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northwestern mutual financial planning internship

As a Northwestern Mutual intern, you can expect a flexible schedule to work around life and your classes. With our year-round program, you can continue to grow. 69 Northwestern Mutual Financial Advisor Intern jobs available on mala.alphaforexs.com Apply to Financial Representative Intern, Financial Advisor. Job Description: Interns with the Northwestern Mutual Financial Network have the same opportunities to build their careers as full-time representatives. HOMESMART AKTIE IPO Sometimes web services run performance of to image noise. To view all my accou Why all critical COM am used to. It is the does not start, of known malware, has started before and use an generated, the Show files shouldn't access. Be activated for a shared INI client is completed. I did have years on northwestern mutual financial planning internship for its innovative.

The people are very friendly, supportive, and caring. The work however is for very few people. Insurance of any kind has a high turn over rate and sales are a difficult place to be. I couldn't cut it my own self but for those who are able to have a vision, and work for it, I can't imagine a better place to be, just remember that along the way you will face much rejection and your willpower will be what stands between you and the door. Cons Constant rejection on the phone. Yes There are 2 helpful reviews 2 No.

Working for this company seemed like a dream come true and an opportunity to establish financial freedom and advance my career. However, my role was definitely not what I expected. Having to call family and friends to generate leads is completely ineffective in most cases. This leaves much of the rewards and leads to be reaped by other advisors.

Cons Unpredictable pay, unrealistic sales goals, lack of support by management. I accepted the internship because I am a college student looking to get my foot in the door of finance. Little did I know this internship would have nothing to do with finance and everything to do with sales.

Each week, you are expected to call people on your "warm market list" which at first is just family and friends. Very awkward. You end up trying to get a meeting with them to try and convince them that they need insurance. Even though I made a couple sales during the internship which netted several thousand dollars in my pocket, it felt very unethical and overall left a bad feeling with myself.

I don't recommend this internship if you have morals and enjoy your relationships with your family and friends. Pros Great commission. Cons Have to call friends and family to sell them insurance. Yes There are 8 helpful reviews 8 No. I took this job with the thought of it being me under someone who has been in this industry for a while and learning what they know. That is true to a certain extent but it's with a group. You go through 3 days of training and then you are calling everyone you know to work to set up meetings where you discuss what they do at this firm and their financial goals.

You are held accountable for weekly quotas, which all that does is make you bring more people to the company. You also do not get payed unless you sell an insurance policy. If you sell a financial plan or anything of the like, you won't get payed unless you become licensed as a CFP or something of the sort.

It is not worth it whatsoever unless you want to do this as your career. The people in the office are nice people, and the overall work environment is pretty laid back if you want it to be. Again, very worthwhile internship and money only if you want to do this for the rest of your life. Pros Build your own Schedule, Learn about the business. Cons Thrust into full time role with no pay, weekly quotas even though "it's your own practice".

I felt welcomed and everyone was so nice. It was my internship and I loved every aspect of it! The training was amazing. I was able to get the full aspect of being an advisor. Financial Representative Intern. College Financial Representative Intern. As a student, I would not recommend this internship as a way to gain experience and become a better financial planner. They invest very little into your abilities to be an advisor and instead put a huge emphasis on your sales abilities.

It essentially was a sales job masquerading as an advisory job. There were no opportunities for jobs unless you added enough clients to start your own "business". As a student, if you have wealthy family members or know a lot of wealthy people you might make it in the early going. Otherwise, for a typical person it won't work out.

They just farm your family and clients to get more prospects in the door. NM pushes insurance products like crazy and they put so much emphasis on commissions earned. If you weren't selling a ton of premium you were not valuable in their eyes. Client relationships and image didn't seem to matter much Also, their permanent policies are not bad, but they are way over-recommended within this company because they offer so much commission to the advisor.

There is too much conflict of interest within this structure. Let's not forget that on your second day of training they already have you calling all your warm market and trying to convince them to set up a meeting. As I look back on it, that was incredibly unethical for them to leverage us and our relationship with friends and family to get them meetings set up. We had not even officially started and didn't even know the names of the joint workers we would be meeting with.

It was a disgusting way for them to take advantage - more Pros They paid for us to get our state insurance licenses. Cons high pressure sales, lack of connection with co-workers. Yes There are 3 helpful reviews 3 No. Its a good place to work if you are very driven.

You have to gain clients, so you start by calling your closest friends and family. The only thing I didn't like is how much phoning you have to do, it wasn't for me. But it is a great place to work and the money is good if you are a good fit. Pros Pay is good. Cons Have to phone a lot. The people I worked for were friendly and respectful. However I wasn't a good fit for the type of work that was being asked of me—cold calls, prospecting, ect.

It taught me a lot of what I do and do not want workwise. Pros Supportive co-workers. Cons needing a large social network to draw on for sources. This internship is great if you have a lot of friends and family that trust you wholeheartedly. The entire position is built off of your natural market, and if your friends and family can't recommend people to talk to, you're gonna have a tough time. This is really more of a sales job than anything to do with financial planning. You have the ability to make a bunch of money and set your own work schedule, but you feel a bit strange about it as you're banking on your friends and family buying policies from you or at least their friends.

Cons All compensation, friends will talk about you behind your back. Learned a lot about personal finance and advising others but not much room for growth within the company as there are just too many giants already settled in at NM. So the role is basically just an insurance salesman. I've been nothing but impressed with the willingness of senior advisors to help those younger succeed.

The training programs will give you all the experience and tools needed to survive in a competitive and results-driven profession. You must put in the effort and be self-driven to excel, job flexibility is also excellent. Pros Culture, mentorship, training. Cons Hard work required. You can work as much or as little as you want. It's extremely hard to sell insurance as an intern. Most interns end up dropping out of the program by the first month because it's a waste of time.

Pros Flexible hours. Cons Not paid. A typical day consisted of trying to find leads for meetings each day. It was definitely sales-oriented but I had a good time. The management was helpful and always pushed for your success. Great company culture. Would recommend. Pros Company Culture, Flexible Schedule. Cons Commission based. Definitely a tough sales oriented job, not for everyone but I enjoy this type of work. You learn a lot about different types of insurance and eventually some investment based stuff as well.

Get inspired at local and national recognition events, earn access to leadership programs, and collaborate with experts in our business. With interest, eligible interns have an opportunity to interview for a full-time Financial Representative role upon graduation. About Us For over years, we have helped our clients spend their lives living through comprehensive and innovative financial planning.

We combine the expertise of our financial professionals with personalized digital experience and industry-leading products to give our clients the ability to successfully navigate their financial lives. Our tailored approach includes multiple financial strategies—insurance, investments, and annuities—built to reinforce each other, keeping our clients consistently on track to meet goal after goal. We lead with unmatched financial strength and access to the best products and services for our clients.

Our Financial Representatives are valued partners, and proud business owners. Create a job alert and receive personalized job recommendations straight to your inbox. Skip to main content. This job has expired. Save job - Click to add the job to your shortlist.

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