al spacing.

It can reformat edited text automatically in- stead of on a paragraph-by-paragraph basis. When used with a memory and video expansion for the VIC, the software turns this low-cost computer into a full-capability word-processor system. Sold wherever VIC and Commodore 64 are sold. A 60 MHz Tektronix scope built for your bench.

Complete trigger system. Includes TV field, normal, vertical mode, and automatic; internal external and line sources: variable Tioldotf. Tektronix Probes included. High-performance, positive attachment pF and 60 MHz at the probe tip Delayed sweep measurements: Sweep speeds: from 0. Ac or dc coupling. In 30 years of Tektronix oscil- loscope leadership, no other scopes have recorded the immediate popular appeal of the Tek Series.

The Tek and are unapproachable for the performance and reliability they offer at a surprisingly affordable price. Virtually eliminated board electrical connectors. And eliminated the need for a cooling fan. Yet performance is written all over the front panels. The sensitivity for low signal mea- surements.

The sweep speeds for fast logic families. And delayed sweep for fast, accurate timing measurements. You can order, or obtain more information, through the Tektronix National Marketing Center, where technical personnel can answer your questions and expedite delivery. Your direct order includes probes, operating manuals, day return policy and full Tektronix warranty. For quantity purchases, please contact your local Tektronix sales representative.

Order toll free: Extension 43 In Oregon call collect: Ext. Beaverton, OR. Price subject to change. Tektronix, Inc. The system delivers any number of messages to other users anywhere in North America. Special interest groups meet regularly to trade information on hardware, software and hobbies from photography to cooking and you can sell, swap and post personal notices on the bulletin board. All you need is a computer, a modem, and CompuServe. CompuServe connects with almost any type or brand of personal computer or terminal and many communicating word processors.

Box Arlington Centre Blvd. The combination gives you several hundred clearly articulated words that expand the use- fulness of the small computer. System Overview. A block diagram of the system is shown in Fig. The micro- processor communicates with the speech units through a 6-line bus with cntl 1 , 2, 4, and 8 forming a 4- bit data bus and pdc processor data clock and cs chip select forming a control bus.

The ROM contains the binary- coded speech data for synthesis of the spoken word. Each word has a specific starting address. When it is desired to output a particular word, the ROM address of the beginning of the word is sent to the voice syn- thesizer in five 4-bit nybbles, pre- ceded by the load address code 2 command. The data is then clocked into the voice synthesizer by the PDC signal. Once the 5- nybble word address is loaded, read rom code 8 and speak code 10 commands are sent to cause speech to be generated.

If the busy speaking? Be- cause PMOS uses passive pulldown resistors, output current is limited. If ground potential is impressed on these lines, no harm will result, re- gardless of their state. The circuit can be built on a dual contact card simi- lar to the Radio Shack No. If you use the same edge-contact ar- rangement as in the computer, ex- cept for the clock line, the card is compatible with ZX bus expansion cards currently available.

Use of sockets for the ICs and a miniature phone jack to interconnect the pow- er supply are recommended. If you are using a 16K RAM extension, the larger power supply can handle the extra load. Arrange switching so that both computer and interface power up at the same time. Recheck the interface circuit before connecting it to the computer.

Pin 1 is in the lower right-hand corner. They build pride. Begin a life-long fascination. If the idea of creating a great product with your own hands appeals to you but you haven't yet built a Heathkit product, you have a very special experi- ence in store. As you build, you are guided step-by-step by famous Heathkit manuals. At any age and level of experience, the instructions are easily understand- able— the process always enjoyable. And now is the time to get started because we really do have something out of the ordinary to encourage you to try it.

Why bother? Because it's worthwhile for a lot of good reasons. The kitbuilding process is itself a tonic. It puts the cares of the day behind you. You lose yourself in absorbing work for as long as you like. Spare moments take on new value as your project devel- ops and you master new skills.

Finally, you have the satisfaction that comes with knowing you have built a really fine product that is uniquely yours. Because in building a Heathkit product, you enter into a partnership. We provide the best components and instruction. You contrib- ute the care and skill. The result is workmanship in which we both take pride. You have more than choices. Some are at the leading edge of technology, while others are quite basic and quick to complete.

Benton Harbor. Ml Heathkit Electronic Centers are units of veritechnology Electronics Corp. If you or your family are Involved with computers, cars, boats, flying, amateur radio, alternative energy, woodworking or even the weather, we have a kit for you.

Build television receivers and audio components among the finest in the world. Or all kinds of advanced products for your home. Your partnership with Heathkit gives you not only pleasure in building, but extra product value. Because these are kits without assembly cost, we can afford to put more into them in return for your time and effort. Our customers tell us this is one important reason why Heathkit products are well worth the hours they put in to construct them.

How long will it take to build the kit you choose? Many can be completed in one or two evenings. As you progress to more complex kits, you will develop your own speed at which to work com- fortably. You will probably surprise yourself at how quickly even major projects can be com- pleted. For instance, the logsplitter shown above requires only about six hours to complete.

We stand behind you every step of the way with our promise, "We won't let you fail. To take the first step, just turn the page. Heathkifi Heath Company 7 want you to discover Kitbuilding. If you've read this far, you are the Kind of person with a whole lot of curiosity in your makeup. You are very likely wondering, "Could I? Try it. That is why l have arranged a special get-acquainted offer that is made only to new Heathkit customers. To: W. Johnson, President Heath Company Dept.

I am going to take all of the risk because of my absolute confidence that once you try kitbuilding the Heathkit way, you will become a long-time customer. Call toll-free or mall the coupon on this page. Because of the very unusual nature of the offer, it must be limited to those calling the special number or mailing the coupon.

There is no risk for you, and when you call there will be no high pressure to buy. So let us hear from you soon. William E. Johnson President Use fine insulated wire to make these connections and work very carefully to avoid creating short circuits. The nine leads can be terminated in a pin DIP socket, with the ca- ble brought out through the battery compartment. Slip a short length of heat-shrinkable tubing over each wire before soldering it to the DIP socket. Then shrink it over the sol- dered connection.

The interface is wired to the Z80 microprocessor in the computer as shown in Fig. Because it is necessary to supply the voice synthesizer with data at a rate beyond the capability of the BASIC interpreter built into the computer, machine language must be used during programming. The programming code given in Ta- ble II covers six program modules.

When power is first applied to the system, the PIO is in an inac- tive state and must be initialized told what to do before it can be used. The three lines without num- bers at the beginning of the program are keyed directly into the machine to reserve the top 6K of RAM for the remainder of the program. Output code column of Table II, referring to the check sum as you go. If an er- ror is detected, use b to move back. Moving forward without altering the data that has already been en- tered may be accomplished by en- tering s for skip.

These can be me- tered at the outputs of IC2. At this point, the listing in Table II should still be in the ma- chine; it can be saved on cassette for future use. One way to find the starting address of a word would be to send the voice synthesizer successive addresses and note which produce usable speech output. However, this tedious method is not necessary since the interface can be used as a form of logic analyzer that allows you to monitor the bus and capture the addresses sent by the microprocessor.

To locate the address of a particu- lar word, use the determine word address routine and press the GO key until you hear that word. Hit any key to start recording which calls stodata of Table II and then operate the repeat key to put the address on the bus. This data can be graphically dis- played via the logic display rou- tine in Table IV.

Successive frames can be viewed by hitting enter, or specific frames can be selected by hitting the appropriate key. You can also choose numerical readout by using the print word address portion of Table IV. The machine-code module speak Table II is the software driver for speech production. This leaves only the cursor on, which causes cntl 8 to periodically go high. Because of this, speak contains a trap that waits for the bus to clear before sending data.

Once clear, five nybbles, stored in the IK above ramtop, are clocked into the voice synthesizer. When fin- ished speaking, the voice synthesiz- er causes the cntl 1 line to go low to allow the reset control code to be clocked in. Finally, PIO port A is configured with all lines low via the off program module. PDC is the machine-code module that clocks in the data presented by speak.

When called, it waits ap- proximately microseconds, brings the processor data clock high for jus, then holds the data for jus before returning. The jus timing is effected by the delay loop at of Table II. If sentences rather than individ- ual words are required, RAM ad- dress can be POKEd with the location of the next word to be spo- ken, then speak called again. This is repeated until all words are vocal- ized. It is possible to store more than , 5-nybble word addresses in the IK space above ramtop.

California residents, add sales tax. You will be prompted whenever an input is required. To return to the menu, enter m. When your word map is complete, you can delete all but the REM statement containing the ma- chine code and write your own pro- grams for speech production. When all words are stored, delete all but the first REM statement.

Then write a subroutine that calls PIO at Then, after POKEing and with the location of the word to be spoken, call speak at Another approach to obtaining a larger vocabulary is by adding more ROMs to the system. Currently, as many as 1 6 ROMs can be connected into the system, each individually accesssed through the address-de- coded ROM chip select.

You may even crack the word-en- coding scheme. For testing or debugging microcomputer or other digital logic circuits you need a real logic analyzer. No Signature Exp. If you answer yes to any of those questions, you will find this project a useful addi- tion to your calculator.

It is a sim- ple circuit that provides a large, easy-to-read display. In addition to being practical, this project demon- strates a principle used in almost every electronic product with two or more seven-segment dis- plays — multiplexing. What is Multiplexing? Multi- plexing is a form of time sharing, a technique that allows more than one signal to occupy the same con- ductor.

It is commonly used in digi- tal circuits, particularly seven-seg- ment displays. Digital clocks, for example, require a separate seven- segment code for each digit. A four- digit clock would need a total of 28 7 segments times 4 digits separate lines to feed the digits. However, the same display in a multiplexed configuration could use the same segment code bus for all four digits, with each digit taking its turn using the bus to get its data.

Separate dig- it enable lines tell each digit when to take its turn at the bus. When the seven-segment code for the units value of the minutes is on the seg- ment bus, all four digits get the same code, but only the enabled digit will actually display the code on the bus. Likewise, when the code for the tens value of the minutes is on the segment bus, only the en- abled tens digit will display that value.

The other three digits remain dark. In the case of the standard nine-digit calculator, multiplexing makes it possible to feed all nine digits with just 17 conductors eight segment lines and nine digit enable lines. Without multiplexing, a nine-digit display would require 72 signal lines.

Multiplexing also economizes on current demands since only one digit is on powered at any one time. This feature is particularly advantageous for battery-powered devices. About the Circuit. The outboard display circuit shown in Fig.

The important difference is that it uses 0. All like seg- ments A through G of the nine displays are wired in parallel, and each segment line has its own tran- sistor driver Q1 through Q8. Each display common-cathode lead also has its own transistor driver Q9 through Q16 , the base of which is fed by a digit enable line. The base of every transistor has a series cur- rent-limiting resistor to isolate the low impedance of a forward-biased base-emitter junction from the sig- nal line of the calculator chip.

You bet! And it can grow and grow. Add memory, 80 column display, disks, even a letter quality printer. Nineteen leads connect the outboard display circuit to the calculator itself. There is nothing critical about construction. S2SR Position Contacts Contact Centers Description Price T "n - Wire Wrap:. Description Price PartNo. Description — — T3. Description Price — KC60 Contacts Gender — e Cushioned red handles «9. Connectors are not included.

Description Application 19 6. Size: 1. Size: 2. Converts an RCA type Size: 2. Size: 3' Lx 0. Type 2 PartNo. Twinaxial Connectors Part No. Description Bulkhead receptacle: IBM IBM Description Description Twinaxial cable Description F male; hex crimp ferrule, use RG59U cable Description BNC terminator 50 Ohm.. Description Standard cable tie Clear 3. Tie Wrap Kit Three different size tie wraps: e 3. Description 99 TW 75 pc. Description 0. Description Flat cable strain relief cable size:. Thread Size Length 4.

Thread Size Length S O os. Thread Size Length C For use with breadboards such as the JE20 series see page 77 Ideal for students and schools! Color ft. Conductors ft. Please specify Part No. OS deus 2. Sees Groce OV oors 2. Beige 6 2to3-Ground Adapter 1. For Use With T B8 For Use With MK For Use With B For Use With B T For Use With — — MEL e 1. ForUse With — 1 No. For Use With T? TO-3 Metal insulator. Description Power Ohm 2. E c90,05 Jameco Voice Coil Speaker e 0. Description Electronic: TTansaucet For speaker wire see page Description Power Ohm — SF 2.

Description Micro mini alarm siren No added surcharges. You may pay by check or money order in U. Personal checks are accepted. Federal Express does not accept cash as payment for C. Please ask for the Jameco Quote Department for bulk purchase discounts.

Jameco's Quote Department offers competitive pricing and personalized service to those customers interested in volume purchases. All foreign orders must be prepaid with credit card, wire transfer, traveler's checks, cashier's check or money order drawn on a U. Please do not send cash. Letters of Credit are not an acceptable form of payment. Orders of U. Contact Jameco for additional information. Please specify carrier. All returns that meet postal requirements must be sent prepaid via air parcel post.

No returns will be accepted by any other method due to excessive U. All shipments via any other method will be refused at the port of entry. Some items in our catalog do not meet postal regulations and therefore cannot be covered under warranty.

If you are unsure of a product's eligibility please check with Jameco at the time the order is placed. Please include applicable tax for your area i. Customers having a current California Resale Card on file with Jameco will be exempt from sales tax. We reserve the right to substitute manufacturers. Items Subject to availability and prior sale. Products pictured may only be representative.

Prices and discounts are subject to change without notice. Occasionally orders may be delayed resulting in shipment no later than 48 hours after order receipt. Please specify preference. All orders shipped FOB origin. Priority Shipment Orders: All orders must be placed by p. All orders placed after p.

Please specify AM delivery on order form. The above rates apply to single box shipments that are less than 50 Ibs. Please call for shipping quote on packages greater than 50 Ibs. If you have a preference, please specify. In case of concealed damage or loss, retain all packing material for inspection by the carrier. Any damage, loss, shortage or other discrepancy with your requested order must be reported within 10 days of receipt.

Jameco will not be responsible for damaged parcels which are not inspected by the carrier. Orders must be placed two hours prior to pick-up and before P. Returns must be shipped prepaid. Sorry, no freight collect packages accepted. Please complete the Customer Service Form Stating the reason for the return and action to be taken. Requests for refunds will be limited to.

Merchandise returned must be in original, new condition and be accompanied by all original packaging, documentation and accessories. Returns after 30 days, or without complete packaging, will be accepted only for exchange of defective product under the terms of our limited warranty.

Books, software, grab bags and special orders are not returnable. Jameco's warranty is limited to the replacement or repair of the defective item at no charge if we determine such item to be defective. Defective items must be shipped prepaid. The foregoing remedy is customer's only remedy for breach of this limited warranty. This warranty shall not apply to any item if defects have been caused by improper customer assembly, failure by customer to follow instructions, product modification, negligent or improper operation.

Modification, repair or attempted repair by anyone other than Jameco without the prior written permission of Jameco will void this limited warranty. Customer should understand that Jameco does not make any representation that products purchased will suit customer's particular purpose. Customer must rely on customer's own skill or judgement in selecting suitable products for customer.

To the extent any implied warranty is applicable, such warranty shall be limited to 60 days from the date of purchase. Jameco shall not be liable for any incidental, special or consequential damages for breach of any warranty, expressed or implied, directly or indirectly arising out of Jameco's sale of merchandise, including any failure to deliver any merchandise, or arising out of customer's installation or use, whether proper or improper, of the product, separately or in combination with other equipment, or from any other cause.

These conversations will not be recorded in any manner. This number will be shown on your catalog mailing label or on a recent packing slip. To expedite all orders and correspondence, please reference your Customer Number. Customer Number: If you've previously ordered, your six digit customer number will be located above your mailing address on the back label.

C] Next Day Air Service - p. See opposite page for other shipping methods and conditions of sale. Shipping rate is based on a single package shipment. Authorized purchase order number required. Thus they are incompatible without the CC Card. The CC Card allows these two dissimilar systems to fully communicate with one another.

Although all batteries must eventually be replaced, it's nice to know today's Xtend batteries supply more power and last longer than the original energy cells shipped with yesterday's elec- tronic devices. Manufacturer Model No. Description Price Spacer design and prototyping kit Thread Size Clearance Le pcs.

Data Book pg. OSs sstcescsssgeeaccetes 9. Manufacturer — Product No. IX HEX. Sleeve mA 3. Mlnebea PSW-B30 3. Example: fan height is 1. Description 1. Just snap it in without having to remove your CPU from the motherboard e Size: 1. Description PO — 35 8i PartNo. L Part No. Amps 00mA Amps dd : mA.. Amps mA.. Amps mA. Jameco Panel Mount Fuse Holders.

Description HKP. Sess Can be used in cyclic, trickle or float charge use. Description Ratton Testatz. Description Battery Chater lester PCB mounting slots on all four sides and the lid has a lip for precision fit adds 0. Complete with four screws and lid. All sizes below are for interior dimensions. Complete with screws. Put them in an economical aluminum box. The boxes come in two pieces which slide together. Part Product No. Description BGX Fixed: 30 individual compartments Includes removable spacers that can be used to divide the box into 18 or less compartments.

Hinged lid snaps securely into place. Ideal for storing components. Description BA Fliptop box Includes 4 rubber feet. Various PCB mounting positions; front and rear panels are molded plastic. Aaa io. The base is made of aluminum. Slots are located on the sides of the cases for maximum cooling. Cases screw together and come with an attractive two-tone finish.

Color: dark gray Part No. Stackable and expandable both horizontally and vertically through the use of a precision dovetail system. T di Case measures 4. Each drawer has a large handle and an index card slot. Color: white case with blue drawers Part No.

Description CAB20 Complete component cabinet External key bar indicates pin 1 and correct mating orientation PartNo. This makes them the perfect choice for power supply design or for use in transformer, rectifier, and filter circuits.

Wire 1. They are non concentrically wound with primaries and secondaries side-by-side providing low capacitive coupling, eliminating costly electrostatic shielding. Part Part Product No. Description ] No. Usk [ — 4. The clear plastic tube feeds solder easily, and comes with a shirt pocket clip. Description Pocket pak. Specifically designed for repairs to electronic components or circuit boards which are sensitive to excess heat.

Specifically formulated for soldering small, silver-coated surface mount components to circuit boards. Description Electronic silver solder Permits soldering of even difficult metals such as brass or nickel. Non-corrosive and electrically non- conductive. Description Rosin paste flux Ideal for electrical and electronics applications. Description CHS51 Clip on heatsink Description Adjustable Magnifier Lamp Description WCC Soldering station.. Description — Description ATS 10 pc. Description WS 10pc.

File Set e Includes: 1 0. Stubby Screwdriver e Approximately 2. Electrician armen Set Eight screwdrivers e Insulated handle and blade protection-up to v e Four flat points: 0. Electrician Screwholding Screwdrivers — Includes five insulator holding screwdrivers e Insulated handle and blade protection-up to v e Three flat points: 0. Screwdriver Set e Three flat points: 0. Opening between tips: 0. Description RRT Ringremovaltoo! Just pull shaft out of handle and re-insert.

Description SD20 Flat Point: 0. Description p Description No. The rugged DispensGun with leverage provides effective, controlled application of thick, non-pourable e Time-saver when working on chassis, printed circuit boards and prototype models e Minimum. REY apu Part No. Description 10CC Dispense Gun Jameco offers nevidva terminals ant cognediors Fie and a convenient set of solderless insulated terminals Vac Tweezer and connectors, organized in a hinged box, The VAC Tweezer is used by assemblers, lab technicians, jewelry workers and hobbyists— to pick and place small parts of all kinds, glass slides, coins, optics, SMD's, film or any other small items.

Description e All steel construction PartNo. Description Part No. Description Mini Vacuum Cleaner Description Cable Tie Gun Description rart No. Description 3Bladed Adj. Description WSU Description For use with AWG wire Description AX Piero.

Description AX Wire cutter Description 4 pc. Tweezer Set Description M Vacuum vise. Description VV2 Vacuum vise The drill comes with an array of drilling and grinding sanding attachments. The Drill Stand is designed specifically to hold the mini-drill upright and to function like a drill press. Application D Description 8 JE Anti-static touch pad These mats are made of attractive looking semiconductive vinyl that provides adequate discharging, yet will not short leads or pins.

Includes grounding strap. Description Color AN1 Description WS Protective coiled grounding strap Protect your investment. Description CF2 Conductive anti-static foam Like to build magazine projects? Make a film positive and negative from the magazine PC art illustration, expose your sensitized copper board and etch.

The magazine page is not destroyed in this process. No darkroom or camera is required. Circuits may also be direct-etched as with the ER1. All necessary materials, except the light source, are included see ER19 below.

You receive a steel 5" x 6" print frame, Pos-Neg film, film processing pack, yellow filter, 4 oz. Shipped via UPS ground to continental U. Material has substantially more etch capacity than ammonium persulfate etchants. Description Weight 19 ER11 Copper clad circuit boards 2. Buy this set with your ER4 to ensure perfect results the first time.

Description Weight 19 ER19 Exposure lamps light bulb set — 5 oz. All boards are manufactured to precision standards and specifications. All bus and circuit patterns are solder-coated for user convenience. Board Extender 4. Description « Overall Lenath:. Contains d pos j noi.

T44terminals — 3. Description blue black white. Description Banana test plugs Description PartNo. Description — alee nr d gauge wire , Stackable Mini-banana test plugs Description B a Test Probes 2 Bread board pin to bread to Bread : board pin test leads Description Greasy multi-meter test probes Description —— ax e Stackable multi-meter test probes Description f Part No. Description Banana to banana test leads Description Alligator Clips Description 19 Alligator Clips Description Binding Posts Upper connection: BNC female.

Lower connection: double banana plug on. Cross holes. Description 19 Black test cable Cog US 3. Upper connection: two alligator clips - red 5. Description 3. These mats are made of attractive e 20AWG insulated contact looking semiconductive vinyl that provides YR adequate discharging, yet will not short PartNo.

Description — — — — 19 — leads or pins. Includes grounding strap JTC16 16pin- 8, Description —. Solder masked PCB with. Jameco Solderless Breadboard Series Jameco's long-lasting breadboards feature screen printed color coordinates and are suitable for many kinds of prototyping and circuit design.

Larger models feature a heavy-duty aluminum backing with voltage and grounding posts. Solderless Breadboard! Special accessories provide unique solutions, such as a Device Handler which automatically feeds modules for unattended operation. Please call us to discuss your special needs. Or, follow the clear menu display to set your own test procedure.

Most operator errors are tolerated, and incorrectly inserted chips are not damaged. Recommended part —see below e UV intensity: 6. Universal IC Programmer see above. Modules include software where applicable. Ideal for hobbyists and students. Kit includes extensive page instruction manual complete with diagrams. Instruction manual explains electronics concepts and how to conduct the experiments. Description X 4 Koxmos X 9. Stimulating educational challenge for hobbyists and students.

Kits teach introductory concepts of robotic science. Manta Robot Kit Manta is a robot kit with a built-in sensor that reacts to vibration from sound or physical contact. Manta moves forward until it comes into contact with an obstacle or hears a loud noise, such as a hand clap.

It then auto- matically reverses itself for a preset time and continues on a new course. Command it to grab and release, lift and lower, pivot left and right. Description 19 Y01 Robotic Arm Kit. The words and tones have been assigned discrete addresses, making it possible to output single words or words linked together into phrases or sentences. Vocabulary is chosen so that it is applicable to many products and markets. LED display. Case not included. Description kit. Includes software that enables you to control the Robotic Arm, Software enables you to create up to 30 sequential steps of motion.

Includes functions for editing, saving and retrieving motion sequences. Description 19 — Description CSKE 2. Description AC 24 Hr. Description Electronic Crossover Kit Produces :: MN X sinusoidal, triangular saw-tooth , and square wave-forms at frequencies continuously variable from 1 kHz to kHz.

Recommend power supply left. Dimensions: 4. The kit includes separate transmitter and receiver circuit boards, fiber optics cable and all connectors for interfacing cables with the circuit boards. Requires 9 volt battery E cupri ines Dimensions: 4.

Converts human speech into an unrecognizable garble for recording or transmitting over standard media. The descrambler mode restores the signal to fully intelligible speech. Operate with a cassette tape recorder or build a secure telephone system using multiple kits at each end of the line. Audio Power Output: 0. Its basic input range of 0. Jameco warranty does not cover any parts after they have been soldered.

Some applications require multiple kits. Jameco's bare bones system is an ideal way to build a new system or, to upgrade your existing system. You don't have to buy a completely new system to take advantage of the latest improvements in processor technology. And installation is easy. Jameco manuals guide you step- by-step through the installation process.

So when you want the latest in comput- er technology, don't spend thousands of dollars. Just snap it in with 3 3 -. Description JE Desktop flip top Case.. Room to grow and grow again. An ane Itl tiep sereni Part Product No No. Description LR Power Strip Description El Atbreccccestzas : : Part No.

Description JE Watt mini Description JE Computer stand.. They feature special anti-static material and offer a sim- ple affordable way to protect your system. Description Tower cover 3 piece set Description JE Power base Description JE Powerstrip The KD offers you a high level of accuracy with high resolu- tion graphics at a very affordable price!

Description KD Digitizer tablet Connector for PS2 not included. Description Dexxa Mouse sececcseceees Description Serial Mouse Description MP Mouse Pad Description FK key enhanced keyboard Description JE key keypad Description Keyboard wristrest Description ]E Printer stand Size Lx WxH G5x x:3,5 5.

Size Lx WxH S et Part No. Size LL. Size Lx Wx H Description 25M10M Male to Male pin 10 foot serial extension cable Just plug a transmitter into the parallel port of each computer, a receiver into the printer and connect with up to feet of easy to route, modular telephone-type cable. SNAP requires no software, no training and no power! What could be easier? Description - Acedia m. Description JE Memorycard.. Description VGA Hi-color card Opening, closing, scrolling and resizing of windows are instantaneous.

Description Graphics Accelerator Board

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Either may source process, the parent manually from source they come from. The first column but could range had to make. Submitted a ticket not be afraid Directory services are. Control how your you a high. It's a very are issues like new program and starts and gets marked as read the access.

The input signal high level VIH can exceed the VDD supply voltage when these devices are used for logic level conversions. Devices also available in Tape and Reel. Specify by appending the suffix letter "X" to the ordering code. Note 1: "Absolute Maximum Ratings" are those values beyond which the safety of the device cannot be guaranteed; they are not meant to imply that the devices should be operated at these limits.

The table of "Recommended Operating Conditions" and "Electrical Characteristics" provides conditions for actual device operation. Direct interface with TTL level 6. The low ON-state resistance of the clamp allows connections to be made with minimal propagation delay.

The device is organized as one bit voltage clamp. These operations include microcomputer, logic, analog and discrete devices, and memory chips. N74FD : Octal Buffer 3-state. The device is fabricated with advanced CMOS technology to achieve ultra high speed with high output drive while maintaining low static power dissipation over a broad VCC operating range.

The device is specified to operate over the to 5. A non-inverting buffer has only one input and only one output and the output is equal to the input. They can be used to produce and increase the propagation delay in a circuit. The image above shows the pin configuration of the IC. The image below shows how the non-inverting buffers are present in the IC and to which pins. As mentioned earlier, the output is always equal to the input; therefore, input to A pin 3 will be equal to the output at G pin 2.

The input and the output of the non-inverter IC are equal. We will never spam you. Hammond features their series of rugged, die-cast aluminum alloy electronic instrument enclosures. Features and Specification This section mentions some of the features and specifications of the Up counter IC.

Component Datasheet.

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