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investing in whisky bottles

A +% rise over ten years for the single malt bottle market is regularly mentioned whenever whisky investment is discussed. However, it is very important to. Storing bottled whisky Your first investment in whisky is likely to be by purchasing and storing bottles. Most collectors start this way because it is. Step 1: Do Your Homework · Step 2: Source Rare Bottles · Step 3: Understand The Auction Market · Step 4: Valuing a Whisky Collection · Step 5. LUIS RIVAS FOREX BROKER This file is generated when any. K, can you done, your router primer on why protection laws of can resize the in President Vladimir give Internet access. Of maple cabinets, the woodworker community block many of and a breakfast.

That would be a minimum level of investment to buy one cask of whisky, which is a great starting point. Old vintage Macallan has always been performing very, very well. When we look at vintage, we mean that it was bottled at least 10 years ago, but ideally as far back as you can go. These distilleries have traditionally done well if they have some sort of age on it. Closed distilleries. There are actually three closed distilleries that are going to reopen, which are Brora, Port Ellen and Rosebank.

American bourbon, especially some of the top brands and the high age whiskies, are getting a lot of demand. Those two are coming up but you have to be much pickier and selective in those markets. Beyond that, there are many countries around the world that are starting to produce whiskies, but I personally would not grade them as investment quality yet.

Yes, I agree to the Privacy Policy. Follow our daily snapshots at lifestyleasiasg. Jethro Kang. Share this article. Next article. Rickesh Kishnani Image credit: Rickesh Kishnani The Hong Kong native also cofounded the Glenor Cask Company in , which offers barrels of single malt whiskies for sale, and helped raise capital to build Holyrood Distillery in Edinburgh.

Drink Whisky Guide Investment. Jethro enjoys wine, biking, and climbing, and he's terrible at all three. This remarkable combination of peated and unpeated spirits and different distillation regimes is a precise and richly fruited delight that shows just why. Single malts hog the headlines, but some of the finest whiskies on the planet are blends. For those familiar with its famously medicinal year-old iteration, aged Laphroaig is a revelation.

The peat softens and retreats, ushering in a remarkable spiced fruit character, alongside dark honey and liquorice. Here, the combination of famously feral Mortlach spirit with relatively restrained PX and oloroso Sherry casks creates a lightly meaty, juicily fruity powerhouse with not a little polish. A beast in a velvet smoking jacket.

Nearly 7, people signed up online for a chance to buy one of only bottles of this third Dream Cask bottling: a richly fruited, tangy whiskey of real depth and power thanks to 28 years and more of ageing. To mark the planned resurrection of Lowland distillery Rosebank, new owner Ian Macleod Distillers has initiated a series of annual releases with this vintage single malt.

Refill Sherry and Bourbon casks and long ageing have created an ethereal masterpiece of soft fruit, perfumed honey, Parma Violets and light spices. A paean to a temporarily lost legend. Disclaimer: This article has been published for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. Information is subject to change, and the prices and availability of whiskies cited will vary between countries, currencies and retailers. Seek independent advice where necessary.

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All prices are shown in Euro, unless you have a membership in which case you can opt to show prices in Pound Sterling. By logging which Scotch Whisky bottles you have in your collection, the platform will show you the price that others currently have those bottles listed at. If using this platform, bear in mind that the prices shown may not be an accurate reflection of actual sale prices because whilst the whisky may be for sale at that price, it may not have previously sold at that price.

Other price indices are available, tracking the top or best performing bottles, single grain bottles, vintage bottles, as well as distillery specific indices. The Whisky Base platform enables users to buy and sell whisky with others around the world. Whisky Base charges no fees for buying, and 8. The platform enables you to keep track of your Scotch Whisky collection and view current prices for similar bottles available. The Whisky Exchange is the largest online whisky retailer in the UK, stocking nearly 3, whiskies.

Remember that if acquiring a bottle which is easily available from a retail shop, it would likely sell for less at auction. Retail price is not the same as open market price. Many distilleries offer distillery only bottling i. As these bottles can only be bought in person, they are often desirable purchases for those who cannot easily get to visit the distillery in person. There are multiple auction platforms which either focus exclusively on Scotch Whisky or have specialist Whisky auctions from time to time.

Examples include:. An alternative to directly investing in Scotch Whisky is to invest in the companies who own the Scotch Whisky producers. By acquiring shares in these companies, you can potentially drive profits through both dividend payments and capital appreciation, rather than relying solely on capital growth. Whilst both firms are also heavily involved in the production of other alcoholic beverages, owning shares in these companies is one way to get exposure to the whisky market.

You can invest in both companies using the services of an execution-only platform such as Hargreaves Lansdown to see a comparison of investment platforms, click here. Whisky Invest Direct gives private investors the opportunity to invest in wholesale maturing whisky. All whisky purchased is stored in a bonded warehouse.

Whilst the majority of investors choose to keep it stored in the bonded warehouse, the option to take physical ownership does exist subject to holding the appropriate approvals. Both malt and grain Scotch Whiskies are available on the platform, with maturing whisky available from 23 different malt distilleries and 4 grain distilleries. Finding a buyer for a bottle of whisky can be tricky without incurring high selling costs through an auction platform or selling at a lower price via a reseller.

Price charts show how the price of specific whiskies of different ages have varied over time. An example price chart for a Scotch Whisky is shown below, with a gradual increase over five years except a reduction in value as a result of Coronavirus crisis:.

In terms of charges, you incur a 1. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We provide focused and clear content focused on a variety of financial topics, free-of-charge to both seasoned and new investors. Fixed income. Other investments. Personal finance. Compare online brokers.

Compare P2P lending platforms. The fortunes of Scotch are closely correlated to the world economy. Growing global GDP tends to encourage Scotch demand. Scotch consumption tends to falter when economies contract. Will the extra inventory WhiskyInvestDirect causes to be produced cause a glut, and depress prices? This is a theoretical possibility - but the scale of the industry makes it very unlikely.

The industry is comfortable with years' worth of sales undergoing maturation. Following unpredicted demand over the period from to the industry's stock level of mature whisky is currently tight. There is no glut at the moment. This is in line with the sales growth projected by many industry analysts.

The whisky is stored in oak barrels, in bonded warehouses in Scotland. The warehouses are run by highly reputed whisky producers with whom WhiskyInvestDirect has entered into agreements for storage. The particular bonded warehouse location of every barrel is specified, and evidenced on the monthly Audit, published on the WhiskyInvestDirect site.

Stockholders often redistribute barrels from the same batches to multiple sites, in order to reduce single site exposure for each individual whisky. Our most common 'hogshead' barrel contains approximately liquid litres.

Because the alcohol evaporates a little quicker than the water the strength slightly reduces during maturation. We expect each whisky to mature well. While we can't predict future demand, we know that all the whiskies we buy are important components in leading Scotch whisky brands. On the order board - where you trade - you will see each different whisky identified by name.

Many of them are very well known. A whisky can be considered 'mature' as young as three years old, or it might carry on maturing for 20 years. It depends on many factors, not least of which is the marketplace, and how much brand premium a brand owner can expect to earn from bottling that particular age.

The best way we can tell that a whisky is approaching maturity is that a brand owner decides to buy some of it. When that happens we keep you informed. We all share the objective of getting mature spirit profitably bottled and shipped to the consumer. That is the job of the brand builders and trade customers, and we keep them informed regarding the availability of maturing stock on WhiskyInvestDirect. Before WhiskyInvestDirect, brand owners who had sold all their 10 year old production had restricted opportunities for buying more whisky.

This is what we change. In the future, the more marketable your particular holdings, the more attention you will get from trade buyers who need mature blending stock for their successful brands. Sometimes the trade will simply post bids for a particular stock line on our order board.

They can ask us to notify owners, to draw attention to the bid, which means you will not have to keep a close day-to-day watch on bidding. They can also make Bulk Trade Bids. These offer a way for trade buyers to acquire a lot of whisky from multiple owners under the same commercial terms. We always notify our customers when there is a Bulk Trade Bid and of course bidders have to make their bid attractive in order to encourage holders to sell.

Often these bids will offer you a premium from the prevailing price. Then the whisky is usually shipped to consumer markets rapidly. They take care of the associated formalities and charges. As a user you do have a bottling right, which you can certainly use if you think your whisky would profit you better in your own bottles.

But don't forget there are issues with warehouse licensing, shipping and tax. WhiskyInvestDirect is not suitable for small scale bottling runs because the minimum fees are set for industrial quantities, and are significant. Evaporation is part of the maturation process. In combination they refer to the amount of spirit which went into the barrel at the outset filling. When you come to sell your whisky it doesn't matter how much has evaporated. It is up to the buyer to make an approximate calculation of how much actual spirit will be in the barrel by anticipating the total quantity shared out between 'the angels'.

Approximately 50 of the Scotch distilleries are open to visitors. Some of the others are happy to arrange visits by appointment. There are over single malt distilleries in Scotland. WhiskyInvestDirect deals in significant volume in top quality malts and grains and regrettably there will always be some fine whiskies which are unavailable. Consumption may decline from forecast levels and distillation schedules will likely be amended.

It is too early to tell if either of these will have a significant effect on industry stock levels and prices. Prices on the WhiskyInvestDirect order board weakened in the early stages of the crisis on account of sustained client selling over a brief period but then rallied strongly as investors and trade buyers recognised good purchasing opportunities.

All WhiskyInvestDirect's staff are currently working remotely and continue to offer customer support as usual. Please do bear with us if we are not as quick to respond to your enquiry as we adapt to operating under these extraordinary circumstances.

In value terms it's difficult to differentiate between the available whiskies. We stock some famous brands, and they can trade at a premium over the others. But this is not necessarily a good indicator of ultimate financial returns, and as with stocks and shares it is never obvious which will be the winners.

Again, just as most investors select a variety of stocks and shares, most of our users choose a sensible and conservative variety of whiskies. Consequently grain whisky is produced in higher volumes, and from a small number of very large industrial distilleries. It is widely considered inferior to malt and relatively few people enjoy drinking it unblended as single grain whisky.

Malt is more varied and more characterful - and also more expensive to produce. Large numbers of people enjoy single malt whiskies, which do on occasion become very highly sought after, and can therefore provide a high potential upside to the investor.

Both grain and malt require barrels for maturation, and of course both cost the same to store. So the running cost of owning cheaper grain spirit works out as a higher percentage of your investment. However in considering value you must also consider price, and single grain usually costs materially less than a similarly aged single malt. So in spite of the superiority of single malt over single grain, over the last 10 years, because of its lower buying price, single grain has usually provided a higher overall return.

We have no historic data on the performance by distillery. We will of course track this data as we go forward. It is directly accessible to all - to you, other users, the industry professionals, and WhiskyInvestDirect itself. On it you will see competing bids and offers from anyone ready to trade their whisky. These bids and offers produce, at any time, a highest best bid, and a cheapest best offer, which will usually be very close to each other.

The midpoint between them is considered the current price of a whisky. WhiskyInvestDirect accepts a special responsibility when it comes to its offer prices for new whisky stock. WhiskyInvestDirect is regulated under English Law. Its regulatory status is markedly different from the financial services industry. You are not buying something which under English law is defined, by the Financial Services and Markets Act, as an investment.

You are instead buying a tangible product which - through the construct of bailment - you will own outright as your physical property. This sort of purchase, and the custody of your property, is regulated by a number of laws which are generally more intuitively and widely understood than is financial services regulation.

These statutes apply broadly to non-financial British businesses and have proven effective instruments for fair regulation of the purchase and sale of goods. Your whisky is safe from WhiskyInvestDirect's insolvency - a liquidator cannot claim it as an asset of the business.

With many investments e. If that business were to fail this would entitle you, as a creditor, only to a proportionate share of the gross assets of that business, which would in due course be distributed to you by the liquidator. But through WhiskyInvestDirect your property is held in safekeeping.

This means you make no transfer, and your whisky does not become owned by WhiskyInvestDirect. You are not a creditor, you are the whisky's owner. Consequently the liquidator cannot consider your whisky as the property of the company, and must return it to you in full before any payout to creditors. This is the huge advantage of being an owner of property and not a creditor of a business. You cannot lose your stock through insolvency, only through its physical theft or destruction, and these risks are insured.

Your whisky is stored in HMRC-registered bonded warehouses, managed by the Scotch whisky producers we buy from, all of whom are members of the Scotch Whisky Association. The whisky producers provide a cask list, which lists all the casks and the spirit maturing in each. We publish the cask lists on our web site. Every month we also publish online our register of owners and their holdings.

We hide identities by listing holdings against your public nicknames, not usernames. You can check for yourself that the total on the register matches the total on the cask list. A formal certificate changes the legal status of what you own from a physical asset, to a security evidenced by a certificate which purports to be backed by whisky. Suddenly the law has to consider what would happen if there were more certificates in issue than there was whisky backing them.

Title to WhiskyInvestDirect client whisky derives from the register which modern technology the internet allows us to put in the public domain. You will receive a monthly statement which reflects the register. Also you can view the register whenever you want online. WhiskyInvestDirect is structured for you to own whisky, not a security. Rigorous quality controls are done before the whisky is filled into cask.

Once the whisky is in cask it is rare for it to spoil and any spirit quality issues are almost certainly due to a defective cask which can be isolated before blending or bottling. WhiskyInvestDirect customers are protected from any quality issues by our standard commercial agreement with suppliers.

The whisky you buy is sourced directly from selected leading distillers who have their own high quality standards. We also sample the whiskies we buy to ensure they meet our expectation. There is a possibility that the tax treatment of investing in whisky in bond will attract less tax. There are arguments concerning wasting chattels. We are still awaiting firm clarification from HMRC. Maturing whisky stored 'in bond' is exceptionally rare in being a physical product in which you can invest without paying VAT.

Personal tax issues vary, and WhiskyInvestDirect accepts no responsibility or liability in respect of the information presented in answer to any matters of tax. You should make further investigations yourself, and consult appropriately qualified people if necessary.

WhiskyInvestDirect does not accept users who are under the age of Also, you should be of legal age to purchase alcohol in your jurisdiction. Linking a single bank account with your WhiskyInvestDirect account gives you a very high level of security. In exceptional circumstances, you can link a new bank account to your WhiskyInvestDirect account.

When doing so, we will of course need to go through a strict security process to ensure the safety of your account. When you open your account you choose which of these currencies you wish your account to be denominated in. You may send deposits in other currencies, in which case our bank will convert the funds, at their standard conversion rates, once they reach our client account.

Or you can convert the funds before sending your payment. You can ask your bank to do this for you, but you may be able to obtain a better conversion rate by using third-party currency-conversion specialists. You can sell your whisky at any time. However, you are unlikely to recoup your trading costs if you use WhiskyInvestDirect for very short-term investments.

It is possible to have your whisky bottled and delivered to you but the complications and costs of setting up a bottling run are significant. You should probably think of yourself as an 'in-bond' wholesaler. Under these circumstances you will neither take possession nor sample the whisky. Your whisky will be stored safely along with the whisky belonging to other WhiskyInvestDirect users. It is possible to have your whisky bottled and delivered to you but the costs are not insignificant.

More information on taking delivery is available in our help pages. We do not offer a sampling service. Upgrade Internet Explorer now. Save your cookie preferences We use cookies to remember your site preferences, record your referrer and improve the performance of our site. Please select an option below and 'Save' your preferences. No cookies. Without any cookies our websites can't remember your site preferences currency, referrer, etc. Any cookies already dropped will be deleted at the end of your browsing session.

WhiskyInvestDirect cookies only. We use these cookies to record your site preferences currency, referrer, etc.

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