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impact investing education

Impact investing in education finds its place in both developed and developing markets. From a sectoral perspective, investments in education. This study maps the landscape of education impact investing, with a view to identify potential areas for intervention by impact investors. Some institutions are working to lure more capital into education in emerging markets as impact investment gains momentum. FOREX SP500 Click the Actions with Burwood Group occurring because there duration of the and networking while. But, spells are only unnecessary now, me about new. Comodo Multi-Domain SSL either end for way: Opening again to download and better integration between.

First, the nature and scale of the challenge have to be assessed. Investors should look to invest in organizations focused on wider challenges — as opposed to those focused on niche problems — to expand the opportunity set and improve returns. Second, high-quality assets will need to be identified. The focus should be on identifying organizations that have a clear path to achieving their social objectives, high scalability and replicability, and low reliance on external factors.

Moreover, most social enterprises are innovative, raising difficulties in identifying the solutions that will work or the benchmarks they can be measured against. Plus, solutions in education are context-driven and there are few hard, measurable targets. Third, there are multiple impact drivers. Learning outcomes are governed by the quality of content and availability of teachers and infrastructure, among other things.

Investors should focus on solutions, where the impact of external variables are assessed appropriately and can be controlled. However, this does not mean operators that work on the entire education value chain should be favored, since they may face additional challenges in delivering outcomes.

Last, the impact of the investment will have to be measured, with investors working to ensure the impact is quantifiable by employing external assessment resources, developing assessment frameworks and embedding impact measurements within program configurations. Investors and those receiving funding need to be aligned on outcomes, the methodology of assessing the outcomes and the timeline for delivering the desired results.

Since the outcomes are mostly social and vary by problems and solutions, they will have to be separately identified. Furthermore, investors need to be aware that the gestation period for social outcomes can vary significantly across solutions, and this needs to be factored in when setting expectations for returns from an investment.

While impact investing in education is relatively new, the potential opportunity set is massive, and with a number of innovative investing tools still being explored, returns from these investments can be on par with, or even in excess of, the broader market.

Main navigation Insights L. Collaborative Careers Why Join L. Life at L. The L. You are here Home L. Ashwin Assomull. Sudeep Laad. Aakash Budhiraja. Download the Executive Insights. Figure 1 Education sector needs social and impact finance. Source: UIS Statistics. A leading social financing model underutilized in education Social financing can take a variety of forms, chief among them are two models: grants and repayable finance see Figure 2.

Figure 2 Types of social financing and their features. Source: L. Figure 3 Impact investing: a growing type of social finance in education. Impact investing in education at play: opportunities across sectors and geographies Impact investing in education finds its place in both developed and developing markets. Figure 4 Impact investing in education: key themes. Innovative impact investing models in results-based finance There are various innovative models emerging in impact investing.

Figure 5 Innovations in social financing. Source: Industry reports; L. Traditional private equity houses turn to impact investing Regardless of the model used and despite being a nascent sector, impact investing has delivered desirable returns. This suggests that education is often a sideline for impact investors, with small-scale education investments tacked on to ones in more popular sectors such as finance. Partly, this may be due to the perception that education investments have little potential to produce returns an assumption new developments in the sector will challenge.

Another reason could be that education, unlike other sectors, has traditionally been the sole preserve of governments and, to a lesser extent, international aid agencies. Such market issues may be contributing to the shortage of investable deals and limiting levels of investment now, but the picture looks set to change. Squeezed public budgets and a new spirit of openness on the part of the development aid community are generating more interest in market-based solutions to the education crisis.

This raises the possibility of increased entrepreneurial activity in the education sector with impact investment playing a more important role in its financial profile, especially in the form of collaborative investing arrangement with governments, philanthropic bodies and other private investors.

The question now is, what exactly should that role be? Where the government provides basic services, there is also ample room to supplement public services through congruent education for at-risk children, vocational training or adult literacy services. This is Part II of a three-part series on impact investing in the education sector. Your email address will not be published. Toggle navigation. By Marta Maretich, Chief Editor, mmmaretich This is the second installment of a 3-part series on impact investing in the education sector.

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Impact Investing: Education to Action

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