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He loves philosophy, music, series, cycling, playing Nintendo Switch, cooking, photography, and making lists. But most of all, he loves his daughter. Anna studied linguistics but her career path led her to finance operations. She enjoys being a part of the ever-changing tech world.

Anna is a self-motivated developer who is always eager to know the product in depth. She is driven by new challenges and likes to learn constantly. In her free time, Anna plays classical piano and performs in a rock band on drums. Annabel is a product designer former frontend engineer with a passion for creating beautiful and functional applications. In her free time she enjoys curling up with a good book, inventing cookie recipes, and spending time with her wonderful family. Anne is a passionate UX Researcher and has been serving user needs and solving human centered design problems since She has a background in Psychology and Human Factors.

Moreso she is a certified yoga teacher with over hours of training, which she mainly accumulated while traveling the world for two years. It's fair to say that Anne absolutely loves to travel and learn about people and cultures across all continents. Anne enjoys the outdoors and her favorite element is water. Any activity related to it, be it surfing, scuba diving, swimming or beach walks, bring her tremendous joy. Annette likes to help customers define, find or rejuvenate their channels to their markets, their value propositions and to overcome their business challenges by applying pragmatic strategies and execution to get the success they deserve.

Seeing them go on to achieve high growth and great results is a huge motivator for her. Her style is consultative - she brings a wealth of experience from a vast range of customers — national and international. She likes to brainstorm, overcome challenges and make suggestions to make things change. Working with a customer is about helping them on the journey to the outcome they want, not just about taking a journey. Her advice is born from experience that gets results, not just theories!

Really enjoy facilitating live sessions, round table discussions and standing in front of people in a workshop — for her it is important to be a practitioner, to be hands on and to help. She enjoys a good challenge and thrives on building long-term partner relationships.

In her free time, Annie enjoys the beautiful weather of Capitola Village, spending time with family and friends, swimming daily and doting on her ridiculously spoiled English Bulldog, Lola check out our pets page for her cameo. His hobbies are: music production, sports, new technology and travel. Adrian joined GitLab to work in the People Analytics function, using his background in Statistics and Data Analysis to help the company make data informed People decisions.

Adrian has held various data analytics roles throughout his career, but has really found his passion for using statistical analysis to help improve lives in the field of People Analytics. He has lived most of his life in Texas. When not working he is spending all of his time with his wife, Kathleen, and their 3 children, Noah, Sophie and Lexie. I love hiking trails that are surrounded by beautiful trees and scenery. Some of my favorite foods are artisan burgers and steamed dumplings.

I love to socialize, so selling software is a natural fit for me. Artur has been passionate about web development for a while, he also has been passionate about design. Aric is a support engineering manager with a background in linux system administration. He loves to learn and is always looking to expand his knowledge base. When not working, Aric can be found traveling, exploring the outdoors, cooking, woodworking, or watching football with his wife and son. Arihant is passionate about automating the boring parts of work life and likes to write small and useful ruby scripts.

He loves interacting with people and solving problems. He also enjoys playing with his kid and likes social outings. Adrienne is a storyteller and communications professional who is passionate about telling compelling, relatable stories that inspire others. Her career has been dedicated to building thought leadership on behalf of both U.

At GitLab, she manages Executive Communications on behalf of the e-group. I have always been more interested in what happens backstage that creates and supports what everyone sees up front. Always seeking to understand how things work, I enjoy modifying and repurposing hardware and software in order to create interesting and fully customized products and experiences.

My background as a system implementation and network engineer allow me to do this in a myriad of environments. Outside of work I enjoy exploring the outdoors with my wife, playing music, and learning new things from new people. Software is my craft. During my career I have had the opportunity to work with remarkable people building systems at scale and leading technical teams. Amanda is a mom, a fixer and a helper who loves to learn and to make things easier wherever possible. Arun is interested in low-level details, systems programming and distributed data systems.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing drums, listening to alternative and rock music, and reading Hacker News. Artur is passionate about helping people to resolve technical difficulties. He started his first job as a technical support engineer at Grammarly. There he learned more about different automation tools and realized how technilogies can make everyday tasks much simpler. When Artur has free time, he likes to do a lot of different things such as weight training, reading, watching movies, playing computer games, and travelling.

In his spare time he loves tinkering with electronics and pouring countless hours and dollars into the ultimate open source based home automation system. Ashley is passionate about working with team members and helping them onboard with GitLab and grow with career mobility issues. She is always looking for new ways to iterate on our current templates and improve the process. She enjoys learning more about GitLab, Git, and Ruby.

Aslihan is passionate about customer success and enabling them with right tools and resources to meet their business goals. When not gitlabbing , she loves to distract herself with wave surfing and music. She is curious, loves to know how things work, and loves working on projects that make things easier. Aside from work, she loves to read, go on long walks, and spend time with her family. He has a Bachelor of Information Technology from Otago Polytechnic and has spent the majority of his career as a full stack web developer.

Anton is all about enhancing the cyber world and loves IOT automation in the workplace, at home and beyond. His utmost passion is finding solutions for issues that clients face, and getting them back on track. Outside of work, you will find Anton doing cardio or weights at the gym, playing the latest video games or bringing his trivia brain to a pub quiz with friends. Anton has more than a decade of expertise working in IT field, and is always working to develop new skills.

He lives in New Zealand and in his spare time you can find him kitesurfing on a sunny day or enjoying bush tracks with his wife and a small daughter. I'm lucky enough to be live in the world's most beautiful city with my husband, two kids and a cat with a whole lot of personality. Outside of work, I enjoy hiking and expirementing with vegan cooking. Austin has spent the last several years designing products for large enterprise needs and growing in-house design talent.

He loves to discover creative solutions and teach others how to do the same. You can find him exploring new places, playing sports, or chilling with his wife and Goldendoodle. He has over 11 years of experience as an attorney specializing in commercial and govcon legal matters in both a law firm and in-house setting.

He is an avid world traveler having visited over 54 countries, including a quick trip across the border to North Korea and enjoys competing in auto races with his local PCA club in his spare time. Avielle is a backend engineer who loves clean, well tested code.

She also loves video games, lying in the sun, and her two little house panthers. Axel fell in love with web design from an early age and he is passionate about making good looking sites with a solid logic foundation. In his free time, he enjoys reading, listening to music, and playing adventure videogames. Achilleas has been using GitLab since version 2, back when the default username and password were not documented.

He started actively contributing to GitLab in , in he became a member of the core team, and ultimately joined GitLab in He was introduced to Linux in and since then he tried many distributions until finding Arch Linux which won his heart and has been using it daily since As an open source enthusiast he is contributing to many projects, and is mostly into System Administration.

He likes traveling and attending conferences that promote the free software movement. Customer Assurance is at the heart of the modern enterprise. In my previous roles at Salesforce, Immersive Labs and EY, my goal has always been to ensure Security Assurance drives revenue, growth and increased trust across the value chain.

Love working with Engineering, Sales, Product, Marketing and customers. Outside of that I love reading, walking and enjoying London. With a diverse background as a designer, Blair has led award-winning teams of talented designers in crafting delightful, user centered experiences. Away from work, he enjoys spending time with his family, visiting the mountains, the sand, and participating in the occassional online, competative video game. Bala is a passionate programmer who likes Ruby for its simplicity and can also fiddle with other popular programming languages.

Over the years he has been a product developer, platform engineer and an SRE. Away from work he usually spends time with his daughter and family, follows cricket and likes reading science fiction books on space and the universe. Balu is from Kerala, southern most part of India and is passionate about anything related to Freedom and Privacy. He has been contributing to different Free Software and language computing communities for quite some time, especially in Packaging he is currently a Debian Developer , Software Development, Localization, and Evangelism.

Other than a computer geek, he is mainly a procaffinator and a bibliophile. He enjoys reading and sometimes even writing poetry too. Barbara is a Business Systems Analyst who is passionate about finding solutions to problems and implementing applications that support business processes within GitLab. In her spare time you can find her at the gym lifting heavy Bartek is an experienced IT executive with a passion for growing and developing highly effective software engineering teams in order to build amazing products across a diverse range of languages and frameworks.

Before joining GitLab, Bastian worked several years in consulting, procurement and sales. He puts customer experience above anything else, and is always willing the go the extra mile to make his customers happy. In his free time, he likes to play guitar, explore new places with his Volkswagen T2 and spend time with family and friends.

Dominic is a software developer with a preference for simplicity. Away from keyboard, he enjoys sports, hiking and traveling to remote places. Bryan loves open source because an open world is one where everyone can contribute. He's especially interested in helping fellow writers understand how distributed version control systems can enhance their creative work.

Here at GitLab he ties those two things together to generate key insights for the Customer Success Operations team. In his free time he enjoys playing and watching sports such as soccer, baseball, and golf as well as taking hikes and finding any excuse to spend time outside. Brazilian Software Engineer with a keen interest in algorithms and machine learning.

When not at work, I enjoy spending time with friends, playing guitar and travelling. Fast forward a few years and career categories , and she was ever so lucky to land in UX, at the intersection of Psychology and Design. When she's not designing you can find her doing other art and craft-related activities, watching tons of movies, hiking with her dog, watching live music, traveling, practicing mindfulness, and doing yoga.

Bel is passionate about all things technology and enjoys the challenge of learning something new. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, cooking, travelling and the outdoors. Ben was previously a Unix Infrastructure Engineer at an insurer, university, and a bank before joining GitLab to provide support for customers' installations.

Outside work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, getting tasty things to grow in the garden, cycling, reading, and photography. Ben's been in front of a computer keyboard since his childhood, when it had a cassette recorder built into it, and is still learning with Linux, and an installation of GitLab, at home. Ben has several years of experience working in the Australian tech industry, and is always trying to develop new skills.

Outside of work, you can find him playing board games and video games or out on a bush walk in his local area. Betti is passionate about connecting with people and innovation. She is coming from a Big Data Company where she was making magic as a recruiting and engineering operations coordinator. All her free time is devoted to her dog, traveling, running, gastronomy, fashion and socializing.

Bernard is passionate about helping customers embrace the most exciting of technologies. He has spent most of his career helping enterprises adopt cloud technologies and modern best practices. In his spare time, he enjoys making music, golf, and cooking. She has a background in journalism, and is passionate about storytelling and connecting people. Betsy loves to paint, garden, visit the beach, and spend time outdoors with her husband and their Golden Retriever.

Prior to joining in the capacity of People Operations Team Lead, Beverley spent the bulk of her career in both operations management and international recruitment. After hours she enjoys hiking, reading and rustling up a feast for her family. Brian is a longtime open source contributor who lives GitLab's mission that "everyone can contribute.

As a former frontend web developer, Brian endured the early years before git and agile, then happily joined those revolutions while consulting for clients in science, technology, government, media, and marketing. Brandon has a wealth of experience throughout all stages of the sales process and enjoys the challenge and satisfaction of helping to identify and solve his customers most urgent business needs. Brandon is married and has two beautiful little girls, Lily and Lucy.

He spends the majority of his free time boating, camping and playing guitar. Bishwa is a passionate software engineer who likes to decompose complex problems into simple iterables. When not punching keyboard, Bishwa likes going out for gastronomy night, or hosting it. Additionally, he likes lifting weights and putting it down, as a pastime. In his spare time, Bill helps his wife, a Certified Master Gardener, with her various projects and also enjoys playing with their golden retriever and three cockatiels.

Bill is a lifelong resident of Washington state who strives to help people out, however he can. In his spare time he enjoys making music, going to shows, reading comics and watching horror movies. Blake is a self-taught software engineer based out of the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

He spends his free time writing music, going to concerts, watching films, and cooking at home. Having been born in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest but raised on the beaches of Central Florida, Blake has developed an affinity for the outdoors and capturing memories through photography.

As a small photography business owner himself, Blake knows the importance of having the right software at the right time in order to succeed, which is why he joined GitLab in Bruno is a Business professional that was raised between Brazil and Argentina. Besides of his passion for music, he loves to travel, to live new experiences with new people and to learn languages. Bojan is an agnostic software engineer passionate about technology, who never gets tired of learning and accepting new challenges.

He lives his life traveling from place to place, exploring the world and its hidden gems. If he stays in one place for too long, he feels restless. Routine is a big no for Bojan; to avoid it, he creates his own problems, and then solves them as a true engineer. Bryan is passionate about all things Open Source. This include helping his customers achieve success through Open Source and, best of all, through using GitLab.

Brenda is a software engineer with Telecommunications engineering background and interest. She enjoys working with hardware occasionally and teaching any tech jargon she's good at. Bob has a keen eye for the good stuff. He's always on the lookout for software that looks nice and gets out of the way. Since he has been developing web apps and backends in Ruby on Rails that match his own expectations. Preferably on a mech keyboard that sounds as beautiful as it looks.

He listens only to the best of books and reads the greatest music or vice versa while roaming between Belgium and Poland. Firm believer in the standing desk, having a beard and learning by living. Bo is a jack of all trades with skills ranging from sketch artist, musician, and martial artist to network engineering and most trades in construction.

Bo thinks it is important to know he is not a master at most of his skills, but loves learning them. When he is not learning new things, Bo loves to be away from technology and populace to join nature in the wondrous outdoors where he loves to do as much of nothing as possible. Preferably, with family whom he considers top priority. Boughty has been working to enable innovation and digital transformation for 20 years primarily through the channel and loves finding ways to help channel partners exceeed customer expectations while building profitable businesses.

Engaging with people about almost anything is a happy place for Boughty and he is always looking for new places, cultures, and flavors to explore with his family. Beth supports conversion and retention efforts in the Marketing Operations organization. She lives in Durham, North Carolina and loves relaxing with her pets, traveling, and baking bread.

Brad Downey began his career in as a Network Engineer, building and maintaining customer networks. Brad has a passion for technology and sharing it with others. Outside of work, Brad enjoys spending time with his beautiful family -- A caring wife named Ana, a rambunctious boy named Luka, a bouncing baby girl named Luna, and a goofy looking French Bulldog named Rio. Bradley has spent his entire career spanning multiple roles in the software industry, with a focus on SCCM and automation solutions.

Born and raised in Hawaii, Bradley likes to spend his free time exploring new landscapes with his family and two German Shepherds. Brad has a passion for facilitating genuine human connection and meaningful innovation through technology. When not studying for his cloud computing bachelor's degree, Brad enjoys spending time with his family, reading, listening to music, and exercising outside. In Brady's spare time, he enjoys playing hockey, traveling, hiking, and finding the best food spots.

Brandon is a frontend engineer with experience working across the full tech stack. He lives in Cape Town, South Africa and when not sitting infront of his MacBook, he can generally be found in the city's beautiful mountains, either on his bicycle or in his running shoes. He believes in the vision that everyone can contribute and is excited to be part of GitLab's amazing, global team of creative people. Brendan has a passion for software development and iterating on processes just as quickly as we iterate on code.

He is a zealous advocate for the user experience. Brendan can still remember what his first computer - a Tandy - felt like to use and break Brendan has worked with a wide range of customers - from the nation's top healthcare institutions to environmental services companies to the Department of Defense. The only thing more eclectic is probably his taste in music. Outside of work, you'll find Brendan with 1 to 4 kids hanging off of him at any given time or occasionally finding a moment alone to build something in his workshop.

He's always working on something, so you can usually find him in front of the keyboard. Experienced Technical Account Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Brian spent five years teaching middle school art before pursuing a career in tech and still draws on lessons learned from that experience to this very day.

Prior to GitLab, he was Head of Product at an early-stage startup acquired and then spent several years as a consultant to a diverse portfolio of product and innovation teams around the world. Brian enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife, three kids, and golden doodle.

You'll find him fly fishing mountain rivers in Colorado, yearning for the day the Texas Rangers are good again, as well as playing and designing board games. He moved to San Diego in and in his free time he enjoys riding motorcycles, planning trips around the world, and cooking. Brian joined GitLab with a cybersecurity, virtualization and networking background supporting the Public Sector team.

Brian was a prior service member serving in the United States Navy and is excited to contribute his knowledge and experience with the GitLab team. When Brian is not spending time with his two kids and wife he enjoys playing video games, traveling, being a car enthusiast, Photography, renovating his house, and pretty much any outdoor activity. He is passionate about open-source technology and strives to enable businesses to make smart technology choices.

Briana is passionate about all things data, especially when it enables teams to make better decisions. Her background includes a foundation in accounting standards and the auditing of international public companies, as well as experience building and shaping the financial analysis for enterprise SaaS start ups. Outside of work, she loves spending time in nature, reading a book, or going for a run with her boyfriend. Brian has made a career out of delighting customers at every opportunity.

Some would even call him fanatical about customer success. He has had his head in the Clouds for more than a decade advising customers on everything from scaling OpenStack infrastructure best practices to adopting Cloud Native technologies such as Kubernetes. Challengers accepted. Coming from a mathematics background, Brittany combined her love for human interaction with her thirst for knowledge and began working in human resources. She enjoys learning as much as possible about employee relations, compensation, and benefits.

Originally from Northern California as a giant Giants fan, she stays active in the great outdoors with her husband, daughter, and their playful pups, Golden Retriever, Cowboy Jake, and St. Bernard, Lucy Lulu. Results-driven senior executive with over 20 years experience building, leading and advising multi-billion dollar technology companies through complex restructurings, hyper growth and capital markets transactions.

Multiple successful exits. Excellent leader with a track record of documented contributions leading to improved financial performance, heightened productivity and shareholder value creation. Strengths include leadership, creativity, adaptability, teamwork and communication. Brock has been passionate about filmmaking ever since trying to emulate skateboarding highlight reels on a mini-dv camera. Brock's experience ranges from Film to Television to Digital Media.

He believes that life is better when you try to learn something new every day. Brock currently lives in Toronto, Canada. Bronwyn joins GitLab with 15 years of experience as a paralegal probate, tax, personal injury, insurance defense, patent infringement, commercial business litigation, white collar defense, you name it!

A naturally curious and analytic individual with motivation to solve for "x," she looks forward to the iterations, growth opportunities and challenges for GitLab as data privacy laws evolve around the world.

Even outside of work, you will still find her reading about privacy enhancing technologies and staying on top of what is happening in block chain and smart contracts. Bronwyn is a woodworker and loves crafting in general to unplug and calm the mind.

She currently lives in Greenville SC with her husband, 3 cats, and 1 dog. Hi I am Bruno. Previously I worked as Linux Systems Administrator for 6 years in the telecommunications industry. I also have a software development background. Bryan spent his career in software development, systems engineering, and technical product management and has seen- and now advocates for- the benefits of investing in devops automation. Outside of work, he spends most of his spare time with his family and pets harper and pebbles.

Briley is an engineer from Alabama. She works at GitLab on the Verify team. Outside of work she can be found taking her dogs to the park, skiing, hiking, or playing music with her friends. Brian started his career as Cyber Security professional and spent 5 years doing Application Security before becoming a Software Engineer. Brian is deaf, but grew up without sign language and prefers to communicate using spoken English.

In his free time he enjoys yoga, learning American Sign Language, gaming, and spending time with friends and family. Byron specializes in security compliance work with degrees in Management Information Systems and International Business.

When he's not working, he enjoys running, golf, tennis, soccer and any other outdoor activity he can find along with spending time with his partner and their dog, Lucy. Caitlin has a passion for solving complicated problems with the simplest possible solutions. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, reading, spending time with her family, and building Legos. Caleb is a Support Engineer in the Americas team.

Caleb enjoys solving hard problems and seeing others succeed. For the last several years, he has been spending his free time writing a game in BASH. Caleb is passionate about technology, problem solving, and helping others. Before joining GitLab in , he provided technical support in a number of roles within the Web Hosting industry. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time outdoors or being with friends.

Born and raised in Germany, Christopher has 2 years of sales experience and business development. Prior to joining GitLab, Christopher acquired most of his experience working for a global language learning provider, where he dedicated his time to expanding and improving the business. His studies in Industrial Engineering and Management helped him understand business aspects across multiple departments. In his exchange semester which sent him abroad to Finland he found himself digging deeper into Sales.

Outside of work, you can find Christopher working on his photography skills profile picture excluded , programming still a work in progress , expanding his music library or hanging out with friends and family. Cameron works cross-functionally to help empower strategic decision making on the Corporate Finance team. Prior to joining GitLab, Cameron spent his career in the valuation consulting world. Cameron is a baseball fanatic with a love for homemade pizza, hiking, and spending time with his wife and daughter.

Camellia is a design generalist: She is curious about human behaviours and the human mind. She creates stuff when it is necessary; when she creates them, they must be easy to use; after all, she makes them beautiful ;. Cameron loves solving problems.

He enjoys RPGs, board games, computer games, Hurricanes hockey, and spending time with his family. She likes human contact and is always happy when she can feel she is helping customers. In her free time, she likes to spend time with her beloved ones, go for horse riding and travel as much as she can. Carlos has over a decade of experience partnering with customers as an extension to their team.

He enjoys helping his customers maximize their investments and achieve their goals. Outside of work, Carlos enjoys playing sand volleyball, watching movies at the Alamo Drafthouse, and traveling. Carolyn loves to understand how people dynamics can help solve problems within a business. She is passionate about organizational design, leadership development and team effectiveness. She is also interested in learning more about scaling culture in an all remote environment.

In her free time, she loves to spend time with her family and practice yoga. Cassiana is passionate about working on the People team because it perfectly aligns with her love of helping all team members feel heard, understood, and supported.

Cassiana loves seeking out new vegetarian food adventures, listening to comedy podcasts, re-watching all the rom-coms, pet rescue videos, and traveling the world. She also believes that laughter is healing. Catalin is passionate about highly complex challenges, helping people and about almost everything related to technology. He is originally from Romania, now living in the UK, and in his free time he can be usually found in front of his PC, participating in some security competitions CTFs , automating anything that is repeated more than once, playing some games, or when time and weather allows, outside flying drones and traveling.

With over 20 years of experience negotiating contracts in the technology market, she is a seasoned professional with a multitude of skills to draw from. Cathy was with Cisco Systems, Inc. Cathy especially enjoys cross functional collaboration; working with the finance, security, procurement and revenue teams in order to mitigate risks to GitLab, customers, partners, resellers and employees. She is very excited to be on the GitLab journey with you and to ensure success for GitLab and the ecosystem it creates.

Carolyn is a data analyst and manager on the Product Analysis team. She is passionate about leveraging data and visualizations to tell a story, crafting creative solutions to complex problems, and collaborating across teams. In her spare time, you can find her hiking, exploring the National Park system, eating dumplings among other delicious food , or enjoying a cocktail with friends.

Chris was a developer and test automator for 20 years before switching to the job he loves best: teaching people how to use software. He enjoys the rain and forests of the Pacific Northwest with his wife, 2 kids, and 2 step-kids. Some day he'll make it beyond the beginner stage of guitar but probably no time soon.

I've been selling software to software developers for 20 years. I love mountain biking, skiing and Boston sports. Coming most recently from Acronis Cyber Protection, where he was a Sales Enablement Manager, Cristian is looking forward to helping support the Sales team and having a positive impact on our Gitlab community. He lives in Bucharest, Romania, and in his spare time he likes swimming, reading, taking long walks, cooking and meeting with friends.

Cesar joins GitLab with a background in operations, development, consulting, technical pre-sales, competitive sales, and technical product marketing. Cesar loves to travel and play and watch good quality soccer. Colleen is originally from the Bay Area in California but has been living in Austin, Texas since She has spent her career supporting and building out Channel Operations and Programs for hardware and software companies since She has a strong passion for what she does and is excited to be apart of the growing Channel business at GitLab.

In her free time she loves to play golf and during football season NFL you can find her at every San Francisco 49er game cheering on her team. Born and raised in Southern California, Chris is an experienced developer, technical account manager and consultant with an education in Computer Engineering and Communication Management. In his formative years, Chris built his experience as a web developer within higher education using numerous open source content management systems such as Drupal, Wordpress, OpenJournal, Expression Engine, and Movable Type.

After discovering a passion for Drupal, he transitioned to technical consultancy focused on buiilding complex web applications at scale, helping small business, large enterprise, government and education customers plan, develop, launch and maintain secure, performant and reliable websites. Prior to joining GitLab, Chris provided leadership to a technical account management team focused on supporting customers in cyber security and vulnerability management.

In his free time outside of work, he enjoys live music, pro sports Lakers, Dodgers , gaming and spending time with his wife, two kids and dog Code. He has contributed to and created several open source projects. Chad joined GitLab because their values are closely aligned with his own, and he believes in an all-remote culture.

He is a happy user of the GitLab product for his own personal projects. A note on areas of "expertise" listed: "I'll never really consider myself an 'expert' in anything, but that's the nature of imposter syndrome and moving right on the Dunning-Kruger curve. I do know a few things about the topics of expertise I've listed, though as well as many more , and at a minimum I can find someone else to ask ; ". I live in Winchester UK with my wife and two young children. In my spare time I enjoy good food, sports and spending time with my family.

He has held channel, alliances and marketing leadership positions at technology companies including Cisco Systems, LogRhythm, CareerBuilder and Gigamon. He's helped develop business with partners of all types through partner enablement, automation, programs and marketing.

In his spare time, you'll find him on a bike, skis or a hiking trail, ideally with his family and friends. I have been a services enthusiast throughout my career, and I am looking forward to helping GitLab Partners develop and operate thriving services businesses. A self-described builder and breaker of things that enjoys being outdoors, Charl likes help making the internet a little safer while trying to ensure that our customer has a good experience.

Charlie's time is split between writing excellent software, spending time with family, growing things, and making things out of wood. Chase is an engineering leader who might be described as a biologist seduced by computers. He is passionate about contributing to open source and mentoring others.

He found Ruby and the Kentucky Ruby community around and the rest is history as they say. When not working, Chase is often out and about with his wife and teenage daughter, lifting heavy things, playing a stringed instrument, or trying to build something whimsical.

Cameron is passionate about leveraging finance to enable data-driven decision making, primarily working alongside the Sales and Strategy teams. Outside of GitLab, he enjoys taking full advantage of living in Pacific Northwest, spending time in the mountains where he is usually hiking or skiing. Chenje has a strong passion for sharing knowledge and is always working towards improving ease of access to this knowledge for all. In his spare time, Chenje enjoys watching a good game of rugby, travelling as well as action sports and wildlife photography.

Cheri is an Executive Admin who believes in going beyond the call of duty. She's always looking for opportunities to collaborate, finding ways to streamline a process, and enjoys new challenges. She prides herself in being a scheduling wizard, event guru and MacGyver of all things Admin! Based in the East Bay, CA. In her spare time she enjoys spontaneous trips to Disneyland with her family, baking, reading, and unlimited amounts of coffee. Cheryl is interested in all things related to performance and scaling challenges, DevOps, and agile development.

Outside of work, she enjoys playing ultimate frisbee and trying out different types of coffee. I, financial services, and the defense sector. Outside of working with interesting technology companies he enjoys listening to unique podcasts, watching interesting documentaries, and keeping up with his nieces and nephews whose pop culture references make him feel really old. Chloe has dedicated her career to providing a fantastic customer experience and is excited to help GitLab grow.

Outside of work, she takes a lot of pictures of her cats and watches a lot of television. She attended her first Star Trek convention when she was one-year-old, and it has been a slippery slope ever since. Chloe is passionate about being a quality advocate. She loves building things from scratch, optimizing and simplifying solutions in process. In her spare time, she enjoys playing piano and guitar, and hiking with her dog. Chris has spent most of his career working with the federal government, working on a wide range of problems.

Outside of work, he is usually overseeing some kind of insane trouble, his 3 boys have gotten themselves into. Chris is a technology enthusiast from Cape Town South Africa. He has a bachelors degree from the University of South Africa, and spent most of his career as a Linux Systems Engineer for a web hosting company. There he developed a passion for diagnostics and troubleshooting and a deep love and respect for Linux and all things open-source.

He lives with his wife, their 6 cats and a family of tortoises. When he's not tinkering on one of his many computers, he's playing rock music on his Fender guitar or playing games online. Chris has close to 10 years in the technical recruiting world.

He is dedicated to expanding inclusion in tech and has volunteered his time to local professional development organizations. Outside of GitLab, he is an 8x Pub Trivia Champion; 1x failed comedy writer; and an aspiring basketball rec league benchwarmer. Chris is a hacker with over twenty years of professional experience in information technology.

He enjoys breaking the things he loves, like Linux distributions and open-source software, in an effort to make them stronger. In his free time, you can find Chris spending time with kids, watching Clemson Football, partaking in a few Fantasy Football Leagues, as well as enjoying Charleston's festivals, craft beer scene, and outsanding restraurant selections with family and friends.

Chris is an experienced data wrangler and enjoys the great outdoors. He has a season ticket for Edinburgh Rugby, plays the touch version of the game when he can and loves cycling. Christen lives and breathes design with a passion for product management.

She has a background in user experience at Apple and several years as a full stack engineer. She's Canadian, an early adopter, a biohacker and an interior design enthusiast. A prior developer and DevOps engineer, Christiaan is passionate about helping customers achieve success and maximum value with GitLab. Based near Paris, France, Christian has been developing Git since He is passionate about open source projects, especially development tools.

After graduating with a psychology degree in the late 90s, Christie quickly realized her passion was technology. That was before "UX" was really a thing, so she went back to school to get a Software Engineering degree. When she's not working or taking care of her two little kids, she likes to read sci-fi and perform vocals and piano with local jazz bands. Christina is passionate about innovation in teaching and learning and bridging the gap between industry and higher education. Christina spent a decade as a professor teaching geospatial technology Ph.

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters, who keep the family busy with their sports. They enjoy cooking together and outdoor adventures of all kinds. Christina joined Gitlab in March with a profound background in digital marketing, data analytics and business development. She is enjoying the sun along with her family in Athens, Greece. I have been working in marketing and communications in the technology sector for over 12 years in both agency and corporate environments.

I have a passion for helping companies share their story through external communications, media relations, blog content and more. Christine is a problem solver who enjoys collaborating with cross-functional teams to achieve results, and she is excited to do this at GitLab as part of the Chief of Staff to the CEO team. Prior to joining GitLab, she led the Business Consulting and Analytics team at Bloomreach, and before that she was a strategy consultant in Accenture's technology industry group.

She has a B. Outside of work, she enjoys cooking, listening to podcasts, hiking, traveling, gardening, and trying to find more space for her house plants. Prior to joining GitLab, Christopher was a pre-sales engineer and part-time developer. He has an interest in systems administration, cyber security, software development and picking up new skills, learning new technologies in the vast field of IT.

In his free time, he enjoys trying out new experiences, nature walks and the ocean. Chris is a software professional currently residing in San Francisco, CA. Chris loves to help and socialize with others and has a passion for learning new technologies. When he is not working, he is often found traveling with his girlfriend, working out or BBQing. He enjoys building teams and building scalable systems.

When not at work you will find him with his family outdoors, working on a real estate project or writing books. Christoph has many years experience across IT jobs. He has spent the last 20 years in various roles at Merant, Serena and MicroFocus before joining Gitlab. Enjoys going to mountain biking and spending time with family and friends. Christos is a person that likes challenges and solving complex problems. He has been involved with Open Source Communities since , he loves basketball, is an aviation geek, and spends a lot of time outdoors.

He loves to help people contribute to Open Source while improving their skills and being part of a global, diverse, and inclusive community. Cindy loves to garden, kayak, explore the outdoors, and travel. A serial rehabber, she enjoys fixing up old homes, her '65 vintage camper, architecture, history, and all kinds of crafts. She loves to use relatable, every day experiences to explain complex security topics and DevOps principles.

Cindy is a software developer who is passionate about open source. She previously worked as an upstream contributor and has taught robotics to elementary and high school students. She enjoys programming in python and lurking on IRC. On her spare time, she enjoys photography, traveling, indoor gardening, and walking her dog.

Prior to Gitlab, he worked in the Fintech sector, aligning infrastructure architecture plans and processes with security standards and business goals. He has a keen eye for quality and endeavors to eliminate pain points through automation. He enjoys swimming, hiking, and family time.

Claudia is excited to join GitLab and brings along with her over 20 years of customer facing experiences from leading technology companies including HP, Symantec and Singapore GovTech. She was drawn to GitLab's strategies, values and mission, and she is passionate about open-source and software development life cycle.

She strongly believes that companies that have clear strategies to deliver world class software and applications, with agility, scale and flexibility will have a competitive edge. Clayton comes from an Electrical Engineering background and has written documentation spanning semiconductor manufacturing to open-source software. Clayton loves the open-source world and spends way too much of his spare time installing yet another Linux distro on his personal computer.

When he's not documenting all the things, Clayton is probably traveling in Europe and Africa or playing computer games with his kids. Cleveland is passionate about technology and helping customers. In his free time, he is spending time with family, making music, gaming, and enjoy good eats in the Austin metro. Changzheng has years of experience in software engineering and has worked on different areas including embedded system, virtualization, networking, web application and blockchain before joining Gitlab.

In his spare time, he loves playing soccer, and skiing with his family. But what they find when the publicity dies down is that they still need help running the business. A BBC spokesman responded to the Sunday Mirror in saying: "After the initial agreement is made on camera, both parties enter a period of due diligence.

Sometimes during this period the deals fall through. The BBC plays no role in the deal after recording, and we accept that it is typical for some angel investments to fall down at the due diligence stage. The differences between the agreement televised and the deals proposed after filming have caused controversy regarding how entrepreneurs are treated on the show.

In , the show faced calls to be cancelled following allegations that many entrepreneurs were being misled to believe their pledge of investment was based on returns from equity when in fact the deals were little different from personal loans. Founder of The Black Farmer food range Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones , although never appearing in the den himself, has heavily criticised the show, telling The Independent "How many deals in the Den have succeeded in the long run?

Not many. And a lot of the deals the Dragons make will be based on loans or are equity-based, which is the worst kind of finance you can get for a start-up, there are hundreds of people out there you can get advice from - do not go to a Dragon. I know what it's like to build a successful business: hard graft gets you there, not appearing on a TV show. People would be much better off speaking to their bank manager.

Like everyone, I thought the show was quite novel when it first came out, but Dragons' Den is a programme that has had its time. Wright was initially told to meet with series 5 entrepreneurs ElectroExpo, whom Caan and Bannatyne had also invested in together, instead of meeting with the dragons themselves. She stated she continued with the process so as not to alarm her existing investors.

She was featured in the spin-off series Dragon Den: On Tour where she signed the contract beside Bannatyne, however she later alleged they threatened to withdraw the offer if the contract was not signed and did not have time to get legal representation to review it. It was also said that at least one of the dragons would become a director, which her solicitor deemed controversial as the equity stake given was generally low.

Occasionally the investment opportunity isn't as it appears on the show. I wish Sharon all the best. Former dragon Simon Woodroffe left the show after participating in the first series citing his distaste for how he felt the entrepreneurs were treated on the show, quoting 'The show became a battle of egos - not a forum for business innovation,' whilst also adding 'The thing to remember was that when you walk up the stairs to pitch, it's not five people necessarily thinking, how am I going to be able to make an investment here?

They're also thinking, am I going to be the star of this next little piece? That's not how I was told the show would go down. Richard Farleigh's departure from the series was met with controversy following the announcement that British-Pakistani businessman James Caan would be his replacement, leading to suggestions that the BBC had not invited him back in favour of having a new dragon from an ethnic minority.

Farleigh announced his disappointment at being dropped from the series stating, "It would be disappointing if that was the reason - rather than anything fundamental - if it was because I was the wrong colour. I don't know why this has happened and I am very disappointed and bemused - I wasn't expecting it because all the feedback I got was very positive. I had even moved back to the UK to focus on commitments for the show.

I am gutted that I have not been invited back. We do not discuss the reasons for the decision but it is all very amicable. In , Duncan Bannatyne claimed Pakistani-born Caan had an 'unfair' business advantage due to his non-domiciled tax status. He complained that, because Caan does not pay UK tax on his overseas earnings, he has more money to invest in his UK ventures.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. British reality television series. This marked the second instance in the show's history that a dragon had not made an investment since Doug Richard in While the company was dissolved in May , the website remains active as of Peter Jones and Doug Richard preferred a licensing model rather than manufacture. One month after the airing of the show the company instead took out a bank loan. Galton has since dissolved the company and now works as a designer at Aurum Group Limited; owners of Goldsmiths the jewellers.

However Elnaugh later withdrew and the deal was never fully finalised. The company remains active. Lees stated that he was advised to accept a bank loan instead. As of Eggxactly is active but is still yet to produce the product. The company was dissolved in Shortly before the dissolution, Igloo were reported to have illegally deducted wages of employees and ordered to repay with penalties induced.

The company was listed as dissolved in Tiger Mobiles have reported the company is now dissolved. The Company was dissolved by The company entered voluntary liquidation in , however continues to trade in Ireland as of The company merged with fellow online food order and delivery service Just Eat in James Caan no longer holds equity as of , retiring as company director the same year. James Caan no longer holds equity in as of , retiring as company director the same year.

Bannatyne retains his share of the business as of They released their last material in and dissolved in Peter Jones held no equity from and retired his role as director the same year. Ming Yun stated he was more in need of help with marketing that Peter Jones was unwilling to give. Deborah Meaden was still listed as a shareholder at the time of dissolution. Companies House listed it as dissolved in The company is listed as active but there is no evidence to suggest it has made it to market since.

The website states the pitch was successful, however there is no record of Russell sharing any further input from Meaden. Tiger Mobiles have suggested Kay Russell rejected the offer after filming. The company was however listed as dissolved in , though they continue to trade through their website.

Jones has since hinted that he was however dissatisfied with the return he made on the investment. The company remains active, however there is no record of Meaden or Paphitis ever being listed as shareholders or directors. Layla Bennett stated that she repaid the investment within two and a half years after using the money only to buy vehicles and hire an accountant.

There is no record of Peter Jones or Theo Paphitis being listed as directors or shareholders. The company was however dissolved as of with Peter Hart launching his own business investment website. The company continues to trade. From the dragons' perspective: they decided not to go through with investment after discovering a secret shareholder during due diligence. Renamed again to Savage Digital Limited, the company remains active on Companies House but appears to be dormant in trade.

The company was dissolved by The company has continued to trade successfully. The company continued to trade until The company was sold to a private investor in The company has since been rebranded twice as Kino-mo and then as HyperByn, remaining active on companies house. The deal was subject to review after 12 months, only progressing if successful. The company no longer trades the device pitched in the den and has since been redeveloped into a consultancy business.

Amer Hasan stated that giving away such a high percentage caused conflict with his other investors. Carrie Bate cited she was already in talks with EasyJet and Virgin Trains and subsequently felt the company did not need the investment. Jo Kerly resigned as director in and the company was dissolved by This remains the highest ever valuation in the history of the show. They stated that whilst they enjoyed their time in the den, within the 8 month wait to appear on the show from the time of applying the business had grown to a point that they felt they didn't need investment.

The company was sold in The company fell into financial difficulty and merged with Conscious Chocolate in Tiger Mobiles suggested neither party was comfortable with the amount of equity given away at the end of pitch and presumed this to be the main factor. The company dissolved in The company does not appear to have commented on the investment since and there is no record of Jenkins being listed as a shareholder or a director.

Tiger Mobiles have suggested Harris and Schofield failed to clarify whether Meaden was investing in another brand mentioned, named Purple Line, or just the Opus brand. The company continues to say the investment was successful, however there is no record of Meaden being listed as a shareholder or a director. Peter Jones tweeted that some issues arose during due diligence which led to him withdrawing. Rob Manley has since stated he was able to raise funds himself.

Agostino and Luca are now the only remaining shareholders. It was cited that the product was already doing well prior to their appearance and was possibly capable of raising funds without the dragons. Deborah sold her shares in February, while Tej held his until June. Sophia Ferguson indicated that Suleyman withdrew his offer following filming. Smillie and McCreath have since stated they would still consider Jones as an investor should negotiations re-open.

Deborah Meaden withdrew from the deal 4 months before the episode's broadcast. The company announced its closure in July citing the coronavirus pandemic as having severely affected the business. There is no record of Deborah Meaden being listed as a director or shareholder. The company was dissolved in , though Laurence Beeke appears to have rebranded the company as TubFix and continues to trade.

It is believed the dragons had concerns over gambling addictions which led to the investment being withdrawn. James Cadbury stated he was unable to come to terms with Tej Lalvani after several meetings. The company remains active in Holland. Sian Ellingworth stated she had various meetings with the dragons before they decided to withdraw their offer without apparent reason. Tom Keen started following filming that he had opted to look for crowdfunding instead.

The company promotes the pitch as successful, however there is no indication of Theo Paphitis being listed as a shareholder or a director. Daniel Gray stated that he would progress the business further before accepting financial investment. Deborah Meaden nor Theo Paphitis have been listed as shareholders or directors. They since stated they raised more money from alternative sources after filming.

Ross Lamond stated following further discussions with Touker Suleyman he decided to continue without his investment, citing differences in visions for the ecological aspects of the business. The company has stated their pitch was successful, however there is no record of Tej Lalvani being listed as a director or shareholder.

Hogan has stated negotiations were still ongoing at the time of the episode's broadcast, however has not since confirmed whether Suleyman is involved with the company. The company has indicated Sara Davies invested in the company, however there is no record of her being listed as a shareholder or director. Cunha has stated her pitch was successful, however there is no record of Lalvani being listed as a shareholder or director. The company stated in August that the deal was still not signed and were open to offers from other investors.

They however announced that they declined investment following filming. The company merged with global technology leader Corob in The company was dissolved in , however the website remains active. The company entered voluntary liquidation in Dragons Den Series Reality television. Banff Rockie Award.

Royal Television Society. Does not appear. Peter Jones. Guest [8] [9]. James Caan. Hilary Devey. Steven Bartlett. Dissolved September [14] [15]. Dissolved circa [16]. Dissolved [17] [18] [note 1]. Deal Failed [note 2]. Active January [19] [20]. Deal Failed [note 3]. Active April [21] [22].

Deal Failed [note 4]. Dissolved December [23] [24]. Deal Failed [note 5]. Active April [25] [26]. Wonderland high-end fashion and culture magazine. Active April [27]. Deal Signed [note 1]. Sold [28] [29] [30]. Dissolved August [31] [32].

Dissolved February [33] [34]. The Generating Company. Deal Signed [note 4]. Dissolved March [35]. Active [36] [37]. Deal Failed [note 1]. Active [38] [39]. Dissolved [23] [40]. Dissolved March [41]. Active [42]. Active April [43] [44]. Sold [45] [46]. Deal Unfulfilled [note 5].

Dissolved January [23] [47]. Deal Failed [note 6]. Sold [23] [48]. Active [49] [50]. Dissolved February [51] [52]. Active [53]. Dissolved April [54]. Razzamataz Theatre Schools. Deal Signed [note 3]. Active April [55]. Dissolved September [56]. Dissolved [23] [57].

Active [23]. Dissolved [58]. All five Dragons [note 7]. Deal Failed [note 8]. Dissolved April [59] [60]. Dissolved [61] [62]. Deal Signed [note 2]. Active [23] [63]. Dissolved [64]. Dissolved [65]. Active [66]. Active [23] [67]. Active [23] [68]. Active [69] [70]. Deal Failed [note 7]. Sold [23] [71]. Active [72]. Deal Signed [note 8]. Dissolved [23] [73]. Deal Signed [note 9]. Active [74].

Deal Signed [note 10]. Dissolved [75] [76]. Deal Signed [note 11]. Active [77]. Deal Failed [note 12]. Dissolved [23] [78]. Dissolved [79] [80]. Dissolved [81]. Dissolved August [82] [23]. Dissolved [83] [84]. Active [85] [86].

Deal Signed [note 5]. Dissolved August [87].

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Both apps offer legacy mode and multi-authentication in the of the. This can be fixed by editing it highlights a. Following your instructions errors because process. Today I had a chat withand Sharepoint File Monitors have.

Read more. Indexing Basics. The data below are from the funds' websites whenever Advocates of active management admit that only a minority of mutual funds will outperform their benchmarks, but they Last year was one of stark contrasts: huge Are Active Funds Adding Value? Just how well are mutual fund investors faring in Canada?

Can the Pros Time the Market? Couch Potato Portfolio Returns for The numbers are in and no one is shooting the messenger this year. If was disappointment—returns were negative Financial Planning. Q: My wife and I have been using the Couch Potato strategy for a few years now, but The returns of John Lawrence Reynolds' newest book, The Skeptical Investor, argues that Canadians were badly served by their advisors during Behavioural Finance.

Some of the older options included small-cap Podcast Dr. Stephen Wendel, Head of Steve Wendel on Investor Success. Another one that I'm seeing is the shift among investors away from fear because earlier in this calendar year, it was pretty ugly out there. But I'm seeing a shift away from fear to investors saying, where should I be adding?

I've gotten over the fear of the stock market falling, I want to be a net buyer of stocks, which is great, we encourage that at The Motley Fool. When you think about the possibility of this generational shift, how should individual investors process that? By that I mean, should individual investors change the way that they are approaching stocks or even which category of stocks they might be interested in buying.

John Rotonti: I don't know if they changed the way that they approach investing, but maybe just add a little bit more diversity and balance to their portfolio. Then if they are in the type of investor that is more risk-averse, possibly build up a little bit of a cash position even in an inflationary environment like we're in right now with inflation of 7. Cash can act as a pretty low-cost hedge, low-cost relative to options and other ways to hedge the market.

Cash is still a relatively low-cost hedge. If you're the type of investor that wants to have a little bit extra cushion because the cash can act as a cushion on the way down, and it can provide optionality on the way up if you find a place to invest it intelligently.

I think in a high inflationary environment, you want to own companies with some form of pricing power, and that's typically measured through high or stable gross margins. Then you want to own companies with high or rising returns on invested capital. The reason is because, in an inflationary environment, the best businesses to own are those that are not capital intensive or in other words, those that have high returns on invested capital. Because companies that are not capital-intensive don't need to spend a lot of capital investing in maintaining or growing their assets at a time when input costs for those assets are rising.

Companies that don't need to spend to maintain those assets, save money basically. That's why Warren Buffett has said any business that requires some net tangible assets to operate is hurt by inflation, but businesses needing less in the way of tangible assets is hurt less.

If you just translate that, he's basically saying, own stocking companies that generate high returns on tangible capital. The other area you may want to focus on is real estate. Real estate has historically been a great place during inflation because one, a lot of real estate has long-term contracts with annual pricing power written into the contracts so annually they can increase prices and two, the replacement cost of real estate goes up in an inflationary environment so the input costs go up, so it becomes more expensive to build new real estate.

That increases the value of currently existing real estate because it means less new capacity comes onto the market. Those are two areas I would look for companies with high returns on invested capital and pricing power, and then real estate. Chris Hill: In my own investing life I look at my portfolio. I've said before I have a bunch of stocks that I brilliantly managed to time buying at the peak of the Nasdaq about a year ago. A good number of those are below where I bought them, but my time horizon for them is much longer.

I think about those biz. My expectation for those businesses is measured in decades, not in quarters. However, more recently, I don't know about you, but the stocks that I've been buying using that cash position that you mentioned have been the ones that have already proven they can generate a profit. Businesses like Microsoft, Alphabet, just to name two. Because it does seem, you and I were joking about this earlier. It does seem like the analyst community on Wall Street is of the mindset that we're going to punish any profitable company's guidance, because it's not good enough.

It doesn't matter that you say you're going to grow your revenue double-digit percent this year. We want it even higher, and I can't be the only investor who looks at some of these large, profitable businesses which are still growing, and take step back and say, "Okay, I get that the growth guidance isn't quite what you're looking for. That's what I'm doing in my own investing life.

What about you? John Rotonti: I agree completely percent, Chris. I lead a portfolio for Showdown, and what I have been telling our members is that look, in this environment, you want to invest across the growth spectrum, meaning own some of those faster growers that are not yet earning a profit, but also earn some more moderate growers, that generate tons of profit and cash flow. So invest across that spectrum. I could go on. For every Asda own an Accenture.

It's almost like a one-for-one balance, and that's just a good, I think, sure risk to use in this environment. As far as what I've been buying Chris, as you know, and a lot of our listeners probably know, I don't buy stocks often. I've only bought stocks once this year. That was last week and so I can talk about it now. I added to my position in PayPal around I already had a fairly large position in PayPal I added to that. All of those companies that I just named, PayPal, KKR, and Restoration Hardware are extremely profitable, moderate mid-teens growers, which is like the types of businesses you and I were just talking about, and they generate a growing stream of free cash flow.

That's really where you are ultimately after, especially in inflation, if you can find a company Chris that's growing their free cash flow stream faster than inflation, you're going to do just fine. If you pay a reasonable price and inflation at eight percent. If you can find a company growing faster than eight percent, has got a little bit of pricing power and has good profits, high returns on invested capital.

I think you'll do just fine over the long term. Chris Hill: Many years ago, Starbucks would send out their annual report. It was printed, and there were a couple of years where they included a little something, a little Starbucks gift card that was loaded with five dollars or something like that.

Any similar program from Restoration Hardware, did you get any sense that like if you're a shareholder, you get like, I don't know. John Rotonti: That's something I should probably know. I don't know if there is an added perk for Restoration. Berkshire gives you an added perk. Yeah, there's an added perk there. Now Restoration Hardware, I have done all joking aside, substantial research on this business.

They do have a membership. You can become a member of Restoration Hardware and buy their high-end furniture at a substantial discount, and a lot of their sales do come from their members. Chris Hill: I'm already covered in terms of insurance, if I buy a share of Berkshire, is there an option? Can they just send me a box of See's Candy instead or something like that?

John Rotonti: I'm with you, I will take the peanut brittle. I will take the See's Peanut Brittle. Chris Hill: John talked about looking for profitable companies with pricing power. Let's go one step further and layer in another business adjective, boring.

Let's face it. Some of the more boring businesses can also be some of the more rewarding stocks. With more, here's Dylan Lewis. Dylan Lewis: At the Fool, we spend a lot of time looking at the disruptors, the companies that are shaping the future. But sometimes don't have much to show in the present right now. With macro winds switching directions everyday, we thought it might be good to give some love to boring stocks. The companies you don't associate with the cutting-edge, but are driving the present and aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

Joining me to talk through it is Jason Hall. Jason, I think just to start, what's a boring stock to you? Jason Hall: There's a couple of ways to categorize this. But I think in general, there often companies that are either in easily overlooked industries that aren't consumer-facing. It's like the behind the scenes companies or they're just immature industries that don't make it on any investors radars as being growthie or disruptive.

They make products that maybe aren't really in the popular consciousness as being excited. But the biggest part of a boring stock is that the company has some durable competitive advantage or advantages that make that boring business excitingly profitable to own.

Dylan Lewis: I think that it's an almost a misnomer to call them boring, because they are exciting, when you look at them from a different lens. But if you're a very aggressive growth minded investor, perhaps they wouldn't necessarily check the boxes for you. I think what we're seeing is there is some uncertainty in the markets and maybe people are looking for some safer places to put cash, is some folks who maybe thought they were a little bit more risk on oriented, being willing to start looking at some of these names, and I think regardless of where you fall on the risk spectrum, it probably is worth at least spending some time thinking about the role that they may play in your portfolio, even if it's not something that you decide you want to add to your portfolio.

Jason Hall: Yeah, I think that's fair. When you think about these kind of boring stocks, I think they can play multiple roles Dylan. As a starting point, one of the things I think that all individual investors can do better is learning how to manage their own behavior and manage how they actually do manage their portfolio.

A boring company that generate steady, predictable profits and cash flows. They can serve as ballast in your portfolio. What that means is as we go through different periods of volatility in the stock. If you own a company that you know is going to be generating predictable cash flow, through pretty much any environment, it makes it much easier as an investor to manage your own behavior and feel less worried about, do I need to sell this company?

Maybe interest rates are going up. Do I need to sell this stock? The market's fallen 20 percent in the past few months, do I need to be worried about owning this business, are they at risk? It can be ballast for you. Then that can help you manage your behavior more broadly. Dylan Lewis: I think it's worth emphasizing here, these aren't necessarily mutually exclusive ideas. You can look for some big names and some indispensable names when we think about the modern economy and say, "Actually, while they've been great performers, they're boring stocks.

I've got Apple, Amazon , Alphabet making up over 20 percent of my portfolio. A large part of that is share price appreciation, but in a lot of ways, those are boring businesses, we know exactly what they're going to be doing day-in, day-out, they're going to be looking for those next chapters. But they have cash cows that are going to continue to fuel all of the innovation that they want to do going forward.

Jason Hall: Yeah, at its core, a boring company doesn't really serve any purpose, it's not helpful. If it doesn't help you reach your financial goals, right, Dylan? Dylan Lewis: Yeah, exactly. For what it's worth, most of those names over the last 1, 3, 5, 10 years have dramatically outperformed. But by and large, those have been some of easiest investments you could've made in tech. They're also pretty darn boring ones. You know the drivers of those businesses. They're very easy to understand and those cash flows coming in are pretty predictable because we know there, so indispensable to the companies they provide their services to, in the case of Microsoft with Azure or the iPhone in your pocket, in the case of a company like Apple.

Jason Hall: Yeah, I think one of the things that's important for some of these boring stocks is understanding the company and seeing where it has a path to grow earnings and cash flows over the long term. Looking beyond the business that might be a little bit boring or not as exciting, Apple as an example. This was a pretty exciting business. We go back 10 or 15 years ago when it was the disruptor, the category creator, in so many ways.

But now it is a boring business, but we look at the business. Can you see that clear path to growing earnings and cash flows over the long time. Dylan, I bring that up because that, if you were to pick one factor as an investor that you want to be able to understand about a business that's growing earnings and cash flows, because that is the thing that will lead to share price appreciation over the long term.

Dylan Lewis: I think we've probably lost sight of that a little bit as we've looked at companies over the past five-years because we've been in such a growth oriented market. We have to reflect on that and say, "Well, we're excited about these companies that are growing their top line in a really dramatic way, really excited about this TAM, that they've barely penetrated. It means that you're probably going to have a relatively high-margin business with a much larger top-line, and a lot of that's going to flow down to the income, or a lot of it's going to flow down to cash flow for that company, but that's a future state thing, it's not where that company is right now.

Jason Hall: We look at so many of these growth companies that we love that we still appreciate the opportunity. But they are exciting, because of the fact that a lot of them are not profitable yet, and we're banking on that calculus that you were talking about, about taking that more of that total addressable market, maintaining those high margins we see now, and that being future cash flows.

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